He stuffed a CUMMINS into a RANGER (1300lb/ft of Torque)


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    Who doesn't love a good diesel swap? Especially when it involves a lightweight vehicle purposely built to haul ass! In this case, we have a tiny little Ford Ranger, which immediately appears suspicious with some big tires, and a radiator mounted to a roll cage that protrudes through the back windows into the truck bed. Upon closer inspection, we found Cummins emblems carefully placed on the body of the truck, tipping us off and initiating a hunt to track down the owner and find out more about this crazy looking truck.
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    1. 1320video

      Follow Jay on Instagram: Jaylee393

      1. Cris Knapp

        That truck is bad to the bone I love it. I wish it were mine

      2. Ricardo Lugo

        You might be all big & shit but you ain't no Ford fockin ranger! FORD RANGER. I KNOW THAT TRUCK IT AIN'T NO STRANGER , I KNOW THAT TRUCK IS A FORD FOKIN RANGER ,FORD RANGER!!!

      3. Pat Brown

        Jay Lee next time you’ve gotta be sure to show them your boost and ebp gauges. Glad to see you still racing it buddy 🤘🏼

      4. Jay Lee

        I appreciate all the support I've got from everyone!! I didn't expect anything like this. I will eventually start up a IRvision channel but for now i have my Instagram and just started up a page on Facebook Danger Ranger. If you cant find it on the search page you can go to my Facebook Jay Lee and click on the page from there. Thank you again EVERYONE!

      5. PayItForward

        Man I LOVE THIS! This truck has so much potential it’s rare and 2 of a kind and already rippin down the track! JayLee keep chipping away at this build I can’t wait to see more of this at races! You really do have something special here!!

    2. Fancisco Monterroso

      Its a ford fucking ranger

    3. Eric R.

      Awesome guy!

    4. Evan'sThoughts


    5. Jeremy santiago

      This was one of the most wholesome vids from 1320, jus a good ole boy and his ranger danger

    6. crazycooterMN


    7. Chuckuns


    8. Jeramie Bentley

      fuck front teeth we doing drag stuff

    9. pikefisherman1978

      That's one sick truck, and a nice genuine guy.

    10. Not You

      Now that's what I call a FORDFUKINRANGER!

    11. Stacy Reid

      Would love to see more diesels

    12. TexasTyphoon

      Just found this channel. Badass

    13. Dissect Corpse

      Did you guys see that!?? He was going so fast his tooth flew out! 👌🏽

    14. DP Z

      It says Ranger on it and I say Chuck Norris should sponsor it. Anyone got his number ?

    15. Bones 018


    16. Jelani Johnson

      BAD ASS FORD Cummings ranger✊💥✊

    17. Josh Kelsey

      About to be illegal federally lol good luck everyone

    18. Jon Inwan

      That is savage

    19. Carson Everett

      It’s a fucking cummins ranger

    20. Dan W

      Jeez, that thing comes out of the hole like it was launched from a cannon. I know I saw daylight under the left front tire.😉 With a 1.2 - 60 ft., and some more power up top, it should run low 9's no problem!😁👍 Pretty nice for home brew and no sponsors.😎

    21. Francisco Avalos

      Street Outlaws Daddy Dave and the Sonoma vs. Ranger Guy with a Cummins

    22. rcdesmond

      8:16 I thawt I thaw a Bearing Cap. “I did, I did !!!!

      1. rcdesmond

        @Jay Lee 👌

      2. Jay Lee

        No it was just the tire gauge i keep in the truck. Nothing went through the floor

    23. muhbidness

      Needs like 3 times the wheel speed in the burnout just to get the tires to heat up!

    24. Evil AMC

      This guy need sponsors. Awesome spirit doesn’t seem greedy one bit. He knows his truck has a lot of potential

    25. Andrew Marshall

      Lesson kids, sometimes torque matters

    26. Fish R Relaxing

      Ok you lost me at 10 sec lol..

    27. Fish R Relaxing

      Smoke is unburnt fuel so proper tune this is much faster..

    28. - RallyGC8 -

      That LD diff breather setup

    29. Phil Audiostrike

      Rly cool truck and awesome driver :D

    30. Adrian Padilla

      It's a Cumranger. 🙉

    31. ExodusRiot

      ive been talking about a ls2 swapped s10 but this is so much more badass holy fucking shit

    32. robfrmny21

      It’s a fuckin Ford Ranger

    33. James Whitley

      I like this guy, this is the kind of racer you want to support!

    34. Logan

      Awesome guy love the ranger

    35. The s1kRR Rider

      Ford fucking ranger! 😍

    36. Carlos Munoz

      Watching 1320's videos, and then be in one, what a dream come true


      Reppin Midland!!! Nice!! Que onda guey!?

    38. Overland Wannabe


    39. Overland Wannabe

      Listening to power vehicle owners apologizing is weird. Y'all know that this is a beast +

    40. Josh Appleseed

      Ford fucking ranger

    41. Evan B.


    42. David Donaghy

      I love it.

    43. Hondo Khadi

      A humble guy by the name of Jay Lee wins the hearts of thousands of race fans. 1k comments and counting supporting this man!! Random commenter: Good guy! Someone sponsor him!! Comment gets 1000 likes. 50 replies. Actual star of the video Jay Lee himself comments: 4 likes. No replies. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Matthew Nunez

      Jay is a great guy! He lives maybe 2-3 miles from my old man's place. He has a really nice Cummins shorty that's fast as hell, Jay definitely knows how to build some fast vehicles.

