1000HP Audi RS3 is a GTR KILLER!


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    This RS3 platform is fairly new and we haven't seen a ton of successes. They're out there, but not many. Rada Race Lab finished this RS3 as they were loading it on the trailer for GTR World Cup! THEN IT COMES OUT AND RUNS 8'S?! So crazy to watch this thing beat up on GTR's!
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    1. isaac Shively

      What does IROZ Motorsports RS3 run? And he dailies it

    2. Garrett Turner

      Is that my name on the front?

    3. Jared Matijevich

      Ayy what's up with the dude pullin the chute at 115 lol. I'm not trying to be an asshole but I seen people hit 115 in the Honda accord when they're late to work in the morning 😂

    4. Slowsti05

      Keep it up Rick

    5. iBOOST

      Did Fred call it or jinxed it? You killed it “BUD!”

    6. Nautica J.

      So we gone ignore the lamb 🐑 in the back 1:02

    7. Silver Surfer

      Threw tha chute doin 115mph lol

    8. Kevin Groothuis

      Always wil love the 5 cylinder engines if you never have had one shut up its not a engine but a love the sound is just pure madness

    9. orvil smuel

      Gtr is king

    10. ImASnakeBurr

      Lol a srt 4 neon can do 157 in 9 secs

    11. Mudar Alnasar

      Wtf was that positive camber

    12. Painau Chocolate

      10.7 on a prepped track? Bro, why the fuck does it have a parachute haha acting like it has 3000bho

    13. Roo The conqueror

      needs to turn it up down low

    14. Alessio Federici

      The gtr Killer smashed By the gtr‘s

    15. BigBeansM3

      Dude pulled the chute at 115mph LMFAO

    16. Dino B.

      Hard to take a guy serious wearing white shades

    17. Ray Curtis

      I’m here for the scooters

    18. Jared THISDELLE

      Cheers 🍻

    19. Aria Prano

      Badass car it is but GTR killer it's not

    20. Scott Cameron

      The rear suspension has some flex under load it toes in and has positive camber

    21. Birdcall24

      bro, the inside of the audi circles is the same pattern of the grill but smaller.

    22. boostedscooby1

      Like it was explained in the video. The rs3 are a new platform. Not like the gtr which had been out for many years . Give it time and will see rs3 in the 7 no doubt.

      1. Rada Race Lab

        Iroz went 7.9 a couple weeks ago 🤘

    23. am cars

      what does it mean when someone says its a nitrus car does that mean they have nothing done to the engine and they just have nitrus ?

    24. Josh Riles

      He pulled the shute for a 10 lol

    25. Chloe Hennessey

      You can see my GT-R at the beginning behind the RS3.

    26. BryceyN1986

      @5:00 where the NSR wheel looks like its going to rip itself off toeing in? Doesnt look good at all!

    27. Taras B

      Hank Iroz has entered the chat... iroz motorsport

    28. John's Jam sessions

      Home to myself..... binge watching 1320 all day!🔥

    29. Bjorn Egan

      i got a new title for you: "1000HP Audi RS3 does decent for its alleged first day"

    30. Kishon Turner

      The dude on the moped

    31. Cause2x

      Are you gonna be at LS fest this year?

    32. Rich Paxton

      Never realized how clutter free a stock RS3 dash is. It’s amazing.

    33. ultimatejay

      GTR killer lol

    34. For the Love of Humans

      Only for the low price of 100k in modifications

    35. Eddie Castaner

      Tho the title is being complained about. At least understand it’s being dialed in. Maybe “will be a GTR killer”.

    36. Jake

      Dude threw the shoot on an 11 sec pass 🤣😩🤦🏻‍♂️

    37. Penentang Bid'ah

      Please change say Audi Rs3 loses vs GT-R

    38. Orion Anderson

      Bros, thanks for the cool car racing rally videos. Those RS3 and GTR are savagely cool. Learning so much and very thankful for that. Godspeed.

    39. Denis Rexhepi

      Ricky!! We want some B5 VR6 TURBO content!

