Can a 2wd GTR Be Better than AWD?


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    George Dodworth is a staple, a hero, and a legend in the GTR community, and after this event he can tack “pioneer” onto his GTR resumè. George made the bold decision to convert his 2009 Nissan GTR (which is famously AWD), into a 2-wheel-drive only setup for GTR World Cup 2021. While you’ll really just have to watch the video to understand the rollercoaster of events that transpired, we can expect that this change will be received with mixed emotions. Sacrilegious to some but exciting for others, regardless George and T1R are taking the inevitable steps required to catapult this platform farther and farther into uncharted territory. George knew it would be a gamble, and at this power level there is no such thing as “things just working right”, but we are happy to say that we are absolutely impressed by what we’ve seen so far. We are very curious to see where the data they gather leads, and we are hoping that TX2K21 sets the stage for some untapped potential!
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    1. wildimports

      I've heard it takes around 700lbs pressure to push them wing's down

    2. jptothetree

      Can't wait to see his next creation... the FWD GTR

    3. Mohanlall Totaram

      The reasons for building this car the way he did really has my noodles working

    4. Duke performance

      only way to move forward is with new data. Smart

    5. HandiGapped Racing

      I just want a reliable 10.00-9.90 car bc that's fast enough for me I'm not trying to set or break records.

    6. Tj Lovin

      This reminded of south park Where the teacher get that sex change

    7. Rusty Shackleford

      Way better duh

    8. Slow350z

      Number on the window: 6420 Me: We were this close to greatness!

    9. Tb C

      I would love to see some competition with these GTR if any

    10. Mariusz Wilak

      Very nice guy!

    11. CaptianAwesome20

      Anyone else see Emilio’s brother from boosted boiz working with that race team on the line? Or was it a look alike?

    12. RH Productions

      Thumbnail picture looks like it’s straight from need for speed prostreet!

    13. Kasper the Shepherd

      0:01 Person: why is th- That guy: WEIGHT REDUCTION Person: but thats dange- That guy: WEIGHT REDUCTION

    14. Kevin Foleno

      my jaw dropped when i watched it launch that first time🤣

    15. Gnutella181

      Like George said, I'm curious what Tony's and Paul's car will run with the TH400


      He doesn't looked excited at all. My whooping 106hp to the crank ek hatch cx im excited if its starts in blistering snow ❄

    17. General Pinochet

      Nightfury 👌

    18. MacArony

      Go George 🙏💪

    19. Gghhh Vhhh


    20. Michael N.

      I think he's figured something out 🤔.. I've always wondered what a GTR would do at this power level with just rear wheel drive looks good

    21. มู๋' ปิ้ง'ง


    22. React104 🎬

      Bitchin! 🤘🏻

    23. michigan Mulei

      Is always great to see George, great guy.

    24. Jaylon Soares

      I didn't notice that the wing was active until now . And god damn its amazing

    25. FullBoostGR

      Very nice video. Check our boosted channel for more. 🤙

    26. Phillip Brewster

      Now thats some sexy boott

    27. FrancisSpeak Life

      George is the Man and 1320 is The Car channel. this GTR turning into GTST should be documentary on history channel with Mr Dave Attenborough narrating it.

    28. LifeWith BillSiff

      Another awesome video Thumbs Up And Thank you

    29. Teddy Flood

      Pssst. Gtrs been rwd before..

    30. FullBoostGR

      Nice video! Check our MazdaSpeed 3 review in our channel.

    31. Slidin SideWayz Production SSP

      Subaru did this already and people loved it when they removed the lsd from the front so u had predominantly rear wheel drive subi

    32. Revo au

      it's called a RWD not 2WD

    33. Vance Holloman

      To answer the title. Yes, Thats why the fastest drag cars are all RWD.

    34. Jordan Scheurer

      Did this man say 3000hp. Out of a v6. Great

    35. L

      There's probably ³/¹⁰ in the wing.

    36. Victor van Dyke

      Just a great interview. A knowledgeable owner driver. Wish him well, great stuff.

    37. Jrodfpv

      I really enjoyed watching George. He's a class act

    38. Turbo John

      That is super impressive. That wing moving is crazy. I would have thought that would pull weight of the back of the car. Did they do the wing like that for AWD and should it be different in RWD? Interesting.

      1. Wi5i

        i imagine it was to help keep the car planted early in the run since it opens up down track like DRS...could be you think going to a radial tire would help them in the 60 since they backed up a tenth and change from AWD?

    39. alex43ko

      Talking about winging it 😂



    41. Money Grip

      Hey thats the guy that says TEZZZLA

    42. Jacob Shelton

      Could you imagine that bitch with a power-glide and like a 9 inch oner something like that

      1. Wi5i

        Feel like thats defeats the purpose of the gtr platform though

    43. lineflyer1

      Wooooooooooooooooopty Dooooooooooooooooooooo. A pos

    44. Jude Pierre

      Imma be mean and say it. This us a gt-t

    45. Mark Brennan

      Rwd is king.

    46. Theo Xydias

      in greece I have seen the following. four-wheel drive that uses all-wheel drive at the start for 18 meters and then deactivates it and becomes rear-wheel drive to reduce loads and losses

    47. Jared THISDELLE

      Respect 🙌

    48. Ricky Tran

      Gidi sitting back waiting patiently.

