Pick-up GAPS a GTR in the 1/2 Mile!


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    How could we ignore a stick shift pick up cranking out 700hp thanks to a screaming LSA blower? (If the answer wasn’t obvious…we couldn’t) Initially meeting at Bandimere Speedway, we caught Cory in the middle of the overwhelming excitement from squeezing out a pass at the VERY LAST SECOND of Day 1 at Rocky Mountain Race Week. Cory’s wild story made the rest of the weeks adventures possible as he wouldn’t have been able to compete in race week if not for his incredible determination. All of this made us super excited when we ran into him at the Kansas Airstrip Attack where he was making some 1/2 mile passes!
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    1. Hasoon! Macaroon

      My man totally sounds like that surfer in that famous news interview.

    2. Jacob's Garage

      Kyle has a soft spot for trucks I think

    3. OkieJake

      What a outstanding young man.

    4. Alray Baca

      Now I gotta build my Silverado into a race Truck

    5. Reflex Photography NZ

      How about that light show over Denver tho

    6. Dannyb35

      nice Bride zeta seats in a chevy truck thats like seeing a 69 charger drift in japan lol

    7. Todd Smith

      He got max at 4wheelparts rung up

    8. sa22see

      Driver mode for sure.

    9. Squig8683

      94 in a 65 with no ticket!???

    10. Miguel Maldonado

      Driver mod bro.....

    11. Stacy Reid

      Yup ya gotta watch out for trucks some are real sleepers

    12. Ezequiel Aldebaran

      You can't with the takuaches, cuh

    13. Paige Myers

      Just as excited to see this truck go 150 as I was to watch ugr do 240-260

    14. Revinto7

      that truck at ATCO NJ would run10.30s all day 131 mph

    15. Monte Maguire

      Thats AWESOME

    16. Damaso Delpo.


    17. Cesar Sanchez

      Lmao driver mod bro

    18. Lucifer II

      Stock GTR obviously

    19. Jakee Clouse

      Not really a huge truck fan. But now I kinda want a step side silverado. That shit is mean. Looks really good in that grey.

    20. ND96RAM

      The dude is awesome and has a sweet truck but I think there are some SRT-10s rolling around that can put down a better number with a stick. Nothing against the dude at all, just pointing them out.

    21. William Hoffman

      What a truck! I understand you might remove the tailgate to save weight but you should put something light and strong like a plastic sheet in place of the tailgate to keep the wind out of the bed to limit drag. The empty space in the bed benefits aerodynamically by the bed being closed and you will save about 30 lbs.

    22. the breadedcrab

      Love this build. He have an insta i can follow?

    23. i-Vtec___

      Haha when they tell you! That mouth better run as fast as that truck!!!

    24. Adventures Of A High Wigga

      This video proves what a better driver can do.

    25. Javan Burk

      Does the owner of the ilverado have any socials ? This dude is amazing .

    26. Dat50go

      What transmission are you running? And clutch/flywheel?

    27. 402CarKid

      I swear I've seen this before

    28. safehouse 13

      This video made me smile. Racing is really just about having a good time and beating your own records.... then maybe gap a gtr 😂

    29. Andre Dillard

      so u telling me that truck can two step oh my god lmfao

    30. Alex Perkins

      Gaptized. Even more proud to have a round body stepside now 😌

    31. bullhead360

      11.20 for the half mile stuff

    32. BIG TEXAS

      Bro he need a IRvision do you know if he has one

    33. John Green

      He launches this thing better than I was able to launch my Z71 with about 400hp of built 350ci with an NV4500... kid has talent.

    34. Asher Morales

      1:51 the lightning in the background was pretty cool

    35. REaPer X

      Sucks Bandimere closed for the rest of the year

    36. Prodigy47

      Anybody got this guy’s Instagram

    37. AZBB

      Anyone know what front bumper that is on the truck?

    38. Ugrasrava

      Watching a pick up with a stick shift run away from a GTR brings the happiest tears to my eyes. It's *glorious.*

    39. Chloe Hennessey

      You’re too cute to not be wearing a fire suit doing the 1:2 mile! I’ve had fire in the 1/4 and it’s scary asf. I can’t imagine it at 150 mph


      In houston theres trucks like this and faster

    41. Stonie Johnson

      Max at 4 Wheeled Parts needs a damn raise

    42. Nismo Gsus

      Good kid, not many more like them

    43. Mike Hatzl

      This is awesomeness. Almost left without his rear end drain cap

    44. bpmelo

      wawawawawait i just got it, that is him clutch doing it ? noooooooo

    45. FA 1

      He should have removed the tail gate or just open it for the Half mile but nice job done 👏🏻

    46. Todd Dooley

      That's what it's all about!