      1. isaac Shively

        07K is a stronger motor than the Borja without all the check engine lights, oil leaks, or misfires

    40. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Revoyait le boîtier électronique faites le prepa par un spécialiste et vous aurait une véritable bombes

    41. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Le problèmes de celle la elle a trop d assistance électronique les ancien modèle jors audi rs2 boummm 7s2 sur 400 m

    42. Jeancharles Rabaux

      In Europe is the 7s8 aux 400 m

    43. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Haaaà audi is numbers one chure

    44. Jeancharles Rabaux

      The sous titre in french please sorie no speak english et je suis pas le seul avec le technologie d aujourd'hui plus besoins d apprendre le portable fait tout

    45. The Animal

      Florida sending a Big fuck you to Biden !!!

    46. My reply is stupid but,

      Remember to ring the bell

    47. Nathan

      Kyle buys an Audi. Now more 1320 Audi videos hehe

    48. vrh13

      what's with the camber and toe in on rear left corner?! O.o

    49. Mr.TehSpacee

      Damn professor X out here racing an rs3

    50. Circuit Breaker

      They don't use an air filter on these cars?

    51. Flipgurujn

      Is it me or is there some positive camber on the rear wheels?

    52. jekky sky


    53. DespizedICON

      I'd like to see Fred after he loses a few pounds and gets excited for the numbers he wants on the scale.

    54. napraznicul

      The "awd" drag prepaired car which makes ..front wheels burnout😂😂. The most desatrous idea of audi EVER: to use that garbage "permanent fwd" of ..awd systems😂.. they really ruined symbol of "quattro", only to be more "safer" for weekend hipermarket drivers, morons family "accesory man's" and old widows, because both are unable to understand and control, without electronic help, an pure mechanical center diff which is symetrical and can transfer 80% of torque on rear axle.

    55. manuel gallegos

      these guys need to do an alignment on the rs3

    56. Dailydriver

      Lmfao the guy on the scooter 😂. Gtr killer tho? Uh nah

    57. Kenny 2xtimes

      Theirs is no Godzilla killer

    58. Abdullah 2210

      8.9 good job 🔥🔥🔥

    59. MUTANT Rob

      Pulls the chute on a 10.7..."Get off the property sir"

      1. Five Door Hemi

        Ha. Yes, this made me laugh also.

    60. Al #

      Im a audi guy but whats up with the title when it lost to the gtr

    61. Enovah

      You need a camera man

    62. S R

      Anyone have a link/name for those ramps?

    63. 4g63 Mike

      I dont get the craze behind these rs3s. They are gutted and fully built but built motor GTRs would easily do 8s all day with leather seats.

      1. Rada Race Lab

        Plenty rs3s in the 8s with comfy full interiors.

    64. Paul H & friends

      The RS3 is sick!

    65. Ruhl1 Norules

      GTR killer?.....no. How you gonna call it that when it lost to a GTR?....

    66. Jason Lindeque

      Have him take on the NightFury GTR

    67. Cameron E.

      Love this channel to death but I gotta say it's really fascinating as someone from the Northeast how covid never seems to exist at these events

      1. J024

        @NeverEnoughPyro40 Your tin foil hat is on too tight.

      2. NeverEnoughPyro40

        That is because a lot of the states in the northeast are run by democrats, And they love to spread fear! What they are trying to do is force people to rely on the government so they can be controlled! The actual number of people that died from just Covid it’s actually pretty small! For example if I tested positive for Covid three days ago and I got into a car accident today and died because I was decapitated they would literally add me to the list Of people who died of Covid! For every person that dies in the hospital and the cause of death was listed as “Covid” the hospital gets a check for something like $30,000! This whole thing is one big giant scam being played out by the Democrats! If you don’t believe me just Compare the actual number of deaths from 2020 to any other year Before Covid started and you would be shocked, The actual number of deaths are about the same! I am not saying that people are not getting sick and dying, But the actual number of deaths from just Covid are pretty slim! This is not some conspiracy my best friends Wife is an RN at a hospital in South Jersey as well as being EMT’s with her husband! The amount of shady crap that is going on in hospitals is ridiculous! If there are so many people dying how come we do not see a major increase in funerals processions while driving around! They are telling everybody to go get vaccinated but yet every few days they claim there is a new strain of Covid, I would not put any of that crap in my body! Alot of the states in the Northeast want to keep everything closed and not let people go back to work but if you take a look the price of food is slowly rising as well as fuel prices and everything else! But at the same time they are trying to take away the second amendment and unarm us! Also how come giant million and billion dollar companies got Financial help from the government during the shut down but small business owners did not get a dime! Everything I wrote here is the truth and can be proven, All you have to do is a little of your own research and not rely on the news for information because they clearly have an agenda!

