Drag Lambo, Ruby goes to the MOON, & MORE! (TX2K21 Day 3)


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    TX2K21 continues to deliver as we enter the events third day! Day 3 marks the longest yet, as the caliber of cars in attendance are making so much power that racers are finding more and more limitations! The tireless staff of TX2K burned the midnight oil to push through all rounds possible for a smooth day of eliminations on Sunday! Racers have been acquiring data, dialing in their tunes, and preparing for the final day of TX2K where things are going to get truly interesting. With only one day left, there is still so much to look forward too! So stay tuned to 1320Video’s media accounts and be ready for our final highlight video coming soon!
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    TX2K21 Day 2 Highlights: irvision.info/home/Z5uXqKmqlMqor5M/fy-lm-h-y.html
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    1. Alexandre Lopes

      Opala da pau fácil kkkkkkk

    2. Michael Rader

      Who dislikes a video like this? Seriously...

    3. Dastan Sadykov


    4. Kukuh Satrio

      Gabisa bahasan Inggris

    5. Dani Casillas

      Andrea y alfredo vlz

    6. Абдул Азим

      Очередной раз доказывает что Nissan GTR это убиться суперкаров 💪💪💪

    7. Dj Dani reynolds

      Vale la pena ver todo esto

    8. Andre Prado

      A categoria não deve permitir mas tem que ter as rodinhas atrás, perdem muito tempo, apesar que as rodas da frente no ar são um espetáculo aparte....

    9. PayItForward

      Is using wheelie bars the wrong thing to do? I’m so confused by this If your battling wheelies like James does constantly then throw bars on it. Or is it a class things?

    10. Muhammad Dhienul Mustaqiem

      ¼ mil or ½ mil ?

    11. Ray Hawk

      Converting any Lambo to a drag race setup should be illegal.

    12. Trevor C

      Hahahaha the ring doesn't fit

    13. TAK6IX9INE

      I love it 🥰

    14. Ryan King

      Damn, 29, and died from covid? Sheesh, that dude was either extremely unlucky or had some bad shit going on already!

    15. Andrés Escobar

      Comentario en español saludos 🇨🇴

    16. นาย เจเจ

      ลองเจอเครื่องดีเซลในไทยมั้ย ตอนนี้ 6.9แล่วนะ

    17. Satrio Nugroho

      gaada yang pake masker cok

    18. hamba kecil

      jooss om

    19. Yoggie Malana Syafiza


    20. พิชิตชัย นาเมืองรักษ์

      Competing with 4-cylinder cars in our country?

    21. ItzDAW50N

      R.I.P to Cooper and The Burnt spaghetti Camaro..

    22. Deni denoxs

      folow my ig: deniramdani0604

    23. Tommy's Timeless Treasures

      Did the intercom say a 9 second Subaru forester while he was interviewing Cleetus (around the 20:00 mintute mark)? I kinda want to see that now.

    24. Angarag Buragohain

      That 6.45 supra is crazy🔥🔥

    25. Jackson Calman

      15:58 anybody got a spare wedding ring I could borrow?

    26. Obama Assis

      Boa noite pra todos.parabens pelo vídeo voceis americanos só tem carros nervosos.TOP.ass costela carreteiro BRASIL

    27. Michael Simko

      Insane Supras! That RX-7 is a rocket! The silver Nova is a beauty!

    28. James Xiong

      So what happened to ALL THE UGR!!!! world record holders the top of the top the kings of all kings etc etc LoL LMAO!!!

    29. Emmanuel Arce

      Jajajaja aweeebooo, espero que no le haya dicho que sí ahuevo jajajaja

    30. Sertanejo Beat

      Hi Brazil!

    31. Steve Polhill

      12:49 I'm sure I will get flamed for this but, does no one see the hypocrisy in honoring a man that died of covid with thousands of people packed into the stands and starting line, no social distancing, not a mask in sight during the same pandemic that caused his illness? My Condolences to his Wife and family.

