“I Beat CLEETUS?!” - Comeback Story of the Year!


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    Typically when someone hits the wall around 180mph, that signals the end of their racing for that weekend. However when you have this level of determination and happen to have made your personal best pass ever, it can be a very different story. We have featured this car before which made it hard for us to witness it go into the wall early on at TX2K21, but we were happy to see the week turn around some for the owner. This amazing comeback would not have been possible without the help of many shops and racers at the event, offering parts and lending items to the racer to get him back into the staging lanes!
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    1. Casey Jackson

      This man is a fkn legend. He trips on his balls as he walks just wrecked now happy af.

    2. Chase Hasenstab

      Fastest stick shift in the world but can’t make a damn pass for shit

    3. Fuhq Ewe

      Gump lost in the end.

    4. Ro6ns

      cleetus is the goat 10:18 😂😂😂😂

    5. Donnie L

      Leroy in the front, Coop-ra 2JZ in the back..

    6. 4Door Boogie

      guy is amazing never surrender :)

    7. Jayson English

      Great weekend overall but sad ending wish they could've made it to the trap in a photo finish. Either way great attitude and heart!

    8. Slimermane The Slime

      That Supra is a beast, but my god that dude cannot drive or shift for crap. Every pass I've seen of that car, he's launched poorly, shifted bad or blown an engine

    9. Ethan Snyder

      North Carolina baby all the way hometown 910

    10. Cheerio Box

      I used to not like Cleetus at ALL but he had grown on me, grew up to a very fine man. Definitely a person I would want my kids to look up to. Much respect to this channel and Cleetus himself for all the years of amazing car content.

    11. JG B

      Beautiful car . What does it mean " we dont use the clutch anymore ". ?

    12. Steve's Customs

      Grannus fastest in the world? Not in Texas from what I saw.

    13. Donald Coakley

      Here I thought it was cooper. I’m happy now.

    14. Chris L

      Holy shit that mid track wheelie was insane!!

    15. Cullen & Dad

      Everyone talking like the suburu ain't shit. Straight drags the camaro. Idk...

    16. DCS Racih


    17. Jay Grows

      "You need to put some more weight on the front, I think I know how you could do that but..."🤣

    18. M. MGNMARK

      now that is a daily driver !!! I don’t think my 50 mile each way from long island to manhattan commute would b much fun

    19. Aaron Stubbin

      The dudes super fuckn cool about it too!

    20. Mista 808

      I don't normally care to comment on videos that often but Jesus H. Christ! 6:26 way too savage.

    21. Sam Evans

      Man I Gatta say it’s a good thing that Supra broke because he was going to fuck everyone up

    22. Kyle Burks

      So why did ruby need a fake but not this thing? Lol

    23. Brian George

      Damn, was really hoping for a W on that camaro! Sick ride and solid dude!

    24. All About Action CC

      That guy is a absolute monster!!!!! Gets better every single run!!!!!

    25. Rob dajuiceman

      Damn, he drove the holy shit out of that thing

    26. Andrew Berberich

      Everyone beats cleetus.

    27. Faith like Noah

      He’s minin me of Luke Bryan

    28. B Brock

      If that camaro had its body in tact, it would've won. Down force is important at those speeds.

    29. sir killakill

      Did a four cylinder win it all?

    30. Durwin V3GA

      One of the best racing vids ive seen in awhile. Dope outcome!

    31. Sam D

      Take it from an ASE certified mechanic, you young bucks make sure you're running synthetic oil. Your bearing clearances will thank you.

    32. me toon

      Luke Bryan can drive that Camaro.

    33. MidgetshootingGunsAk

      irvision.info/home/qHqWkWmil9Sbb9Y/fy-lm-h-y.html Took the Cleater big name to have under you belt 👍👍

    34. Les Morris

      Cool video

    35. Chonner Cork

      Wow you beat a car that has the aerodynamic properties of a brick wait till the elcamino is dont then rematch cleetus

    36. zak Elek-Palmer

      you can see the belt rolling away irvision.info/home/Y3zYoYZ1Yd6Nrc4/fy-lm-h-y.html

    37. GR8Mystery

      @6:26 BEST RACE OF 1320 HISTORY! imo. Flames✔️, Sparkes✔️, Multiple wheelies✔️ 190+ street car✔️

    38. Magucci13

      I think we can all agree we don't like the guy with the Subaru 😂

    39. Seddy Blasted

      That Subi was scooting !! Sick races he should have had that last race

    40. Rabb05

      that mid track wheelie and still a 7.5 .......legendary

    41. Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee

      HOOTING 7:03

    42. Lady _hellkitty

      Hell yeah! Ig-@ lady_hellkitty

    43. Logan Newman

      That was some damn entertaining racing!

    44. Moto Cave

      Excellent content right here !

    45. mark im

      Sorry a caged 7 second car isnt a street car , don’t care if it’s got tags, lol..but still cool..but now we know why the EPA is shutting down tuner shops..a real street car should have cats...or any street car..for that matter otherwise the EPA is going to kill our sport because of ppl who don’t run cats on the street..cats do not hurt horse power period..loosing 10-15 hp on a 1000 hp car isn’t going to be missed on the street..

    46. Samuel Mendoza

      i thought you did, click bait

    47. Keegan Lynch

      Does anybody know if that’s the Subaru out of Iowa that won? I seen stuff on TikTok about a subarau from a Des Moines shop going down there and getting first but idk if it was that class

      1. Jason Rattana

        It’s actually a shop in chicago

      2. John Sheldon Frederick

        Yes Subarus won elite and pro stick shift class.