    49. Adam Grantham

      Is the owner of VIS Racing doing a TH400 set up currently?

    50. Friendly Neighbourhood Crackhead

      my ass gets 0-50 in 7secs, after eating hot ass spicy food, maybe if they run on mexican taco grease instead of e85 and the famous "red sauce" theyll get 3secs at 120.

    51. kyron thompson

      Sorry to say but I prefer the all wheel drive rear wheel GTR nope 👎

    52. Ida hoe

      its not 2wd, its rwd, 2wd could mean anything

    53. Yiannis Hayabusa

      WOOOOOOOW AMAZING VIDEO FANTASTIC MAGIC AWESOME 10+++++++++++++++++++++++100++++++++++++++++++++++++++1000++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    54. Logan Ford

      Methanol burns clear, you may not realize the fire until materials like body panels start melting and producing colored flames.

    55. DrakotheHusky

      is that a fucking active wing

    56. john murder

      Not a fan of the matte black and huge wing. Uglies gtr?

    57. Brandon Hodson

      real life batmobile

    58. Coty Higgins

      He’s borderline the smartest man in the GTR scene. The way he speaks shows his true intelligence. 6.9 rwd is moving for a brand new build

      1. Ricky Tran

        Maybe or the smartest ones are the quiet ones.

      2. WisdomOverWicked 777RULES666

        AWD is Still FASTER

    59. PiDsMedia

      The pass with the silver one is a stark comparison of how much more user-freindly the 2WD becomes.

    60. Slick Mike

      Dude named his car after a dragon from a kid's movie Respect

      1. Slick Mike

        @J_Wide oh shoot you’re right, hasn’t it been like a decade since those movies came out?

      2. J_Wide

        he even added the half red active wing and that sealed off front clip, its basically Toothless as a car

    61. Slick Mike

      at some point, AWD does absolutely nothing at all. Extra weight, no grip increase, etc.

      1. Wi5i

        @BMinus seems like it would put you into the wall tbh

      2. BMinus

        You are correct sir. But what if it was controlled by an AI computer and vectored power according to which wheel needs it the most; front to back, left to right

    62. Shawn Libby

      Like to know the exact rear end setup on that two wheel drive GTR

    63. Shawn Libby

      Yes yes things are changing in the two wheel drive world if you got enough money when you got enough smarts and a good team you can get the traction

    64. CMDR Boom

      Being the calculative type, what is the weight advantage in running a GTR in RWD? I would have a hard time thinking it's better than to take the engine package and putting it in a lighter platform if you really wanted to see what it's capable of.

    65. jekky sky

      I think, thats not do better than awd😂

    66. BlazeXI

      2wd - wrong RWD - right

    67. carlos oliveira

      aja brasso para tanta potencia

    68. TorontoSupraMan

      Real humble guy, hope it works for him

    69. Kuntri

      Yeah well next time buy a supra gen 4

    70. GMAN 247

      Badass dude, I think in the Future they'll thank this guy. He may have unlocked the key to much faster times.

    71. Sahlt

      Drinking game: drink every time you hear GT-R

      1. Sahlt

        very cool car. always love to see these awd to 2wd conversions!

    72. Jakee Clouse

      You could hear it hurting on the last pass. Something ain't right. But I have to say seeing that 6 second pass with only two wheel drive was pretty crazy. It's insane what people are doing with these r35s.

    73. E D

      Super cool guy!

    74. João Figueiredo

      Isn't the ETS GTR also 2wd?

    75. emanh4keem _san

      If its 2wd,so its GTT R35

    76. Eric Olsen

      Its not even a GT r anymore. It'll have a big block in no time. . .

    77. Mem Ories

      Getting harder to watch Fred, you would think he would learn something after all these years.

    78. Robert Craighead


    79. Adam Hartman

      Side note if this ends up being something to try again throw a power glide in there

    80. Sway 410

      The let off god!

    81. Calvin H.

      I believe once he gets it dialed that there's a 6.50 coming from that car.

    82. -Tq-

      It's not even a question. They can go much faster with a th400 and straight axle.

    83. J a


    84. Bease

      This is the slowest fastest car I’ve seen lmao😂

    85. Aluda with big love

      Without a turbo this car is as simple as an Opel Cadet :) Do not moisten where it does not fit ..

    86. Black Death

      Why no masks ?

    87. That Corn Fed 12A guy

      Needs wheelie bars now lmao

    88. Amanti Productions

      i’m a simple man, i see GTR... i click

    89. Tom M

      George is a great dude! I'm rooting for him!

    90. MrManuel1329

      Guy has this down to a science

    91. Shit Box

      I wondered how long it would take the big power GTR guys to ditch the front drivetrain. 👍🏻

    92. ZE_GERMAN

      Money bags racing

    93. Karl Sison

      He's so chill just it just has 3000 horsepower lol

    94. Saskwatch

      In before LS swap

    95. Kevin Winkler


    96. Derek V

      Love the channel arg those sunglasses lol

    97. Mark Remington

      Impressive, but these cars are so extensively modified... literally a shell of a GTR and nothing more.

      1. Ste Shar

        I hear yuh on that man!!!!

    98. 5.0 Ant

      why can’t i just watch vids like this for homework

    99. Elrod Jenkins

      Well, that’s a bit of a dumb question. Obviously 2wd can be faster.

    100. amd87ts

      More red lights than Amsterdam