Man sells EVERYTHING to Drag Race & live in his Trailer!


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    Would you sell everything you own to afford a diesel race-truck, an enclosed trailer, and a year of travel + racing?! Thats exactly what Danny Diesel did, and he's living life with no regrets! His 1000hp, 2000 ft/lb, compound-turbo Dodge is no slouch either - clocking 6 second eighth mile passes with ease.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 2 ماه


    1. Corvette Power

      Rookie, Green Horn, Want-A-Be with a diesel ,,,,One thing for sure,,,,"his corn bread ain't not done in the middle"

    2. Haitham

      Danny channel link is not working

    3. sweatyboyjosh

      thats some texas shit right there

    4. ICU

      Sad if you think about it. You work not because you like it but because you need to provide for your family. Sold everything to.... have fun. Sounds like what a kid would do lol nah I’m just upset because I’m a workaholic and have no fun

    5. Bjorn Egan

      anyone who sells his dog is not man.

    6. Derek Jemerson

      All I could see was diesel smoke.


      Coulda brought your dog!!!

    8. ZBlocks

      he aint homeless, hes houseless

    9. Adam Farmwald

      2 minutes in and Im already a big fan of this man he's true blue. Need more people like that. Never count out the small town man 🤟💪💪💪

    10. David floener

      Good for this guy! Way to show everyone, That you can make your dreams come true.

    11. not needed

      Not a very smart feller, invest everything into a diesel powered race TRUCK! Yeah, they always win all the events.

    12. James Tapp

      Still love for truck bro

    13. James Tapp

      I’m sorry but I hate drag trucks

    14. K M

      Most american thing ever. Sells house to go racing for fun. Also rules to doing sitters. Play with the throttle

    15. Carolina Largemouth

      Anyone else see the shooting star after 5:59?

      1. Carolina Largemouth

        Like 6:03

    16. Yeison Perez

      Jaja nice

    17. double dont

      this dude is awesome

    18. Picax8398

      I honestly cant stand diesel drag vehicles.

    19. Chris Gardner

      Dumb dumb smart person

    20. Greg Valle

      Bad ass. Wish him the best. Do it again next year too

    21. Sam P

      Let’s see him in 6 months

    22. Mr. Pritchard

      Brent from PFI in the background...Let's Go! 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Bill Shafley

      To get a sign that big 1320 must have made a hell of a donation!

    24. ryan doppert

      Loser lmao

    25. Jonathan Calkins

      What an inspiration. Good positive outlook too

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thank you very much!!

    26. pat loughner

      I wish the guy the best of luck!!!!

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks for the upcoming season

    27. jax farias

      Isn’t this the guy who had his truck runaway in the dyno a few years ago??

      1. Danny Diesel

        No no, having been in the diesel circle that long

    28. Jon Doe


      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks Jon!

    29. anonymous

      spread awareness of being BROKE?

      1. Danny Diesel

        Broke financially but rich in happiness!

    30. Yusuf Adam

      Too much crankcase pressure?

      1. Danny Diesel

        Piston stuck to the side wall

    31. Roll_up or Pull_up

      The lesson here for men is... your happier single. You can accomplish more without the burdens of wife and kids. But most of you will miss that message.

      1. Cuntsplosion 69

        @Danny Diesel nope

      2. Danny Diesel

        Yes, but you can do double as much with a supportive women

    32. chris duenas

      Sold my wife , lmao she in the trailer

    33. Saloysuis

      This man is the American dream

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks man!

    34. mister


      1. Danny Diesel

        I had some rear suspension issues but got them worked out

    35. Joseph Avino

      He sold everything to go 7.0 in the 8th. Yikes

      1. Joseph Avino

        @Danny Diesel ok ok I respect that and appreciate the response.

      2. Danny Diesel

        I sold everything to encourage others to live their dreams! I used drag racing as a platform.

    36. Jin K Slate


    37. Jin K Slate


    38. Ali Al-Naimi

      Its gonna be hard work , selling ur house is one of the hardest things u can do.

      1. Danny Diesel

        Yeah it was not easy!

    39. Jimmy Jimerson

      Dudes a savage living his dream fuck the bitches controlling you because they ain't got no dreams

      1. Danny Diesel

        Don’t let the small minded people control your dreams! People need to live on the edge a little more

    40. ZukJimny

      Has Australia taught you yanks nothing... a stationary burnout is total shit!

      1. Danny Diesel

        I was never taught by an Aussie

    41. RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert

      Cummins should be illegal. I don't get it

      1. Danny Diesel

        @RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert street driven and track is different... the clapped out “coal rollers” are a disgrace to the racing industry

      2. RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert

        @Danny Diesel I get it, good point! But it hurts to see these big black smoke clouds... But beside that I don't understand the "cummin cult". It sounds unhealthy, it looks bad, your car gets dirty everytime you fire it up. I mean a good old V8 screams America and it's cool.

