My Dream Build IS HAPPENING!


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    It’s turbo time!! The R8 is off to AMS Performance for some serious upgrades - turbo’s, ECU’s, built differentials, and the list goes on. What are we hoping to achieve? For now, a 1200hp street car that can be drag raced, roll raced and abused plenty. We’ve had a great relationship with AMS over the years and we’re stoked to have the car built by their team!
    AMS Performance IRvision:
    Corsa Rally:
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    1. 1320video

      Thank you guys for following the build! I can't wait to hear that SOUND!!!! Big shout out to AMS Performance, they gave me a great deal on the build but they aren't paying me for promotions, I just have to say that I was BLOWN AWAY by the crew they have there, after meeting most of the 53 person "Alpha Army" that work there it made a lot of sense why they have been so successful, top notch crew with some badass products, I can't wait to drive the car and see these parts in action soon! Stay tuned :) ...and yes I still have the C5

      1. Dos Dahrk

        @1320video keep lieing to yourself brother lol

      2. IR_ Stona

        why didn't you go with sheepyrace? was it because these guys gave you a deal and alex from sheepy didn't?

      3. Shawn Rine

        @SID sorry I need some one a little closer to me, they are 9hrs away 😅. I'm in the Akron Canton area in Ohio

      4. JK F1

        @1320video - Yep, and....

      5. 1320video

        @JK F1 Thats patented by Nelson Racing

    2. DespizedICON

      Everytime you hold something other than burgers in both hands it will be mocked and awkward. This is the world we live in.

    3. Stefan Stäheli

      not bad

    4. The Mizenheimer channel

      Kyle you deserve it, you made your own dreams come true....not too many can say that!

    5. CARview M135M5GTRR35

      Is this a 100 000$ build?

    6. Sotos Sok

      Well done my friend..

    7. texis300

      @1320video Why chose AMS over Underground Racing?

    8. MynamesTatsu

      kyle, your old

    9. Rusty Wells

      Guys need to build or rent a bigger shop.

    10. Derek Holden

      Beard Kyle > no beard Kyle

    11. Derek Holden

      Now I need to see 19,000 horses in that room..

    12. Grow Head 3.0

      I love watching pecker woods with money

    13. zetonho

      Looks crazy 💪💪💪 enjoy it in the end mate!

    14. J Spark

      The fire when the car kept rolling I was yelling at the monItor saying( STOP THE F KING CAR STOP STOP WHY DOESN'T HE STOP THE DAM CAR IT'S BURNING LMAO IT WAS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Jason

      16:46 lol

    16. Harrison Remedios

      19,000hp in 1 shop is a lot but the wildest thing always to me was when a crew member for Leah Pruitts race team told me they have about 35,000hp between the truck, drag rail and two spare motors

    17. Freddie

      Back in my 20’s some 20 years ago I bought my Dream car. A 91’ Camaro t-top. Bank financed for 12k. Pretty proud since I held a job. How the fuck every 20 something nowadays get this kind of money???? Smh

    18. George Cicairos

      19,000 Hp from all those cars, and two top fuel dragsters are 11,000 Hp each, for a whopping 22,000 Hp. It's an earthquake when they launch.

    19. Sempre Omertà

      Happy for ya ... all the hard work paying off. Was loosely following the channel until last year then kinda got more and more interested. Love your content and your relatability as well as your explanation of things. Always a great watch!

    20. Wolf

      Dude your going to be running some MoTeC's????!!!

    21. sigovic

      why is no one wearing a mask. in eu when the cops catch you get fined 50EUR.

    22. Xian Onemanshow

      Kyle was wondering , out of curiosity , why AMS over Underground racing which has several TT conversions .

    23. Chris Broadbridge

      Portrait mode with a fixed monitor, why the f*CK did I never think of this🤦‍♂️

    24. whale oil beef hooked

      Way to go KL

    25. Wren Compton

      what about the forklift for the hp in the room?

    26. Heber Sorto

      Why not sheepy race

    27. A J

      You made it. Salute

    28. Christopher Lamitie

      Keep the beard dude!

    29. Steven Horner

      Anyone else hear what sounds like some 6ix9ine at 1:09?

    30. Thizz izwhatitiz

      How much is the grand total?

    31. Daniel Georgianni

      Somebody wants to try and keep up with the acr crews..... 🤣🤣💪

    32. cain sample

      If its done fast enough you can race whistlinweasel

    33. rebelyell22

      Man that beard is turning gray Kyle lol

    34. Reflex Photography NZ

      Hang on I thought your dream car was an RB30DET swap R34 GTR in white

    35. Todd Dooley

      I'm impressed by how much power the stock bottom end can handle

    36. Zubaidi Saqer

      I thought Tom segura lost weight lol

    37. Paul

      YES KYLE

    38. Ron Zacharias


    39. ElMosqito

      Build it to 1320HP ;)

    40. Николай Ознобихин

      Да мужик, так и бывает, сначала ты просто зритель и попал впервые на дрэг-стрип, затем ты уже не пропускаеш ни одного заезда, а со временем становишся и сам участником этого шоу💪👍

    41. Krazo buildZ

      Nice 👍

    42. Devin Payton

      It’s about damn time

    43. BOOSTED_VQ35

      I bet they have been busy your Paying a pretty penny AMS

    44. Chuck Fowler

      Goodluck with those Garrett's personally I wouldn't use nothing but precisions turbos every time I've used Garrett's in the past they just dont have the snap that precisions have.

