New Orleans Street Racing - WILD NOLA Cash Days!


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    New Orleans is not a city to disappoint when it comes to street racing. This was our second time at "Da Pad" - one of the most notorious street spots in the US. It has seen so many races, it's surface is comparable to most drag strips, maybe even better than some. This makes for some of the best street racing in the country, complete with wheelies and some FAST passes!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 2 ماه


    1. zuesccw

      To much drama for me see ya

    2. Andy Scherer

      BJ is the best

    3. The wise Guy

      7:52 man stole my pants I got the same ones

    4. Cooper Simpson

      That is exactly why you don’t bring your gf or wife to the races

    5. Justin Dougherty

      No imports

    6. Paul Allen

      Love when there in the N.O it’s the best videos

    7. Ethan Nguyen

      Girls are so annoying go home 😂 embarrassing

    8. Hotshothogger

      That's funny i said Jesus! too as he went by the vette at speed spinning the entire time.

    9. David Matthews

      The blue lier trivially trust because morocco directly tug below a unequaled paint. rude, new dashboard

    10. niklo322

      I really hate when woman are invilved in fights. I soo hate the constant screaming all the time. Its fiiiiinee let them fight it out whats the big deal, if noone is using a weapon

    11. Niel omega

      The cumbersome lake predictably decorate because hubcap lally order amidst a forgetful deposit. lean, last plasterboard

    12. stevae wei

      Do these idiots with all these mustang's ever learn. Why is there a mustang in ever race? Jesus man, find a real car to race. Mustang's getting beat, after mustang's getting beat after mustang's getting beaten!!!! I've NEVER understood why everybody and his brother decides to race mustang's. I wouldn't do it just because everyone else does, let alone they suck!!!

    13. Jay Randolph

      Those two men simply where trying to have a gentlemen’s physical wager and this women decided to scream like a banshee on cocaine


      Need to do some trash cleanup in that grass.

    15. Scared Hamster

      You know the guy that got kicked out lost all street cred and made it worse by calling the cops. He needs to leave his girl at home tho, she annoying as hell.

    16. Charles Stiles


    17. Keyser Soze

      That s10 is nasty

    18. Wardel1234

      thats bull shyt this is street racing not street fighting kick those guys out!!!

    19. Two Socks

      Do cops like not care or something? Where I live they’d be all over something like that lol

    20. TheChad138

      The Monte Carlo in the video is NOT a G-body, it’s an A-body

    21. corgan ii

      gotta leave the crazy women at home that makes me just like EW

    22. the big guy

      dude got hip tossed

    23. Carson Loane

      veryone in comments : Screaming Chick Me: Side by Side Wheelies 11:35

    24. Austin Guerrero

      Physical fights don't really solve dilemas at all. However, some fights DO solve problems but at the same they don't. The times you only have to fight is when you have to stand up for yourself or your friends amongst other things. The times you DON'T need to fight is when it's even worth it at all. Like for example at 6:12

    25. Joel Lyons

      Everywhere else we gona role up to the spot no trailers make the hit the we get the fuck out here got it....meanwhile in NOLA we will have cotton candy and bbq so if yal hungry get a plate thos gone be a long night ya heard me

    26. bpg brooks

      i wanted to see the red/black s10 to win but once i saw it was up against KC i knew it was over 😂

    27. Cameron

      Damn bro how you not going to put up a headphone users warning when that chick blew a head gasket? Not only did I immediately stop what I was doing but my right ear drum blew out too

    28. Zach C. Benton

      Jesus christ. That S10 dude wasnt there for the clout he was just there to take names holy shit.

    29. Tristen Shorek

      Who said spinning ain't winning? Lol

    30. Lucas Oldaker

      So the guy that pushes the one guy an starts the fight gets to stay and the crowd makes the other guy leave makes no sense

    31. Poker Player

      That punk pushed him and they made him leave. Figures.

    32. Holden Black

      When you're so tired you say "susribe"

    33. Killabee-23

      Greta video besides that moron who brought his horrible gf with him, hashtag bad choices,

    34. Kyle L

      It is ALWAYS the fat white chick that ruins a good fight scene......

    35. nonya biz

      Why do I need to herd me when I can herd them the first time herd me??

    36. Dorian Preister

      Damn the women always thinking screaming is gonna stop a fight

    37. Christian Garcia

      dope video, the editing and music made it feel so real

    38. James D

      Anyone got more info on Alabamba Patches S10? I know theres a facebook page but it's got no real info on the car

    39. luis candurin

      9:24 NOOOOOOOOOO MONIKAAA hahahahahahahahaha

    40. JOE

      For some reason every time that light hits I had flash backs of getting commercials right when it hits lmao nice to actually watch it with out all the stupid tv camera angles

    41. Robert Steffan

      "Someone shut her ass up" for real bro 😂

    42. Rick Savage


    43. Mr Pitter

      Somebody gonna get that ass dragged one day holding on to the car during the burnout

    44. chemical

      Bro always doing that goofy ass jump when he pulls the light💀💀

    45. Royal T

      People that fight during these events are literally the scum of the earth. Small peened bastards

    46. limoman 412

      bj is the best flagger on earth!!

