KING of the Atlanta Streets!


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    The Atlanta streets had a crazy variety of cars out racing! The wildest of all had to be this Cobalt SS powered kit car! At only 1500 pounds with quite a few modifications, it was putting the hurt on literally everyone it lined up against!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 2 ماه


    1. Fred Saintz

      “We destroyed a lot of stuff.... everything actually” 😂

    2. Buckeye Nation

      Not even a car. It's 2 axels and a motor. DUH

    3. Xman44x

      @5:34, GTR pops up like, "Hi guys!"

    4. Curts Review 2020

      Put 15 or 20 80lb bags sand in it n make weights kinda even then I’ll be impressed, makes no sense comparison to full bodied cars, just me

    5. Chris Topher

      I wouldn’t say the Cobra was destroyed, it was pretty close.

    6. Jose Hildalgo

      Another cleetus lol

    7. Matthew Jones

      The goblin is a kit car u can buy for the Chevy cobalt ss

    8. Dj Eli Shane

      Love me some Cobolt SS engine swap. Loved the car from Need For Speed Most Wanted❤️❤️😍😁💥👌🔥

    9. Justin Brimer

      Poor 1320 cant keep up with leroy even on fake ass videos

    10. Justin Brimer

      Tv theatrics much? Fake as hell

    11. Wayne Hucks

      Yo why he look like officer Doofy ?

    12. Joe Garza

      Get smoked in Texas tho

    13. Taylor Poff

      Covid not a thing in mexico 😂

    14. t c

      Lightweight Baby!!

    15. Lorrie Carrel

      "It makes about fffffff 80ish" what the hell is that supposed to mean?

    16. David Mendoza

      Tell my wy the guy talking at the end of the video looks like doofy from scary movie lol

    17. Jon Dough

      That is not a car.. cars have a roof and doors.

    18. Lineitup516

      It’s quick just not impressed with the cars it raced..

    19. Kyle Kaiser

      Power to weight


      Not for much longer.. I'm coming for the king..

    21. joe GasKill

      That cart is cool,,but it is not a street car!!

    22. NITSUA SAN

      Stop laying your ashy elbows on the wing redshirt guy

    23. Luis Ortiz

      race Leroy !!!

    24. CEO on the BEATZ


    25. Jared Lancaster

      If I did the math right that’s 2.5 horsepower per pound 😱

    26. jebadiah fyefye

      Quietly as the beastly go kart that’s destroyed everything is racing a super charged Italian hyper car, a gtr gaps both of them on the right side while no one pays attention.

    27. jebadiah fyefye

      Hate to see the Supra get straight up embarrassed. But then I remember the Supra is two plus decades old and still the icon of the drag racing of japan

    28. arthur kohler

      Whats funny is that cobalt engine can handle a ton more... death trap lol

    29. ZachTaylor

      After the DF Goblin build how much would it be with the turbo upgrades and everything to have it 600hp?

    30. ZachTaylor

      After the DF Goblin build how much would it be with the turbo upgrades and everything to have it 600hp?

    31. Erik Blood

      That mf goblin is a beautiful machine imagine the fun


      Everything engine wise is still the same..? It still has the Cobalt engine..😂😂

    33. G W II

      What happened with the Terminator? I head something about not being in boost.

    34. East or West

      How sick is that SNAKESKIN WRAP on that Termi Cobra. Wow.

    35. GreaseMonkey67

      I helped build a "Goblin" that would be a fun match for this car, it's similar but it's turbo LS powered with a 6spd sequential trans. Still rear engine, though.

    36. Lil _ej

      What engine does it have?

    37. Jacob vergara1919 47

      Doofy works for 1320?!

    38. ZeFi

      Goonsquad goblin

    39. blackNlight180sx

      2:23 ya pumpkin pie haircut'd freak

    40. NatKing1u1z

      The go cart has 100 HP or less than the other cars but the main factor is that it is practically weight less compared to the others.

    41. Dalton Pipkin

      love the goonzsquad idk why i said that in this video tho

    42. Andrew Johnson

      That driver of the Goblin sure sounded like one of the goonsquad and they definitely built a goblin from a Cobalt SS...

    43. Can do Life

      Killing it, then a white GTR comes past like it was standing still

    44. Darin R

      Poor 2jslowws. Makes them look bad.

    45. MeltingRubberZ28

      What was up with the GTR that seemed to walk away during the lambo run?