    47. Jaybruhh

      1:27 *_No one is going to talk about that lighting shot?_*

    48. Haiasiriku

      best story ever lol

    49. Ray Nyce

      Motivated young man!!!

    50. 11bravo 01A

      that interview reminds me of John Force after a pass😂

    51. Marz8999

      Put the tail gate down

    52. eric a

      His excitement was the best part of the run!!! Good guy that just loves it!

    53. Aaron Loomis


    54. Liam Bailey Vlogs

      I knew I recognized that truck and strip I was there that day

    55. Zach Attack2016

      Also that c6 zo6 version of leroy😂😎

    56. Zach Attack2016

      I wanna build a truck like that, 2 door short bed 2000s Silverado, 6 speed swap ls3 or bigger lol

    57. Jacob Z

      Reminds me of the days of Parrish in his truck! I certainly miss those days!

    58. Brian De Jong

      How wired 😆

    59. A. W. Sum

      Quiet cab!

    60. A. W. Sum

      Hell yeah

    61. Michael Sanchez

      I like this guy

    62. Tree Chase

      i always get pulled over in kansas

    63. Brandon Foster

      That ain’t gapping anything

    64. Cruzredeye

      Can you say adderal

    65. scotty moondog jakubin

      Adrianne chechic got gapoed by 4 dudes

    66. BryBry

      anyone else see that in the sky at 1:26 ?

    67. Ryan Jung

      buddy graduated top of his class at the John Force school of post run interviews.

    68. Gastank710

      Stepbeds FTW

    69. Crumpled Sock

      I guess you could say that pick-up has some pick up.

    70. Stove Guy

      Those Porsche wheels? 5x475? Just sold some.

    71. Rocks Vain Creations


    72. FlyByNyte2O2O

      It's funny how people at tracks ask if it's a manual.... when that's what the weapon of choice was back in the day. Auto transmissions were looked down upon.... I still can't even picture myself driving an automatic lol.... This ss looks like a f150 from the back... He could possibly be a few seconds faster dropping the tailgate 👍

    73. J Sim

      Did he say rarehouse...lol

    74. Facewest

      The taller gear is going to help him on the half mile.

    75. Facewest

      Great story and the lightning in the back ground is awesome.!!

    76. Gerardo Delgadillo

      El CUH

    77. SlimJimmy

      “Driver mod bro” haha good shit👍🏼

    78. Yahir Mier

      when the cuh gets tired of the gtr fanboy's bullshit...

    79. J.L.A 21.23

      If this aint enthusiasm idk what is 👍

    80. Capture the moments for memories

      Fast forward to 16:45 for main event

    81. Dubo Cupo

      This is old

    82. Carl Hayes

      That was awesome and we got to see it all. Thanks for staying with the truck thru the 5 or 6 days. It was so worth watching thanks again and way to go, now if he would just learn how to speed shift a stick for racing he would be real surprised at the numbers he'd get. I think that it has a. 155 in it. Good job

    83. Dominick Welch

      Hope to see him cover the bed fix them aerodynamics

    84. Eric Steele

      That's commitment to the cause

    85. Poker Player

      Always love your content


      Imagen the story when this kid gets laid

    87. glensR32

      what was on him at 9.45 lol

    88. Eduardo Mendoza

      At 6:40 leroy 👀 at leroy wanna be making a pass. Or is that Leroy jr?

    89. Julian Salas

      Imagine meeting up after a race and sayin you missed 5th 😂 some next level racing for sure 🙌🏻

    90. Larry Johnson

      That guy is what racing is all about. Run what you brung, and have fun at it.

    91. TM P

      Awesome lightning in the background @ 1:01 to 3:50

    92. DonG0412

      Nice job! This guy is a driver.

    93. jonn g

      Trokiando cuh!!!

    94. Chris YeahbuuWassrileegowynonn

      Great content!! Stuff like this restores my faith. Seems like a great kid, who rowing gears in a full sized truck has his "Man Card" no doubt about it:)

    95. AudiB6VRT Dyer-Diah

      He having the time of his life, i love it.

    96. Dakota Flowers

      I smiled from ear to ear the entire duration of this video. Guys like this showcase the passion motorheads have. So happy for him, keep chipping away hoss!

    97. VipxrYT

      Driver mod bro

    98. Joey McQuilkin

      That 1st-2nd shift is so violent! Looks like it’s about to hop off of the ground! good power, sticky tires and a DRIVER! I also love that it’s a true street truck with a/c and all... clean truck, I love it

    99. Isaiah Treadway

      Oh he spanked the GTR

    100. Bryan Leverett

      Great story !