    32. Roll_up or Pull_up

      Damn 727k ppl didn't go to tx2k21 lol... I'm not viewing no tx2k21 videos why cause I was there everyday. It was my first tx2k21... it was alright. I notice everything was super expensive and not enough law enforcement presence. Perfect environment for a active shooter situation. Won't be going back for awhile rather watch it if I'm in the mood from streaming or something.

    33. hacker mũ trắng

      From YTB Tri Nguyen with love

    34. Kevin Stevenson

      I bet that s2k has over a $100k under the hood of that thing 🤣

    35. LeNomEstYves

      "This guy died of covid" *Points camera at two GIANT crowds*

    36. Alastair Williams

      Got to love the duality of the event manager bragging about not shutting down last year's race as well as a memorial pass for someone who died from covid 😂

    37. Yahya Akdaş

      Where is the batıkan,farooq,taner 😂😂

    38. Topnoch ._

      That red lambo burnout was satisfying

    39. Tore andre Kjeldsand

      To the moon! :D

    40. EIon Musk ꪜ

      Tesla plaid+ would destroy 😆

    41. warren saundrs

      that proposal was not the best place to do it.... yikes.

    42. BotDamian

      I'm glad I didn't read the comments, the proposal got me so hard. I was like panicking like OIL IS IT OIL GET THAT CAR OFF THE TRACK... Then he does it and I'm like NO WAY :O

    43. Bryce Hammond

      Sad to say it but Leroy is getting really tired...

      1. sehhi vooty

        Watching this makes me think the awd folks need to get better at suspension tuning lol so much bouncing

    44. Almighty Gaming

      Those lambo drivers ain’t shhhhh

      1. sehhi vooty

        Who's the chick in the purple gtr

    45. Friends Family

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    46. Leo1Supercars


    47. Joey Alf

      Holy fuck orange viper is moooovin

    48. Allen M

      The dude in the lambo was tired of being targeted by civics and other tuners he was like "enough of this shit".

    49. PoloTurbo

      Why are you stupid??

    50. C Brooks

      This a 1/4?

    51. Chris S

      Can we all step back a sec. Like before 1320 existed, if you hit puberty before that. Ask ourselves, did ne1 think we'd all be wearing masks today.. and also..hv uevr seen a lambo pick up the front end if u dnt live at the strip lol love ya cleet. Merica

    52. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Y love the miss gtr 35

    53. moe aqarbeh

      people are counted as thousnds \ coronavirus : ive got myself a big-ass jackpot

    54. Younes Sahraoui

      Just give me a Dmax Diesel car from Thailand, they just broke the 6,95 Record with a diesel guys. The sound and fumes are incredible

    55. Peter Evans

      22:04 Rotary engine 88 Mazda RX& running in the 7's. Sweet

    56. Sam Spilde

      Man I wanna know what's with r35s crazy sounding launch control! Its so sick i love it

    57. Smile_uwokeup _2day


    58. Chris Struble

      Who's the chick in the purple gtr

    59. Puder McGavin

      Watching this makes me think the awd folks need to get better at suspension tuning lol so much bouncing

    60. ron mann

      US cars can't compete with foreign cars. So much for the myth.

    61. oiuet souiu

      Ole Cleet: It might be smoking out of one bank Translation: Ima blow it up before the weekend releasing ALL THE BALD EAGLES 🦅🇺🇸👍✌️

    62. mark scully

      I just personally think that RB's sound way way better than 2JZ's

    63. MrJaiimez

      What is it with R35's constantly spinning their tyres.

    64. Trevor Chianda

      Why are the lambos dieseling?

    65. Mikey2111

      I heard the story about Covid. And that made me wonder....how do you get all those full tribunes with people doing the wave? Around here we have to make an appointment for a 20 minute shopping window to buy crap we don't need and there's atleas a curfew till june.