    48. Starling Cross


    49. Bob Marley

      That Camaro is a little monster holy shit. I love it!

    50. Eric Wade

      Kyle is Awsum. Keeps drag racing in the forefront. I think the world of 1320. If you saw my hauler and vehicles you would think I'm sponsored by 1320. Support the ones that are top in your life

    51. adam august

      Bro that 2nd round pass was a gangster ass pass damnnnnnnn

    52. Kefoo

      -- Great video. Nice work!

    53. jake hudson

      Holy fucking power wheelie !!!!! and banging gears

    54. Devin Thevenot

      Haha i lost it when cleetus said he was fired up on the new 2 step setup

    55. Di Vi Fo

      8:40 amazing run 👏😊👍

    56. Felix The Cat

      beavis is impressed...

    57. DSMs & Diesels

      gota love high hp stick shift cars. #savethemanual

    58. Bob Hob

      make an rpm act video

    59. Nate James

      Nothing better than seeing a Camaro rip a 2nd gear wheelie past a mustang and still win

    60. Fit Man

      I'd like to see a cvt class 🤣

    61. Manny Fresh

      Dude is a certified savage in every way whata show

    62. Sean Haddakin

      Why is the tree guy making them burn down their cars?

    63. D K

      Hell yea!!! F Body FTW

    64. James Gravel

      Lost to a damn ricer. Damn!!!!. That was sick thou. He should have thrown a 45lb weight on the front. Sh!!!!t. That was cool

      1. John Sheldon Frederick

        Whats rice about the Subaru?

    65. beam racer

      1320 Please make a video on the rpm act

    66. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Awesome vid. Dang wanted him to win! Sick race against that Mustang; looked like a great pass in that car too

    67. Jay Nix

      Wow stick shift class is really no longer stick shift.....

    68. Jay Nix

      Fuck yeah NC represent. Tick performance ftw

    69. Plexzu

      The owner: it has drag tires and drag tuning all around Also owner: yeah it’s a street car..... 😂😂😂

    70. Shaun PC

      Such a shame that he didn’t get the win but holy smoke did he put on a good show after such a lucky escape.

    71. Andre Preston

      That race against the green striped mustang was so good

    72. Dj Eli Shane

      Cleetue would have beat this dude if he never red lit

    73. Rock Diesel

      That Camaro looks like a wicked good time to drive. Impressive shifting!

    74. doen johnjo

      That was awesome !

    75. Silky Johnson

      Damn it was hard seeing him lose to that subaru, lol.

    76. Kevin Lara

      What a beast was wheeling in every gear!! Great job guys

    77. Tom Rose

      Kyle that was one hell of a veido..ole boy in the Camaro .had 1 hell of a good time that weekend. Love the channel and all ya do brother...v8 s10 guy here but I'm no Larry larson for sure

    78. Jason Lewis

      I really like this guy. I hope he is on anyone's channel more. A lot of people would have packed it up and went home after the wreck. Lots of people wouldn't think about the Grannis Supra possibly closing in fast in the other lane. A smart and humble racer. No disrespect to the winner, but I was hoping he would win it all.

    79. MadVtec YO

      6:30 that was a race!!!!!!!!

    80. Dynamite Lego

      Damn if he needs sum parts ik a junkyard with a f body with all body panels

    81. Daniel Pichardo

      Was that last car a Subaru wow 🤩

      1. John Sheldon Frederick

        Sure was

    82. Fullboost

      Great video and story :)

    83. Noah Parker

      Who was in the suburu

    84. YoungNBoosted

      "VsRacing turbo's" "Making 1800-1900hp" 😍 Proving that $600 turbos are great!

    85. Elijah Dobkins

      Gona hurt a lot of cleetus fan boys but his cars are quick but there over rated and there piles of shit that always break

    86. Berry

      hella sad that the finals was a bad run

    87. Berry

      can someone explain to me how you can tune a car to not use the clutch. like how it works

    88. P4F Elton

      i dont understand why people use a parachutes to brake... why not just some decent brakes? and before you say wheight reduction, the parachute with the support also adds wheight and even stock brakes would do fine on those tracks that have ton of area to slow down... i mean who cares if your car is fast if it cant even brake or keep going straight? he ran 7.48 sec... congrats... but now eat the wall... pfff btw why not no brakes so you save more weight uh? take everything out you make a 3 sec pass... once... :D

    89. Dallas Attridge

      Fuck you for the spoiler Kyle.. didnt get to cleetus' video till now.

    90. Hilos Jack Drones

      This guy is a effing beast yo.

    91. Chevy6speed

      Stick Shift racing will always be cooler to watch then autos Lol can't change my mind! #6SpeedGang 4L

    92. Carson Kirshner

      The fact that a freaking subaru that ran 8's won the stick shift class is really stupid.

    93. EndriuGolara

      If someone ever will tell me that drag racing is boring because it's only two cars going straight, I'm going to show this video. So many emotions.

    94. Dekab Autowerk

      This guy is a legend, power wheelie for a win?!?

    95. 2SaltyDicks Fishing

      So did real teal after having no turn around time between runs. Embarrassed him.

    96. EastOaklandS65Feen

      That fucking save & win vs the mustang was soo beautiful. What a driver🤘🤘

    97. Chad Kennedy

      What a breath of fresh air when supra's lose

    98. James Eckenrode

      No Cleetus beat himself. You got lucky

      1. James Eckenrode

        Lucky got that ass kicked new round

    99. Corey Baker

      Cleetus red lit, thats a win but at the same time its nothing to brag about

    100. Chris Erickson

      Good story