8 ROTORS of INSANITY - TWO 4 Rotor RX-7's! (Extremely Rare)


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    TX2K21 was full of hidden gems, one of which was David Mazzei’s “Formula Seven” 4-Rotor monster! This car is UNBELIEVABLE in EVERY radical way, especially when it comes to the exhaust note. As shocking as one turbo 4-Rotor is, it goes to show what an incredible opportunity it was to find TWO of them in the same parking lot. Seeing as how this opportunity doesn’t come around often, we couldn’t help firing them both up and hearing the 8-rotor Wankel symphonic!
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    1. Flexgado24

      Sounds like a F1

    2. ant Perkins

      Sounds like a top end super bike 🏍 fookin mental !!!!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    3. Aiden Cameron

      I'm guessing this doesn't meet noise regulations then.

    4. Zanjani13

      Sounds like a F1 car 😍

    5. Technical Support

      6:31 its so loud it sounds as if the camera man is just putting his mouth over the mic and making car noises hahaha

    6. iHENERAL

      Thats why i need rotary in my life 🥺

    7. Alex Auckram

      Sitting here zoning and I hear, the engine came from New Zealand. Yeah the boys, love hearing our engine r shipped so far around the world

    8. Kyle Tweedie

      Shouldda got a Aussie engine to go fast and match the sound

    9. mytmousemalibu

      The best sounding engines ever made, 3 & 4 rotors, V-10 & V-12 F1 engines from the early 90's The 787B and pretty much all 4-rotors and the Ferrari F412-T2 take the cake!

    10. The Drunk Koala

      That stupid scope on top of the car has completely ruined it.

    11. TokagePrime

      When are you gonna feature Rob’s 4 rotor rx7?

    12. Aron Pruiett

      I always loved Rx-7's i had two 1985 gsl amazing!!!!

    13. Karma

      This is going to be one of those cars that ends up in a museum that we show videos of to our grandchildren

    14. Doopliss77

      Sounds like an F1 on steroids

    15. Brendan Fitness and Money

      Respect the use of hearing protection. You only get 1 set of ears

    16. Slo Poke

      Took that man on a toll road lmao

    17. #xls _sfourv8 - on INSTA

      crazy cars , crazy guys👌 David looks for me like toretto's twin😬✌️🤙

    18. Ph8zm3 Realah

      7;23 when shiit kicks in 😂🤙🏽

    19. alex pratt

      Is a rotary like a 2 stoke motorcycle where the power band is at extremely high rpm?

    20. Sw1 Moco

      That’s the most disgustingly menacing sounding vehicle I have ever heard

    21. epic gamer

      I dislike 4 rotors, jdm that kind of stuff , I love v8s

    22. William Miller

      When all Kyle can say is wow yeah u got something special lol 😂

    23. eraycem

      Mazzei is such an good guy, beautiful build!

    24. Dinsdale Seven

      Sounds just like the Group C 787B. No words.

    25. Doc-Magic

      “Just driving to the pits it’s like full throttle” 😂😂😂

    26. masteryoda5

      Glad to see that Dom still has an RX-7

    27. Louis Defrieze

      I'm head over heels for v8's but that is magic, almost f1 like

    28. Rodrigo Lillo

      Son dos monstruos con estereoides xD

    29. Monte Carlo

      Can you imagine this thing in a tunnel!

    30. Kevin Rader

      Best sounding engine on the planet!

    31. Scooby sean

      HOLY S**T GOD DAMN .that is all Ps ...vin diesel would be proud of his younger brother 👌

    32. GameX Addiction

      Mazda Can Build A Supercar Now.🤔..With This Engine Set Up..Think About It..

    33. Michael Simpson

      I don't like rotaries but seeing the passion, kindness and dedication was awesome!, Great work David

    34. Hik Nolph

      Omg Sound s2 rx7

    35. Victor van Dyke

      Yeah there's just nothing like it, maybe those V12 F1 engines of yore, but this is insane! Had two Rotary's in the 70's, loved them both.

    36. Lesliejimmy Sedavazquez

      You need to see .mectech Racing in Puerto Rico and now in Orlando Fl. They have the best rotory engines and mecanic in the World. See the world records they hold

    37. Maxi

      Mr. Wankel would be proud

    38. Republic Of Turkey

      No brap brap BBRRAAPP BBRRAAPP

    39. richardmg9

      This is the best car.

    40. lazy_gamer _plays

      peep me in the grey

    41. willz gox

      Vin Diesel here and rx 7😁

    42. megaman5125

      David and his build are awesome, I've been following him for years - but you never really see/hear a lot about the other guy in the red rx7, a twin turbo awd set up.

    43. Origin Codm

      Ive been following dave for awhile now this car is so badass nothing sounds better than a 4 rotor

    44. Vic Diaz

      so loud the mics are distorting lol

    45. philip021021021

      Not 1 but 2, 4 rotors together nz built a 6 rotor sounds vicious then these

    46. Phillip Collinet

      you guys never heard a motorcycle in full cry ?