      3. Danny Diesel

        @RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert well there are many others problems in this world besides some diesel drag races. The American people throw away more trash then any other country in the world. Let’s focus on the bigger problem

      4. RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert

        @Danny Diesel pollution?

      5. Danny Diesel

        Explain why?

    42. Jj Chicane

      I would never sell my dogs

      1. Danny Diesel

        Wasn’t fair for the dog to live in a trailer as I traveled 45,000 miles

    43. Canadian In Thailand

      Shitty truck. Even when he wins he’s still a loser.

      1. Danny Diesel

        Shitty way of thinking... thanks for your attention tho!

    44. Chris Bro

      lol he means his wife took everything

    45. InATrance4Life

      hell yeaaa sell it all and go race!!!

      1. Danny Diesel

        Doing it again soon!

    46. Rebecca Kenworthy

      6:07 in am I can't take the static burnout anymore... People would be boo'ing in Australia if you did that at a "burnout comp"

      1. Danny Diesel

        We weren’t allowed to go down the track.

    47. Rebecca Kenworthy

      Ohhhh, what's with the stationary burnouts??? Weak

      1. Danny Diesel

        We weren’t allowed to go down the track

    48. ꧁xl-Sasuke-lx꧂

      Wtf I live in Hermiston,Oregon 😂😂 hell yeah that's was up my dude

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks man!!

    49. mr potato

      I’m not that into trucks but that truck looked badass When the smoke was coming out the back during the burn out everything just fit

      1. mr potato

        @Danny Diesel your welcome

      2. Danny Diesel

        Thanks MR Potato!

    50. Andrew Browning

      Dude should vlog his travels for the next year be interesting to see..

    51. Daniel Gardner

      This guys my new hero

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks, I’m glad to inspire you

    52. Andre R Memories

      Burnout montage please

    53. Jasson Quiroz

      Life’s a risk carnal 😎

      1. Danny Diesel

        Yes so we must live it to the fullest

    54. Johnnie Barker

      He needs to put that setup in a 4 wheel drive setup and watch it eat

      1. Danny Diesel

        @Johnnie Barker thanks! We will be doing a 4link for sure

      2. Johnnie Barker

        @Danny Diesel that would be good as well. I built one for a buddy and we have a four link in it and a on the fly 4 wheel drive setup and the way they launch out of the hole is absolutely insane. But it's your build buddy just thought I would share a little bit of stuff with you. It is a nasty truck though

      3. Danny Diesel

        We are working on a 4 link set up!

    55. Eric Jones

      Don't wreck your life. To late he gone.

      1. Eric Jones

        @Danny Diesel 10 4 that's a beast of a truck. Keep on trucking.

      2. Danny Diesel

        I didnt wreck the truck so we are good! lol

    56. bowlinglefty

      It's all fun and games until you blow $hit up.

      1. Danny Diesel

        Was still fun, got to learn to enjoy the process

    57. Honda S2000

      Hope he's joking about the dog. What a hill to die on if that was true.

      1. Danny Diesel

        Dog had to go, wasnt fair for him to live in a trailer while I drove 45,000 miles

    58. Bricklayerlz dp

      Don't give me any ideas

      1. Danny Diesel

        Best idea yet of my life!

    59. FASS Diesel Fuel Systems

      Such an awesome story-good on you Danny! And that decal placement is pretty cool too 😎

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks much, Looking forward to our Partnership this year!

    60. Polo Way

      this is the meaning of “Because.....Race car”

      1. Danny Diesel

        Couldnt help it

    61. Jesse Abrahams

      Sold my girlfriend😂😳

      1. Danny Diesel

        OUT SHE WENT!

    62. Jacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen


    63. sam lucero

      What a turd sniffer, I would NEVER get rid of my dog. Lame ass dude.

      1. sam lucero

        @Danny Diesel then don’t get a dog turd sniffer 🤷‍♂️

      2. Danny Diesel

        Dog had to go, wasnt fair for him to live in a trailer while I drove 45,000 miles

    64. Gio

      the energy I needed for 2021

      1. Danny Diesel

        Glad to inspire you

    65. Screw Head713

      If he crashes the house is gone the truck

      1. Danny Diesel

        Then we start all over

    66. Colby Murray

      Hold up. Who is this. I live in Hermiston Oregon.

      1. Danny Diesel

        Daniel Green

    67. Chris Newell

      Im gettin divorced tommorow, the mans n inspiration to every aussie tyre smashing hoon , my mum hid her stockies

      1. sexy_face

        You divorcing your mum?

      2. Danny Diesel

        Divorce is only if she doenst support the cause lol

    68. Alex Nava

      "Spread awareness" what did he really sat that

      1. Danny Diesel

        More people in this world need to live on the edge and chase their dreams

    69. Alex Nava

      When all you want to do is race..."just race" crazy

      1. Danny Diesel

        Not just racing, living the dream

    70. Julio C

      Social distancing and mask? 😱

      1. Danny Diesel

        No need when your outside enjoying the fresh air

    71. Youwantshum

      Only mistake he made was selling the dog

      1. Danny Diesel

        Dog had to go, wasnt fair for him to live in a trailer while I drove 45,000 miles


      I saw the title and i automatically thought he got divorced. But his wife is in the back

      1. Danny Diesel

        hahaha no no, that was a friends wife

    73. Mad Man

      Hermiston oregon is where I am. I dont blame him for leaving it stinks. He knows what I'm talking about when I say that.