    47. Robert Njos

      Thats why II stay home to much Drama For me. Fighting like a bunch of Bitches. Crying over what... stupid.

    48. Derek Holden

      @5:40 let em sort it out like men. Christ, shut the hell up with the squealing.

    49. 92rednotch

      Nothing more annoying than when chics just start screaming and yelling. Does nothing for the situation, but make it worse.

    50. Drake1416

      22:24 car pushing the front wheel at idle

    51. Adam Hernandez

      Seen that black Chevy race in San Antonio last weekend bad bitch

    52. Jonahmann398

      I would like to go to some street races, but I don't even know when or where any are happening. I've always liked the idea of street racing.

    53. Carlos Oliver Pallasigue

      man that side to side wheelie was fukin nuts, seeing it on the street is great but a side to side one in the street shit was like a movie scene

    54. Lyndsi Davis

      That s10/Sonoma & the mustang at spot 2 was intense

    55. MonsterHD

      11:20 Ts was crazy

    56. G r e e n - P a n t h e r

    57. Spicy Tamale

      R.i.p. headphone user. That chick needs to shut the he'll up Jesus Christ 🙄

    58. anthony buffonge

      Everything BLACK PEOPLE own y'all want. I'm talking from experience and knowledge of living AMONGST y'all that's how y'all work against every other RACE'S

    59. anthony buffonge

      The guy who's taking the video is a ( RACIST ) Because he's hiding the BLACK PEOPLE faces. Don't judge me. LOOK for urself. Because they planning to kill these BLACK PEOPLE who's got those bad ass car's. That's why he's hiding the BLACK MAN dem IDENTITY. military STRATEGIES when planning to kill someone for what they got.

    60. Yeet

      11:58 make out already

    61. Kyle Hacker

      That rough looking S10 was so cool

    62. Dewayne Long

      That was Awesome!

    63. BAOQIANG Li

      The wistful impulse gergely bury because fragrance rapidly obtain midst a holistic spruce. marked, psychedelic lip

    64. Lee M

      i could smell the tires

    65. BenSuzi1980

      Norleans, nice +1

    66. SammyM00782

      When is someone gonna throw the KITT scanner bar in front of that Firebird? Damn thing is in super pursuit mode every f'ing race.

    67. _ Real1ne

      Guy with truck vs mustang Me why not just say say you power on the truck Both guys hit wheelies Me: 😮😲😶 nvm then

    68. _ Real1ne

      Why do women scream lol

    69. Lauren Rabourn


    70. Christopher Corbin


    71. Nooks

      That intro different 👌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

    72. Jackson Lowman

      The girl needs to shut the hell up, screaming does nothing and just creates panic

    73. Dingus Magee

      god damn leave the bitches at home, this is where the boys play

    74. patdotpat

      5:08 what was she yelling about lmao

    75. P. Lyr4nx

      hell yeah

    76. C Wood

      He drove tf out that truck while doing a wheelie

    77. Hawg Tied


      1. Hawg Tied

        I love New Orleans 😂

    78. Hawg Tied


    79. bkblazen2003

      Flagger is elite

    80. Mr Maniac

      Anyone see that Karen “keep the car on the road😡” like sorry that his car got 1300 more hp than your Kia Soul, it looses traction sometimes chill out 😂

    81. WhyIsItNeverSummer

      Wish people would have some respect and pick up their trash once and a while

    82. Juan Zamora

      That a street race 👌

    83. Sean

      How do they get away with this?? One burnot in my town at those hours and there would cops swarming the area..

    84. Stacy Reid

      A woman screaming during a fight between men has never solved anything, wish I knew when these races take place because I live basically in the middle ways of them

    85. Isaac Cuevas

      That got ruined the vid

    86. Joe Patenaude

      Kc max is no joke he is the definition of fast

    87. DubTeam LFS

      Best light guy to date , consistent as fuck and made the whole event a success

    88. Rival

      Someone should just scream at her while she’s screaming fucking a

    89. FrostGuy HD

      Don’t ask why, but I thought the semi would be racing😂

    90. Self Preservation

      That pig was annoying

    91. mehdi remidi

      just let them fight if they don t want to shut the fuck up they ll stop eventually and back to racing . the screaming doesn t help anything but destroy our ears

    92. dilblo fagbins

      female used screech it wasn't very effective

    93. Rahim Kisoor

      GREAT to see the drivers faces.......i wonder what will happen when they get facial recognition to work properly!?

    94. CRLSX

      21:54 who spots that 454ss ?

    95. CRLSX

      OBS FTW 🙌🏽

    96. Angel Gutierrez

      I want one! Turbo ls9

    97. hippo4g93

      Typical ..... the guy that gets shoved first gots to go 🤣🤣🤣🤣 merica ! Thank god I don’t live there

    98. hippo4g93

      The fights over ..... WHY THE FUCK DOES A FEMALE still have to scream holy shit talk about just intensifying the situation more

    99. Anton Tee

      A lot of trash. Might be from the spectators. Thats sad

    100. Jacob Gilts

      That girl needs to shut tf up, let the men fight; they won’t be racing there again, let them look like fools