RWD Cavalier, BIG S-10 Wheelies, & MORE! (Winter Meltdown 2020)


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    No Prep racing brings about some of the wildest and unique moments we get to see out at the track all year long. Winter Meltdown held true to our expectations as racers battled every variation of difficulty down the lanes of Houston Raceway Park! From Jason Cantu’s half track wheelie to Flaco trying to tame his pickup, “TOXIC” and make a straight pass down the lane, there was no shortage of excitement to be had. While non of these features managed to pull a win out of the main event, we still found them unique or interesting enough to compile together and to bring to you for your viewing pleasure. Let us know below which feature or racer you liked the most!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 2 ماه


    1. UncleManuel

      Dennis the Mennis 😁

    2. David Trumpy

      Jackie has no luck but bad luck.

    3. David Trumpy

      Scott Taylor was rollin. As usual.

    4. David Trumpy

      Scott Taylor was rollin. As usual.

    5. Gingerdread

      Turbos in the bed to put weight on the rear, wheelies to the eighth. 😵

    6. Bubba Kushington

      Love Flacos S10 well all those cars were bad as hell.

    7. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Parce que si c est possible d associer un système twin turbo un compresseur style mad max et deux kit nos je me voie bien faire ça sur mon el camino de 73 qui était un 77 mais j avait horreur de sa façade avant avec c est phares qui faisait penser aux grosse lunettes d elvis dans les dernier temps j adorer elvis mais pas c est lunettes mdr

    8. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Please is the possibul the twin turbo one compresseur et toue kit nos please yes ho no seur 1320 yes ho no please


      I bet it cost a lot of time and $$ to RWD swap that cavalier

    10. James Robin

      “Theoretically, they say 5400hp!!....” LMAO!

    11. Ryan Smith

      Dennis is my fookin hero! He hit that tree so perfect on that first run.. that had to be an RT of less than 0.10 sec.. I think he's done this before. Cool guy, hope to meet him some day!

    12. Marz8999

      I would be to scared to drive that vette just cause I wouldnt want to wreck that beautiful ride. But it sure does look giod going down the track.

    13. John gotti


    14. Swick Valentino

      Get some fast Subaru STI’s in this! Those cars push some fricken power guy!!!!

    15. Plebiness RL

      Dennis is such a cool guy! Nice humble ole guy 👌🏻

    16. Jack Harding

      HAMMER HEAD is absolutely goals for a race car. BEAUTIFUL car and its pretty damn fast.


      29:43 HOOTING!

    18. Josh The Mediocre

      The Menace is my dream car...Monster.

    19. CMDR Boom

      I thought ol' Dennis was coming out as an exhibition, but man he stole the show for me!

    20. case styer

      Why isnt there a button that retards the timing? That would prevent the need of back peddling.

    21. Randy Neufeld

      NOM NOM NOM 8:42

    22. Adam Poliskey

      "Just a 88." Anyone else remember when it was "whats a turbocharger?" I feel old right now lol

    23. sirhamalot

      i used to drive a 5 speed cavalier years ago. most fun car i’ve ever had, stock and not fast but surprisingly decent off the line. the title made me instantly think of that and i had to watch. then the corvette started and i was like meh okay then he said stock body and i was like aight this is gonna be a good video

    24. Eddie Escobedo

      Content is 🔥 keep up the good work

    25. AnthonyTee

      Ugh so many ads

    26. Thomaschii

      They look at you and look away like they have other business to be busy with. Quite odd.. Besides that, nice race!

    27. Amit Singh

      Rest in peace Daniela.

    28. Peter Braun

      What’s the deal with the coke bottle on buddies truck?

    29. bullhead360

      Did that Boomer say he had twin 110’s on that 3rd Gen?! Brutherrrrr!!!

    30. Jeremiah Truman

      There's barely any car there with the Cutlass and the Cavalier

    31. Jeremiah Truman

      Dennis 'n the Menace! 🤓 love it!!

    32. Caden Malone

      I think it’s a curse to say the car goes a-b every pass... and Jason Cantu started making a lot of excuses after Ryan Mitchell out ran him..

    33. Jacob Christman

      Is the hammerhead a starwars reference from the Hammerhead Corvette

    34. doubleoddbuck00

      Ole timer TROLLIN with the Proline Cam

    35. Anthony Lehner

      Too much talk and not enough racing.. there is literally 3 times more talk in this video than racing.. 10 minutes of racing and 21 minutes of talk.. I'm sure I'm not alone on this..

    36. Matt Connelly

      Anyone else waiting for all trucks to have a coke zero bottle or rubber duck bolted to the bed cover?