    45. Superdimensional

      Dude is mad humble.... he’s the definition of “keeping it real”

    46. Really BadAim

      Great truck!!

    47. James Gazdag

      Hell ya

    48. Grimm II

      I know that truck I ain't no stranger I know this truck that's a FUCKIN FORD RANGER

    49. Steve Chavez

      Sponser the man

    50. shawn padilla

      You don't work on your cumns enough if it still has the oil cap with the overtorque clicker cover thingy 1:13

    51. Garrett Tidholm

      Someone should buy you some decent shades...

    52. Iamjulianromero

      This is the best video ever

    53. Cummins FJ45

      Badass, hope to see him again.

    54. Jarrett Schoenfeldt

      What a genuine dude.

    55. dbtrackz33

      Awesome truck, cool ass owner

    56. Fhchuy

      Power Ranger edition by Ford 😂

    57. Muntasir Ali

      Super cool build 💯💯💯💯👍

    58. Franky Yap


    59. Guns N Gears

      Racing,,,,,,,the sport that never stops costing pore Folk to get MO pore!! You CAN LITERALLY go as fassst as you want, better have a thick Checkbook!! I'll watch from back here!!!! Great vids YO🤟🤟

    60. chris james

      I love it when they put diesel engines and LS's in fords cause it pisses the diehard ford ppl TF off LMMFAO!!!!

    61. Marcello Marsicano

      I'm no stranger i know danger

    62. mvpancho 123

      Sponsor him asap good guy hope he fixes it soon love that truck

    63. Ozkr palminteri

      I just can't believe a diesel engine can push that fast, wow👍👍👍

    64. Jake Hargett

      Thing is sick

    65. Bryce Fausett

      "Only" makes 600hp lolol

    66. Orlando Blanco

      Where is this IRvision channel based out of whaa state cuz I’m from Fort Stockton Texas in the midland tx area 432 West Texas the desert lol I neva knew there was a dope ass truck like this buh I’m not surprised tbh lmao mffs here in the West be doing crazy shii props to him tho 💯💯💯

    67. Ricardo Lugo

      You might be all big & shit but you ain't no Ford fockin ranger! FORD RANGER. I KNOW THAT TRUCK IT AIN'T NO STRANGER , I KNOW THAT TRUCK IS A FORD FOKIN RANGER ,FORD RANGER!!!

    68. Gavyn Ryals

      this what it’s all about

    69. Tall Paul

      Lesson learned, remember to use SOLID U-joints instead of the hollow kind.

    70. 3.0 Colorado

      Get this ranger to the freedom factory to lay some rubber down

    71. Abraham Frias

      Of course from Texas haha

    72. Simon Bodjanac

      The power of a Cummins

    73. Jay Gee

      That’s not a truck thats a Ford fukn ranger!!

    74. Jay Gee

      FORD FKN RANGER!!!!!!

    75. Les Morris

      Stopped by

    76. Dylan Anastasi

      I 100% belive that makes 1300 torque

    77. GTL 3x

      "I thought you turned it down?" "I did turn it down!"

    78. Squanchy Squanch

      Now that’s a Ford fucking ranger!

    79. Robert Elmo

      @8:15 What is that flying up in the cab?

      1. Jay Lee

        The tire gauge

    80. smk11685

      Hell yeah! Sick ranger🍻🤘

    81. Stirling Moore

      I really think dudes geeked lmao

      1. Jay Lee

        You tell me how you would act if 1320 videos did it interview on you I enjoy adrenaline no drugs

    82. Wood Cutter

      Yep. That's a damn cool truck..

    83. Jamon King

      His burnouts are what makes his runs

    84. Jamon King

      Like to see this truck on street outlaws 😎

    85. Dukes 001

      Love watching real people go out and race and be fast and have fun. Yeah the guys with the deep pockets have bad ass cars but this is cool to watch 👍

    86. Brannon Atkinson

      Ford ranger owners think their truck came like this from factory

    87. Thanny Devitos

      What a cool guy and an awesome truck.

    88. Revoked

      Fummins 🙌

    89. Jared Kennedy

      This is how high power diesels run best. Not rolling coal, just a bit of haze. More than that is just wasted fuel, extra heat, and being a douchebag.

    90. Anthony Mungo

      I bet he's so proud to have his truck on here. Nice

    91. PanchitoKush Reyes

      Now this is good content

    92. Vidal J

      1300 torque on a stock motor......them scary words already 😳

    93. Jonnybgoode

      Simply badass!😳

    94. thdirtyonezCarGuy

      Bro said he 👀 all his post no wonder he built that monster on wheels

    95. Kashiel Pursad

      Heard of stranger danger, this guy has Ranger Danger

    96. todd adams

      I agree with the guy below!! Hopefully he can get himself a sponsor! 😎🤟🏼

    97. Jeffrey Gonzalez

      That’s crazy they both fanboys of eachother

    98. mark yisser

      That guy seems genuinely cool. That sucks that he didn't get to finish

    99. Chris Zeledon

      Very good sport, someone sponsor this mans Ford fucken ranger 💯!!!!

    100. Sebastian Loewen

      We’ve all heard of the LS Miata.... now get ready for the Cummins ranger