    46. Moto Diesel life

      Damn deputy doofy is moving up in the world lol

    47. Penetrated welding

      Soooooo what about the fitting on the cold side of turbo that's missing in beginning of video.???

    48. Daniel

      welcome to my hoioooddddddd

    49. Collin Lotz

      Everybody talks shit ab cobalts but...

    50. Mr. 47

      Can't believe the Lamborghini didn't pull out up top. Very impressive

    51. wildimports

      Someday people will believe me when I tell them 4cyl are fast

    52. enderftw

      Grt comes out of no where

    53. V Zergg

      imagine a K series goblin..

    54. Drone Wizard Jay

      Reminds me of the Aerial Atom

    55. Rick Roland Jr.

      so roll unable to start from dig? can't get up to speed without a longer Distance? no finish-line? Just don't get the "Cool" factor on this one. seems to me like little kids who are scared to go to the (Playground) track & possibly break their toys.


      Shit that's all i gotta say n i want it

    57. dr right wing

      who can’t make a go kart fast? That thing is ugly af

    58. Randy Randerson

      7:20 Special Officer Doofy reporting for duty!!

    59. filip s1k21

      What's gonne be next, twin turbo golfcar

    60. RedneckRetirement

      Safety glasses wont protect you from the meth ur on brah

    61. lane anderson

      its weird seeing them where you live

    62. Sergio Vargas

      Imagine that thing running into your ankles say bye bye to your feet

    63. MyzteryMedia

      Damn when did stiffler join 1320?

    64. Joey Mills

      The fact that it hooks up so well is crazy impressive

    65. Chad U

      You need a full face helmet

    66. Gurgis Gutters

      Did a GTR pass this and the huracan?

    67. watagump1

      HP to weight ratio always wins.

    68. Eli clanton


    69. bos200409

      Why blur his face when the car is 1 of 1?

    70. Dylan Crosby

      When your power to weight ratio is less then 4 I'd say you're probably pretty freaking fast!

    71. Israel Amador

      This shi fye 😵

    72. The Angry Economist

      2.0l 16v with a turbo?

    73. Sin _

      Look guys a wanna be Leroy...

    74. Futo Karin

      Who ever is about to watch this don’t worry it’s real racing it’s not a bunch of drag queens on the highway that think they’re bad! Jk jk back out now I got baited too, somebody send me this bs

    75. Mr. ?

      How bout this vs The Hoonicorn

    76. D.D. Henderson

      The Almighty LNF

    77. ThorTheNoob

      king of the hill family reunion

    78. Chris j

      Am i tripping or is that a ariel atom twin?

    79. Brad Burks

      @demolitionranch everyone

    80. Brad Burks

      Same car that demo matt had.

    81. big perm

      This channel sucks. Promoting illegal and dangerous street racing that puts other motorists lives in danger just so some piece of $h!t scumbags can act like children is wrong!

    82. Isheanopa Ngandu

      This is legit a mad whip.

    83. Randy Carrillo


    84. One Bad 64 impala wagon

      Are we not gonna talk about the gtr fly by while he was in it to win it with the other car.

      1. Sarath Toeung

        Exactly what I was thinking

    85. Glen Mcnabb

      Is the guy at the end a little Special?

    86. Keaton Smith

      Roll racing like screwing with a condom it’s fun just not the real thing

    87. KL Outdoors

      The classic GTR Flyby lol

    88. z beshears

      Had an 05 cobalt SS, a true SS not those poser SS’s. With very few mods that car was silly fast. Miss it everyday

    89. daniel Haskins

      If you guys don’t know the owners of the go kart you’re brain dead lol

    90. Jake Slaughter

      I would be embarrassed to own a lambo after that race 😂

    91. John Wick

      Power to weight ratio, definitely the deciding factor in all the goblins wins

    92. CRXPhil

      I'm pretty sure I passed this car broken down on the side of the road in Sarasota Fl at I75 and SR72 today.

    93. matthew greene

      I would like to see the Goblin vs Leroy

    94. Geoff Weber

      LEROYS little brother

    95. Dave Tires

      AWESOME SAUCE 👍🇺🇸🤓

    96. Python Clips

      bro that outro is insane I can’t get over it, makes me so much more excited for race season 😭😭

    97. Christopher Vaughn

      Please double wrap that camera strap 😢😢

    98. Sammy Kuroda

      hope to one day go to mexico and see this

    99. Erik Garcia


    100. tanaka makuro

      That thing should go to the drag strip . Im sure it would be a good race against Leeroy