    37. Auto-Motif

      Nothing like a little truck keeping up to the big boys ! great video @1320video

    38. Jean Arenas

      That ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger wheel's vanes have seen their share of debris; time to swap it.

    39. Joe Goveia

      Fred be looking like he's been smoking that crack. Losing weight! Good job Fred!

    40. Uncle J

      What is that black thing on top of the intake and WHY is it there? I've seen those on Superchargers.

      1. Levi Dieter

        @Uncle J 👍 no worries. Have a good one

      2. Uncle J

        @Levi Dieter The last suggestion? PERFECT! Thank you.

      3. Uncle J

        @Levi Dieter Thank you Levi. I appreciate it very much. Have a good one bro. And thanks for explaining what they do. I had no idea.

      4. Levi Dieter

        @Uncle J here's a good video on the "chimney" Edit: actually here's an even better one: Good channel to learn from too

      5. Levi Dieter

        @Uncle J that's just basically a chimney on the burst panel. When those panels blow they let out a ton of energy. The chimney directs all that pressure and heat that away from important components and helps get it up and over the car

    41. Smokey Yunick

      That mew bullhorn crap looks terrible zoomies or hidden open headers look so much better and since when is a 28” tire a small tire in my day a 20” was the largest slick made on my 350 NoS powered nova that had about 1500HP I only ran 14” bias ply slicks *( only Goodyear and Firestone went on my car, M/T’s and Hoosiers might last longer but there a harder compound so they don’t hook as well )* never had a problem hooking and turbos aren’t made for drag racing, superchargers and NoS are way to go better no stupid turbo lag , and a small black built correctly can produce just as much power as these big 540CID and larger like say a 400 small block punched 60 over chromoly sleeves 16-1 compression ratio, dual 1000cfm hollies, 16-71 supercharger and that combo would probably make about 4K HP maybe more dual high fire ignition system dual gear driven distributors 2 spark plugs per hole to get a clean burn when you burn 10 gallons of fuel in an 1/8 mile under a lot of compression you need a ton of spark to get a clean burn, and transmission wise if you really wanna go fast go with a lenco, if drag stuff was this cheap when I was racing from the 60-90’s I woulda been really fast but back then race stuf was expensive compared to today a 16-71 supercharger then was $30-40k a a Dart block was $100K now $4k for the supercharger and about $5k for the block from Dart so ya racers now got it easy build use on the mine side of thing the cars they build for $150-200k in my day woulda been $750k-1M just a more back then to build yourself would cost $1/4M by the time you’re all done, there was only one crate motor company for race cars specifically *( Sonny’s )* but no one ran crate motors hand built motors always outperform a crate motor if built correctly

    42. Fiveoh5

      *Old man Dennis is a true OG*

    43. Mario Ramirez

      Shoutout to all the people from the rgv 956🌴

    44. Todd Baker

      I have been watching 1320 for a while now and this is the first time I have made a comment. I'm sure what you guys do is out of passion for the sport. But your doing something you may not be aware of! I walk into my shop and I see my tuner car sitting there waiting on me. And what do I do? Close the door? Or get ready to build? It's not for a lack of ability! It's a lack of inspiration! And that is what you give us, how many projects? I would be sad to know how many cars are sitting waiting for love. When I watch these videos I think to myself. I would of done it this way! Or that was stupid! Yet the only stupid thing is the fact that I have done nothing for 15 years as I walk by my car! I give you permission to use this quote freely to help inspire anyone to get out and build! GET IT DONE! Yeah I know I need to listen to myself and I am! Good job 1320 for a lot of therapy! Many of us need it. Todd::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    45. Lifted_Above

      ChevyVideo channel. Where only one brand matters.

    46. The Skeleton Boi

      Did Flaco sell the OG Corn Fed or Corn Fed 2.0?

    47. Dan Evan Fishing

      That bed mounted turbo’d S10 is an absolute animal

    48. Michael Rodriguez

      I’m from the valley I used to look up to these guys till Jason Cantu did me wrong lost a lot of respect for these guys

    49. Winston Tomblin

      Good job 1320

    50. James_ Lugo

      10:27 most useful thing I’ve seen a smart car do

    51. Sorren Williams

      11:44 no worries just A freaking 95mm TURBO ON THE CAMARO!!!!

    52. Love Sosa

      Love the z24 cavalier something diffrent

    53. HTX Sn95

      100k truck using a harbor freight jack.. I like that

    54. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Y love the pikup s10 please is possibul the twin turbo et the compresseur the kit nos is the v8 ou v10 please

    55. Jeancharles Rabaux

      What is mustang

    56. Smith performance racing

      Drive the crap out of the C2 sir, you only live one time.

