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  1. 881Gino

    Man, the cars you raced are a bucket list of dream weapons! Good driving buddy.

  2. stusshed

    Why do they give fire extinguishers to people who have no bloody idea how to use them?

  3. Project Harmony - Bus Life Oz

    Diggin the beard Kyle ... really suits you man

  4. Ron Miller

    Did you say 855 MPH!!!

  5. Josh Martin

    That guy has some good energy

  6. Bassknots

    855mph ..

  7. mike mitchell

    Get the seats from the guy in Poland 👍

  8. Fancisco Monterroso

    Its a ford fucking ranger

  9. RM alterações


  10. Brandough 9k

    Scammin Ass Tesla there no way

  11. Brandon Wright

    Bruh I was watching iron man 3 and if you go to 1 hour flat you should see this truck 😂

  12. dylan lane

    get them custom from the dude in spain

  13. MexicAmeRogue.


  14. hyper

    Gz Kyle. You deserve it all 👍👏

  15. James Logan

    My closet is literally full of 1320 merch

  16. James Logan

    Man I just love the happiness Kyle has behind the wheel of his dream car well deserved bud love the content keep it up 1320 crew

  17. Mitch Hermans

    Those Recaro seats are beautiful. My vote is for those Kyle

  18. Benjamin Sparks

    Congratulations Kyle you deserve it!

  19. Liam Gulyas


  20. Eric R.

    Awesome guy!

  21. Liam Gulyas


  22. SpookyReaper

    This is such a cool vid

  23. Jesse 1069

    Can I come from Australia and come and work for you please please please

  24. Mitchell

    I was shocked when i seen they werent wearing helmets. No roll cage?? How did this man live? Gods grace. That is the only way.

  25. Don C

    I get it, it’s your new toy and all, but 180mph w/o cage and harnesses... Dude just take the Unicorn C5 for now and don’t risk it, do it right like you said.

  26. Rangifulla

    Straight to the finals? Dude

  27. GAMING K

    Anyone here 2021🤣♥️

  28. Wrap Angel

    So do we know which is faster? 2,300hp r35 (Texas Killer) or 2,700hp viper?

  29. Timothy Fick

    Keep the standard seats but build belt keepers/holders from the roll bar to just behind the seat, built on the right angle it shouldn’t make the belt run down the seat if you crash

  30. 1killer 392

    Man fast af the Audi’s don’t play around sesh bro!

  31. Zachary Hoffman

    The guy in Poland

  32. Hillrod films

    People have been doing this for years and nobody I mean nobody has invented a handheld tree like a flashlight that both drivers could see

  33. R m

    Vanessa de alba Villasenor

  34. Right Side77

    The fastest Indian.

  35. OBS ANT

    Please put some beadlocks on the r8 shit will look so fucking sexy

  36. Mark Kaplan

    At 6:22 as you backed the car out of the trailer...my shoulders hit my ears I cringed so hard! That ramp looks sketch.

  37. _ Ceasrio

    10:47 when he went ⬆️⬅️⬆️ i felt that wiz by

  38. Evan'sThoughts


  39. Jason Kodatt

    And he drives it Back! This video never gets old and Steve Morris Has some Incredible engines coming out if that shop in my opinion! I love it ! Hammer Down Boys!!!

  40. Destinee Grimes

    Why does it have 666 dislikes

  41. Mac

    Congrats! You get to ride in the car you funded 🤔

  42. Founders Movement

    Kyle, they had the same expressions as you when Stacy Barnett popped your cherry years ago in his 1k+ hp monster.

  43. Chris Canfield

    Congrats on the build. Safety first is always the dilemma, but under appreciated. Stay safe and thank you for the content. Cheers!

  44. Backup Account

    Do you guys remember the van of kids that were driving in front of you?

  45. Carlos Gandara

    Ah racing

  46. Carlos Gandara

    That my cousin crew but he crash in died

  47. Jared THISDELLE

    R8 is killer man cheers 🍻

  48. Larry Brown

    2600hp Viper is looking for him. He either wants none or he's back in the garage retooling for a showdown. That Viper is unreal.

    1. LJ Ruth

      The calvo viper would make that thing look like a garden snail

  49. Maria Conde

    1:53 bwum vshsh bwum vshs bwum vshshshhhhh

  50. Jack of Trades

    No rear bumper. Looks sick without. Its a fire hazzard 😜

  51. Maria Conde

    Teacher: why do u make car sounds me: 1:10 ill show u VSHHHHHHHH STU TUTUTUTUTU students: ,😨😨😨😨

  52. jesus saves cars s

    How old are your about 52/53ish

  53. Maria Conde

    Imagine driving a supra thats my friends first favorite car

  54. Terry Pickette


  55. Pablo Aloy

    One day he’ll come out the closet ....

  56. Dayton Corl

    Me reading the title: it’s just an Audi TT🤷🏻‍♂️😭

  57. Jordan Richmond


  58. Marcio Demétrio


  59. Michael Brown

    Hell ya

  60. 416street

    6:50 "bring you guys some ass" llmaaaooooooooooo ITS YA BOYYY

  61. Alexandre Gauvin

    Imagine that the plaid s plus will be faster thats weird lol


    تطارح بيئم من سويج

  63. Aasiwat

    7:32 the 2j couldn't lay down power at all damn that sucks


    I thought the Tesla was faster

  65. Agent 47

    The guy in the vetted took his own life later that evening after being bested

  66. Aasiwat

    13:30 Datsun would of got the W if he wasn't granny shifting on that one, damn what a race though

  67. Jeremy santiago

    This was one of the most wholesome vids from 1320, jus a good ole boy and his ranger danger

  68. Iggy Fritz

    That is an amazing piece of machinery run those times with a stick shift consistently I would like to see it with an automatic and a trans brake. I bet he could almost knock a half-second off that time.

  69. supbirdy

    I love the genuine reactions of your 'victims' lol

  70. Pop Rivet

    Idk where you live but it’s close to me I’m pretty sure I heard that thing going down 370 the other day

  71. Jeancharles Rabaux

    Comme vous avait des grande route choisie des sièges confortable

  72. Neal elliott

    They are spooling the shit out of those motors! I wonder what their rev limit is set too?

  73. Jeancharles Rabaux

    Please si tu veux qu elle dur longtemps attend toujours le temps de chauffe ne tire jamais à froid tu flingue le moteur petit a petit un hommes qui aimes ca voitures commence par la respecter

  74. Ben Vici

    We get it - you vape

  75. Jeancharles Rabaux

    Is the fore pneux slik et boum 8s

  76. Jerry Blum

    We saw you ripping up hwy 370 sunday the 11th. Sound good Kyle.

  77. Jeancharles Rabaux

    Ha audi r8 yes is good cars y love en + is thé 4x4 yes good

  78. Inferno

    im just waiting for Mexico with this beast😅 he will be competition

  79. Tyrone Sevcik

    Anyone here from tik tok?