    45. David Story


    46. Baked Beanz on Toast

      This should be an interesting build, way to go Kyle.👍👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸

    47. Sheldon W

      Should be taking driving lessons

    48. Jamie Ryan

      so disappointed in AMS for completely abandoning the evo platform. Especially since it was one of the platforms that created the brand recognition they enjoy today.

    49. Kevin Cerny

      Yewwww, my boy Alex Taylor lookin real cute at 5:23🤣😘 Can't wait to see this thing done

    50. JJ Sorenavki

      Kyle your dream build is WARGTR dont be lying haha,

    51. Austin Chrisman

      Not a sheepy!? Build ?

    52. Goodbarsix


    53. Stin Q

      Nobody :Starts r8 Me: drops panties

    54. Matthew Mohri

      When did 1300whp become "Conservative"? LOL Sick Cars. Glad that your getting your R8 TT'd.

    55. Richard Ruiz

      Congratulations bro I'm happy for you!!!!!!

    56. Kush Leche

      Need you and Tom Segura to do a vid together

    57. K9

      AMS built my 2g DSM back in the day

    58. ROB

      Don't roast me.... but how does AMS compare to sheepyrace interms of the hurrican/R8 platform...?

    59. Jz_naldo

      Why not sheepey

    60. Peter Spidus

      Building GTR/RS4 killer

    61. On Eagles' Wings Merritt

      Man Kyle, you lost weight and you’re lookin’ good my guy!✌️

    62. Loko Seductive

      SHEEPEY called out AMS for poor quality 🤷‍♂️

    63. Matthew ridgeway

      Congratulations! Still have the zo6?

    64. Jason Gudgel

      Respect on saying Illinois correctly

    65. cryptic styles

      Time to race whistling diesel 😂 hope to see it off its head 👌👌👌👌

    66. Smokey Yunick

      You know that Motec exhaust system they talked about in Fast and Furious no such company or exhaust existed at that time that wasn’t even in the script it was an adlib’d by Brian, you need a rear wing and a rear and front splitter on that R8 for some down force so you can corner at ridiculous speeds. Can’t wait to build my 4 cylinder drag car that should make 1000-1300HP depending on how much boost I’m running 80 or 100psi 80 should make around 1000HP 100 should make right at 1300HP wanna show these BBC guys the power of the four banger rice burners looking at twin supercharging atm but not sure if that will produce enough boost I will most likely have to use a compound turbo setup

    67. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock


    68. B J

      Well deserved bud. I remember when you first started out. Crazy how far you’ve come

    69. Stanced G37

      Why not go underground racing ?

    70. Edwin

      Whats the video where Kyle drives the viper

    71. Sean Koons


    72. Dallas Hooligan

      Shoulda went to 🐑

    73. MfGallonjaust

      Should of gone to UGR

    74. Levi Laraki

      Let's be honest. We are never gonna see it race because we don't even see his vettes

    75. Roll_up or Pull_up

      Congrats bro and thank you for all the years now COME GET GAP 😂

    76. Wildtrack

      wait what? Theres a person behind this channel!? i Thought it was just a floating speaking camera


      Love it

    78. scott tim

      I don’t think y’all should have the dirty thirty incident on the outro. Other then that I can’t wait to see the content on this build!

    79. pinko

      “pretty conservative”, 1300 hp

    80. IceManJhey

      thats my 2nd dream car and in white can't wait to see this out on the street!

    81. Mike Johnson

      So this guy ain't turning a single wrench? Not surprised lol

    82. ben j

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- WHY NOT DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY CUSTOM ?????? mark my words, this will be an epic fuck up.

    83. SPC pitts

      Who are you? You sound like it November?

    84. aaronzx10r

      Is the unicorn still around?

    85. Dustyn Williams

      Race whistlin diesel

    86. kiiiburn

      Kyle, I thought you were Ted Cruz in Texas for a moment at the beginning of the video.

    87. PaceWorks

      Well done Kyle can't Wait to see how scary she is 😅💯👌🤙💚☘🍀

    88. ruben ruiz

      Where’s the c6 ?

    89. CJ Yothers

      Been watching since the beginning as just a teenager. You've definitely put in the time and effort. I'm excited to see you driving/owning these crazy powerful cars instead of just recording from the passenger seat. Congratulations Kyle. 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

    90. Kevin Bostwick

      What an awesome video and company. AMS giving us that behind the scenes look was cool, much appreciated. Your build is going to be sick!

    91. A Radford

      Congrats! Im driving a new E63S but this is my dream car/build!!

    92. Chris Mun

      How much is your build?

    93. craig wallace

      You picked one of the best builders and tuners to build your system , well done

    94. Tom M

      Congrats man! Wishing continued success!

    95. Leandro Fonseca

      It was time for you to Start a new build congrats

    96. boostednate

      Can’t wait until this build is done!

    97. Steve Johnson

      Congrats again man!

    98. Hype Life

      You deserve much more than this my friend , thank you for the years of amazing content . Also almost lost you in a fire to an Audi ha glad you still appreciate the platform !!

    99. Austin Ferguson

      That dude in r&d with the discord memes 😂🤔

    100. Gojira1

      Congratulations hopefully the boarder opens so we can join you at rmrw. I heard a birdie say it could be there.