      3. J024

        Florida is immune to it (/s)

    68. NoCoastHero

      That thing is cool and almost as fast as a K-series MR2

    69. Chandler Frazier

      Didn't Kyle almost burn up in an RS3?

    70. Ra Ra Shamash

      But It's not a GTR Alpha killer...

    71. Juicebox315

      the dude pulled the chute for a 115mph trap LOL

      1. Rada Race Lab

        @Juicebox315 absolutely I can see why 🤣

      2. Juicebox315

        @Rada Race Lab i figured as much, it was just humorous is all.

      3. Rada Race Lab

        Thanks for the concern. It was his first time ever in the car. He is learning the process of it all. That's why the chute was pulled.

    72. Soorie boy

      Did that lambo Run 8.90

    73. Mr_McD

      they need a haldex controller those tires arent warm enough

    74. BigChief

      Title is wrong... GTR knocked it out lol

    75. Ryan

      Imagine pulling the chute after almost running an 11. 😂

      1. Ryan

        @Ryan B absolutely! It was just funny to see.

      2. Ryan B

        It’s testing day and first time using. That’s what you do. Test everything out.

    76. BoostedArsenal

      Seen that RS3 in Long Grove 😉

    77. Piggy Power

      Let's see it against a 1000bhp gtr. It's all relative surely. I expect it could beat 1000s of drag cars with 500bhp

    78. ntx lsx racing

      Matt happel did this for 8k$... So not impressed. End sarcasm douche mode lol I love rs3's nice to see it getting pushed further! These things are gonna be killers soon

    79. Joey R

      2:08 Guy on the scooter look like he didn't like y'all being in HIS video!

    80. Motheo Lebelo

      EPIC RS3 Sedan What a build

    81. Elvis Car Reviews

      Audi is killing it with performance cars


      Real mopar killer

    83. Louie Barwell

      Why do people only build the rs3 saloons ? Did the states not get the rs3 hatch?

      1. Max Myslewski


    84. Denis Jovanovic

      Is it just me or do the rear tyres look positively camber on Accel?

      1. onf1e3k2day159scfxk Film Maker

        Brt znam engleski ali ne razumem te predzadnje rijeci

      2. EricvZ

        I was thinking the same. Looks off to me.. Also looks like the alignment is off..

    85. XSDUP rwd

      Rear wheel alignment making the car look very nervous

    86. Poker Player

      Always love your content

    87. 40Mike Mike

      9:00 Monica!

    88. Charlie Chang

      GTR all day haha. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Never had that 8 sec GTR still lol. Just saying.

    89. Noble Vigilance

      Lots of butthurt GTR fanboys in the comment section I see. Let me politely remind you these GTRs are sports coupes with 1 more cylinder and one more turbo than these family sedans and are still out here getting trashed. What’s even funnier is the RS3 has a brother, the TTRS, which is 300lbs less, has a wider track width, and is able to run faster 1/4 miles than the family sedan. This is just the tip of the iceberg for you boys, keep underestimating these little 5 pots see what happens. We even have k20 Honda’s tearing y’all apart 🤣🤣🤣

    90. Luke Siela

      ricky is such a nice guy!

    91. Keith B

      Pulls shoot on a 10 🙄

      1. Rada Race Lab

        He's learning the process of the car. That's all it was

    92. kiiiburn

      RS3 is bad juju for you Kyle. We've all seen it.

    93. imron thingnamrob

      Hi fan from thailand

    94. andrey ss

      Slow GT-R killer lol

    95. Nicks Rides

      Pulls chute on 115mph what a idiot

    96. Jon E

      These cars are not “hit or miss”. How many times was this dude gonna say that

    97. Cartelmichael

      6:23 my fav rs3 guy looking happy as ever after seeing fellow rs3 run 8 seconds

    98. Wes B

      I love the genuine enthusiasm from the camera dude. He’s seen everything....yet I’ve never seen him more genuinely interested in a project

    99. Greg Spohn

      I was surprised he didn't mention that the win was a holeshot win in the second race. W 8.98 -vs L 8.90

    100. Karri Daniel

      Where was this at again?