      1. oiuet souiu

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    66. Frazier Flanagan

      4:37 STUSTU

    67. Jelly-Bryce

      She didn’t look too happy about that 😂

    68. Abel Trevino

      This is the type of content that I love

    69. Cameron Offen

      The supra at 13:40

    70. LeCon Jame

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    71. Junior 249

      James was told to NOT do a wheelie and what happen??? it did a wheelie...LOL!!! Real shame to what happen to Cooper's car....The real important thing is that he's alright...and the car can be fixed...

    72. Mitchell Bliss

      That proposal was great

    73. Laundries Hanging

      Proposal was wicked!!! Dude ran up like he was disarming a bomb lmao

    74. Maria Lindat

      Text Here : (Eight~ Five~ Six) (Three~ Two~ Four~) (Seven~ zero~ Seven~ zero)

    75. niko D

      Animal kingdom

    76. James McAndrew

      That wedding proposal was epic. Congrats

    77. Robert Elmo

      @20:49 Ford guy here, but any straight drive stock block LT1 (I know it's filled and got good internals) running that is freaking impressive. How high can you go with a stock 5.0 lol?

    78. piskopow

      I would pay to see this bearded "nice wholesome guy" put his 200mph car on full brake and turn into the wall. Last i saw this Mustrang had oil everywhere, no traction.... But still, content might be a safer bet. F off

    79. Ronnie Stella

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    80. Adventure Escape

      2:26 How about that diesel Lambo!

    81. sehhi vooty

      Ole Cleet: It might be smoking out of one bank Translation: Ima blow it up before the weekend releasing ALL THE BALD EAGLES 🦅🇺🇸👍✌️

    82. RRR Motorsports

      Damn that fc made real st supra look slow 😲

    83. Rad Rhat

      The disgusted delete additonally wave because sweets proportionally radiate above a acceptable dish. miniature, future futuristic hockey

    84. JLee Norberg

      Anyone notice he put the same cleetus race almost back to back

      1. sehhi vooty

        I swear, once I move out of my parent's house & get a Vette, i'm going to attend in one of these drag races even if it's the last thing I do....or die or get injured attempting to.

    85. Randy Bowers

      Rip to the gentlemen who lost his life due to Covid stay blessed hope everyone has a good day 🙌

    86. Edi Kerellaj

      Isn’t the red ugr lambo the fastest the‘ve build with 3000hp?

    87. Edi Kerellaj

      Why the big wing on the gtr tho is he chasing lap times or what

    88. Randy Bowers

      That red Lambo is a monster lol

    89. Randy Bowers

      My boy James off the Cleetus McFarland youtube channel nice!

    90. InATrance4Life

      Very rare that the moon boost tune will work.

    91. Jet Tran

      Looks so slow had to watch at x2 speeds. Doesn’t top fuel run like 3s.

    92. Ethan Lucas

      Thinking as the covid car made a tear shedding pass for a man who was 29 lost his life to this virus, while also noting that not a single mask is on besides the storm trooper, I get the not wanting to live in fear, but dying from stupidity might be worse, I hate wearing a mask but, it’s better than finding out your the susceptible one

    93. WYZMaro 97

      9:21 That's a good one!

    94. WrestlingtheWilkinsons

      That wife driving her husbands Camaro hit different...

    95. Sander Ananas

      Kind of ironic how people cheer in memory of a guy who passed away of covid while not social distancing at all... you americans keep amazing me.

    96. Larry Soliman

      12:47 died of covid at 29. so sad man...

    97. Kenneth Carr

      Thanks for sharing

    98. Jae H

      Cletus is such mega douche bag. Get emelia hart ford on your channel.she is cool.

    99. Onry ฯ

      I swear, once I move out of my parent's house & get a Vette, i'm going to attend in one of these drag races even if it's the last thing I do....or die or get injured attempting to.

    100. Ashraff

      good video man