      1. Mad Man

        @Danny Diesel find me at ABC motors right in front of the race track there is a big fire truck outside my place

      2. Mad Man

        @Danny Diesel stop by my shop next time you sre in herm I'm 17 and have access to multiple machine shops. Currently working on my own budget build thinking about starting IRvision

      3. Danny Diesel

        Oh it was great to get out

    74. Jake Harvey

      Live your dreams! This guy is a legend! #justdoit!

    75. sszztoetayoa

      This video and his story had me at Hermiston Oregon, as that’s where I am living. I am a proud owner of a first gen 1-2-V!

      1. Danny Diesel

        Awesome!! Glad to know I reached ya

    76. Chris Crouch

      Ur unemployment must be great!

      1. Danny Diesel

        Couldnt pass up the opportunity

    77. W. Branch

      🤯 that's crazy... I wish him well 🍻

      1. Danny Diesel


    78. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

      I only have 1 word for this *BRUH*

      1. Danny Diesel

        HELL YEAH!

    79. Austin Chambers

      That’s a fast ass house

      1. Danny Diesel

        Could be faster

    80. Rolando Crisostomo

      Midlife crisis explained.

      1. Danny Diesel


    81. Jamminjeff

      If I sold all that to race...I wouldn't have bought a diesel.

      1. Danny Diesel

        Already had the parts to go fast so why not

    82. TimmY BoY

      Should open a donation fund for this guy. Help him a bit, can imagine how hard it is to live without home.

      1. Danny Diesel

        My Venmo is Daniel-Green-211

    83. Aj Scott

      Is that a UFO top left at 6:05

    84. Human Games


      1. Danny Diesel

        Going HAM all day!

    85. Larry Johnson

      That guy is a treasure. I hope nothing but good luck for this guy. Love the truck too!

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks Larry!

    86. Rahsaan Henderson

      He riding around in the Joe dirt masterpiece

      1. Danny Diesel

        It was a great time! I cant wait to do it again

    87. That6thGen_2SS

      I bet hed run a faster time if he turned it down a bit

      1. That6thGen_2SS

        @Danny Diesel No doubt the suspension needs work but I feel his torque if far too excessive. Considering the weight of his truck. Also unlike a N/A or progressive nitrous car, his turbos produce that at the hit. Consider this, my N/A SS runs a low 6 second 1/8 mile with only 520 wtrq and at 3600 lbs. This guy has 4 times my torque and almost double my hp...

      2. Danny Diesel

        Rear suspension had to be twiked a bit

    88. ChargingHotrod7 _

      Dude sold his dog. A little upset.

      1. Danny Diesel

        @ChargingHotrod7 _ Dog had to go, wasnt fair for him to live in a trailer while I drove 45,000 miles

      2. ChargingHotrod7 _

        Ut understand he wants his dream


      i like how he's still got stock wheels on the front


        @Danny Diesel thats like a 200k truck youd expect somthing other than stock wheels

      2. Danny Diesel

        Stockers always

    90. oefel

      God damned legend

      1. Danny Diesel


    91. Wayne Draper

      thats amazing would luv to do it....... just need a couple hundred grand $$$$$$$$............

      1. Danny Diesel

        Didnt cost that much about $50k in expenses, but I didnt have to pay mortgage or deal with her so it was worth it.

    92. gumelini1

      So first I need to buy a house so that I could sell it in order to do this?Makes sense

      1. Danny Diesel

        YEP lol

    93. britt vanegas

      Sold his girlfriend house and dog to drag race 🏁 Congratulations brother!!!!!

      1. Danny Diesel

        Thanks!! Im doing it again this year

    94. Birdxilla

      They should make a movie about this man.

    95. Justin Richards

      Good for you

    96. Rick Lang

      A lot of guys wish they could do the same

      1. Danny Diesel

        I hope to inspire more people to live there dreams

    97. Virginio Maldonado

      Good for him but destroying his truck doing burnouts it’s not going take him far...

      1. Danny Diesel

        Got me on 1320 video so that’s a positive step in the right direction

    98. 281cobra car

      Selling your house and girlfriend I can understand, but the dog? Not the dog. Ya gotta keep the dog, man.

      1. Danny Diesel

        It was a hard thing to do but not fair to the dog to live in a trailer while I travel 45,000 miles drag racing

    99. Cash The Stampede

      Moral of the story, ditch the brawd, the dog and the house to live life.

    100. Mr. Bigglesworth

      "reliably, 1000. with some spray 1300" that's a generous helping of spray sir 😂