    47. THAT_619_DUDE

      This whole build is amazing, this is probably one of the loudest cars in the world 😂😂😂

    48. Damo Ryan

      Omg the are so rare. And the just simply amazing cars

    49. Amilcar Alfr

      this shit is fucking amazinggg😍🤤

    50. I_Choose_You

      7:20 for the action!

    51. Seppo Siimessalmi

      I love your car what is the price if you want to sell it ?

    52. FasNuf Garage

      Not a rotary fan but man they sound soooooo good.

    53. Mario Alvarez

      Forza should use this car for the 4 rotor engine sound.🤤🔥

    54. MrNobody

      is that an fd?

    55. James Wolfe

      I’ve been fortunate enough to see this thing a couple times now at Magic City Octane here in Birmingham and I must say, video does not do the glorious 4-rotor happiness noises justice; it’s unreal.

    56. Devin Breedlove

      Got captions on in that shyt was so loud it just said "foriegn" when yall were talking during the pull 😂

    57. connor tanner

      Come to New Zealand lol

    58. Leland Lewis

      Listening to him talk about piston engine reminded me of, "Regular engines go 'twagity twangity, twang; Mazda goes 'mmmmmm'". I love the sound of a rotary. Too bad they don't show the tach.

    59. Bryan f

      At a car meet and you hear 3:21 EVERYONE that is capable of running surrounds the car in 3.7 seconds lol

    60. Gabriel Gómez WölmanÄudio

      That spark cut off/gear shift with the paddles... That was legitness.

    61. Biggins G

      It would be appropriate for that car to go 250mph, blow up and kill at least 5 people.

    62. Nation Under Who? El Shaddai Destroyer

      Smiled, laughed hard and practically cried at the sound of this. The most awesome car video I've ever listened to.

    63. 卂尺ㄒ匚ㄖ尺乇

      Rotary is Life!!! WTF!! This sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Mike Bennett

      Matt’s O-Face!

    65. Martin Grier

      The best sounding car on t'internet?

    66. LGS oʜɔᴎuH


    67. K M

      I genuinely like davids car but building a car you cant drive just makes no sense to me

    68. K M

      David built a car he is scared of and cant handle. Which is weird to me

    69. Tiitan Rutse

      Is the car single 😂😂

    70. Tiitan Rutse

      That’s black rx7 sounds like it’s gonna win anything 😂. 🤷🏾 I’m not racing that 😂😂 no .

    71. Rosco Wheels

      Rob Dahm: Heavy Breathing

    72. Rafael Serrano

      How many hp?

    73. G. Schroeder

      The machine sounds sick

    74. Matthew Berry

      Fucking show us the quarter mile

    75. Milka_UwU

      The car kinda sounds like Tyler1

    76. Samira Peri

      Holy brap.

    77. Sam Madrid



      If I had a year to live n make a wish foundation said we're gonna take U somewhere or buy you something to make your last year great, I'd say I want one of these and I'd drive n drive everyday feeling like a kid who just woke up on Christmas to the best present the world has to offer

    79. Dave Ellis

      Recorded horizontally:)

    80. Lakaya Garner

      Look at the dirt...

    81. Jacob Unk

      "Engine came from new zealand"

    82. Wolf Party

      How come this guys 4 rotor doesn’t look like it’s about to fall apart like Rob Dams or what ever his name is🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣🔥💪🏼💪🏼👍🏻

    83. zidandy san

      I don't know why this mazda sound looks like inline 4 straight superbike 😅

    84. adrock265

      hey look actual well built finished 4 rotors with interiors and paint, take note rob dammy

    85. room42

      i only missing another 2 4rototries standing next to them green one and grey one

    86. long hair Rocket

      I’m in love Dorito power

    87. bigpig187

      Just imagine the sound of a top fuel 4 rotor

    88. David Roman

      That is the most emotional car ride I bet anyone can have! 🙌🏽

    89. Dante

      He's hungry

    90. kris jones

      As fred would say... JESUS!!!!

    91. Tamiya Fan

      Sounded more like an v12 F1 car than a v12 F1 car does.

    92. james Alt

      is that a challenger front clip on the red one wtf lol

    93. citroengt11

      Symphony of Trigonometry.

    94. Willem Deysel

      WOW,,, This is such a ground breaking little car, I love

    95. Atrocious

      Wankel Music.

    96. Synxaii


    97. Carl Winslow

      This car never gets old! Looking forward to seeing it out on the road course

    98. Rab G

      If Kyle wants to see more rotories he definitely needs to head down to Nz and hook up with mad mike dudes a rotornut

    99. Golden Cuddie 98

      Entire video: RIP headphone users

    100. Txddy Farquh

      Think the last time I saw 2 4rotor Vehicles was Mad Mike Whiddetts rx7 and Brent Currans rx2. These 2guys need to bring these Toys to Nz/Aus for some exhibition Runs during Rotary Only day