    57. Shane Vermij

      Hammer head nothing special I once stupidly remarked about a car that I did not like to a guy who told me to me it may not be special to me, but the person who built it it is perfect. So since then I look at builds very differently I think they are all special

    58. zachariah liles

      Dude with that 3rd gen was humble as hell. "Theoretically 5400..."

    59. Joe Patenaude

      I'd like to see Jason Cantu run a nitrous setup

    60. Meta Legion

      My brother used to have a 5speed cavalier. Was pretty quick for a lil car. Seeing him beat some V8s in it was what made me get into cars

    61. Ridge Griffin

      Best racing channel ever.

    62. Outlaw 69

      Good stuff. I miss my car.

    63. Roberto Le rota

      Hey, im deaf. Is there anyway to get captions that arent autogenerated? They are absolutely poo

    64. Mr. Slowpoke1975

      Well I guess the a-b button just isn’t working anymore.

    65. anonymous

      200k build easily and doesnt USE WIGGINS CLAMPS on his turbo piping?? 2:17 that impeller ate some gravel...yikes put an inlet screen on it.

    66. Brook Ferrington

      Smashed it again! Great video 👍

    67. hu sa

      That cavalier is fire!

    68. Ketrick Bartley

      Dat intro dou lmao

    69. Farmer Daiii

      Has anyone from the 1320 crew popped some pills and killed a person again lately??


      Dennis and that 3rd gen. A racers racer.

    71. tmos8

      Crazy lol

    72. adam s

      I was actually considering trading my built mini for a rwd 98 cavalier with a 5.3 turbo buuuuuuut it needed some finishing and my cars 110% complete so I didn't

      1. J Findling

        Minis are junk dude

    73. Jorge Luis

      Woooooo puro #956 makin it to the vids❤️💯

    74. Koby Hunnicutt

      That 3rd gen is insane! That old dude seems pretty rad too haha. Man's living the dream

    75. marqueso1600

      Who else got an On D Gas ad while watching this video?

    76. HOODedDutchman

      We all want to know what happened with the Menice. Old timer just shows up and lays a freight train pass and you don't show him again? Wtf?

    77. Vaughn Hill

      Hammerhead just keep on truckjng brother because you lost to one of the baddest racers out there. Dont be disappointed at all

    78. Glockspecific

      I would love to see more full size trucks!

    79. morphman21

      A ORIGINAL 1964 with everything still there with the body panels? EEEP! I understand why he drives it. But it's a og body

    80. Glockspecific

      No prep wheelie, wtf is that! Super cool

    81. Vaughn Hill

      Cantu is a bad ass and he is from my state.TEXAS BOY

    82. Vaughn Hill

      Yea. Well enjoy the events that are going on there because the owner sold it and he only owns it for i think two more years then he has to tear down the whole complex. All the structures and the parking areas and driveways on the property. Theres alot of drag racers and street car racers that arr not happy about it at all. Seriously thinking about looking for some people to join into a group and build a small old school drag strip in the area. I think there could be some money to be made in that fashion after the baytown track is gone

    83. Leo Caetano

      The Cantu's truck is so much pretty

    84. FIAT BRAVA 16V

      13,36your beart like a bear on his eggs

    85. Hoost 305

      Big block, twin 88s in the bed.....3000+hp

    86. Kevin DeChamp

      Toxic lived up to its name

    87. J Austin

      “A lot of people think it’s a notchback” HUH?...

    88. skeet yeet beat

      16:57 that duck was holdin on for life bro.

    89. turbows6

      Love how the old man with the 3rd gen rolls up like a low key gangster.

    90. tony crawford

      A follow up on Dennis the menace would be awesome

    91. Roger Mitchell

      Dennis in da menace is my favorite driver now

    92. J.A.R. Family

      20:15 what a great guy!!!

    93. Bubba Kushington

      Cavalier was the shit.

    94. Sian thang


    95. Spoder man

      I’m loving that S10 little duck on the bed haha

    96. Porfirio Aguilar

      Lets see when @1320video comes out to the 956

    97. John Z

      @27:51 we catch a glimpse of the "KCMaxt" Pontiac,, then again against Jason Cantu FTW. That beat up, nondescript race car is over the top AWESUM! It ain't about havin a purdy race car with Randy,, it's about taking home the cash. His Pontiac delivers - again - for him.

    98. John Z

      "Dennis and his Mennace" ROCK SOLID and you guys have NEVER seen that car before? Really? He said he's raced 'all these guys before' and 1320 has missed that hotrod,, WOW!

    99. Teggy 12

      "Theoretically they say 54" 🤣🤣🤯

    100. John Festich

      Elapsed time talks bullshit walks. It really doesn't matter who has the most horsepower it matters who knows how to put that power down to the track