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    Another INSANE night of street racing with some ridiculously HIGH HORSEPOWER cars! There were three GTR's (the LOWEST horsepower being 1500HP) that wanted a piece of this Calvo Motorsports Viper! Needless to say, it made for some great racing that night.
    MiTM Event
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    1. Hasoon! Macaroon

      The GT-R's cheerleader in that tight ass lacoste shirt and no muscles was cringe af.

    2. Aasiwat

      I dont appreciate this Viper driver crying like a bitch because the GTR smoked him.

    3. koslim

      That GTR smoked the viper crystal clear..

    4. Zul Fahmi

      I love GTR ..Thats All!!!😆😆😆

    5. Dr. TooflessS1k

      Makes 1900hp and spends who knows how much money but too afraid to go over 160mph in a race. You gotta let it eat to get a clear winner. Not stopping at 160 smh.

    6. Pablito

      Slow GT-R's ?🤣👍🏾

    7. Pedro Gonzales

      That vato in the viper is full of sh....

    8. Theophile Salnave

      Viper owner just needs to add anti lag and he’ll be fine. But that viper was not catching the GTR when he gets the hit. P

    9. Midwest Motorin'

      Wanna see some videos with the Mc_Rippinz 2900hp Calvo Viper

    10. JakeXO

      I liked the viper a lot better when the tuner from calvo was driving it Bc there was no excuses for anything

    11. Djluisangel djluisangel

      Viper should race a red gtr that’s nitrous

    12. spazy smalls

      You dont realize how much ass is being hauled until one of the ass haulers slows down and the other flies by. Crazy fast

    13. Jessica brown

      It's funny how ever driver got some ego with their cars

    14. Dwight Marshall

      Vipers with that much hp need a rolling race from 100mph,there is no traction to put the hp down below that speed due to it being a rw

    15. Larry Aguirre

      IMO. The Viper and driver and his crew are complete duds 😂 viper had a million excuses and changed his whole tire rear set up for that other gtr LOL. I get why they decided to race the next day. Then Proceeds to jump. Good 40 rolls and respect to the GTR owner for being cool af.

    16. orvil smuel

      come on u expect to beat with your darn slow viper ,this dude full of moth n excuse

    17. Toxic

      Everyone hating on the viper smh, what if shit really went wrong, when he was beating them he said it’s feeling right, or even like neck and neck, but when he loses he loses by a lot so yeah maybe he’s telling the truth

    18. Toxic

      Everyone hating on the viper smh, what if shit really went wrong, when he was beating them he said it’s feeling right, or even like neck and neck, but when he loses he loses by a lot so yeah maybe he’s telling the truth

    19. David E

      Cant all these dudes just shut up and race? all these videos are full of egotistical dudes bragging about their power and arguing about races being fair or not.

    20. Mike O'Barr

      OK class, today we are going to show you the difference between 2wd and AWD.

    21. generation speed

      Chicken shit, they knew they would get walked doing a 50 roll.

    22. Bubba Kushington

      All racers have excuses but holy shit man.

    23. Aberamentho2010

      Bruh, stop with all the excuses. It's ok to man up & admit u got ur azz handed. You handed him his some, & he handed u urs some. Good runs.

    24. simonar11

      Dude in the viper is a tool

    25. The Shmoe

      Gtr only wins on the low end

    26. The Shmoe

      Any hits above 50mph and the Viper EASILY wins every time. Gtr is a puss

    27. E60

      Send that viper 2 GAP CITY😂


      What if CM Purple viper vs Texas killer R35 GTR

    29. Charles Box

      the viper owner needs to shut up and hand the keys to a actual street racing

    30. Charles Box

      the viper owner needs to not be a girl and drive the beast

    31. GTR R35

      GT-R Kill Always Stop All Yours excuse Chil out lool

    32. m katanic

      viper seemed to be kicking ass in my opinion. at "50" and the 50 mph roll

    33. Joel Dorn

      We lost. We lost...Viper driver is a cheater. sore looser!

    34. Paul Wilson

      GTR and R8 are so much better than trash Vipers and Corvettes

    35. Turbo Mike

      GTR is a beast, viper got the exotic feel though

    36. Yo Mamma

      Viper. You have fucking 9 liters and a lot of excuses. Blah Blah Blah. Excuses, excuses. excuses.

    37. Mawee Mo

      already knew the viper is losing, when i saw his face blurred at the beginning of the vid lmao

    38. julifer9211

      Purple viper all the way. Go look for the red Texas killer GTR. 😂🤣

    39. ThoughtSurfer

      That’s Michael Sevilla gtr.... and it doesn’t make 1900hp it makes 1300hp stop lying.

    40. Tomas P

      1700 gtr vs 1900 viper notice the hp difference. ? Gotta admit viper is stroked out from 4.8 to 9 .Gtr did good . A bit of advise run meth and crank that boost up viper will have a hard time keeping up wit the Kardashians 😂

    41. dave k

      Who races with trac on gtfo

    42. Gamerx pro

      Bro everyone saying how he making excuses but like the gtr only wanted his rolls and because that's where he could win but when they did 50 or 60 the viper won. And plus the tires on the viper were bad and it had rained. But in the day the viper won both and then the gtr wanted his rolls. Viper won easily

    43. Gamerx pro

      Ok no one talking about the part where they were talking after the 1st runs and that guy said yall were already doing 50 and someone said "wheres your car💀"

    44. Stefan Duscher

      viper is faster than the shit gtr ... ugly car rly

    45. _ Real1ne

      You van just smell ego all over

    46. Oscar Colindres

      Why race a gtr they're a beast..

    47. Blakelikesfood

      These cars are reason why I won't bother building up a very fast car. 10 years ago o.k., but now they're so extreme you'd never clock ~12k miles a year & drive them 5-7 days a week. In a way they're weekend warriors...but I want to drive 5+ days a week and you wouldn't do that with these. Not to mention, buy a car for $80,000...spend $40,000 on top of it, and than get destroyed in a race by another who has $50,000 into it. 900whp???'re going to get destroyed out there.

    48. Mark Montoya

      Couple slow gtrs 🤣

    49. Arca S

      Texas killer can gap that viper👀

    50. Matt Gilpin

      Excuses for days

    51. Grind Sultan

      Get a life, holding up traffic by not going and well under the speed limit is not only illegal but very dangerous, so the p.o.s is the viper driver.

    52. aneal Srikant

      white gtr guy and crew was annoying , 40 bro 40 lol. both These cars sexy and fast love it

    53. srb1

      I love hearing the excuses when they lose hah!, But it's like bro, chill, that split second take off advantage is the killer, so most races aren't accurate. Plus your car is pushing almost 2000hp, and it's a Viper. Now that's fucking sick!

    54. Lifted_Above

      1900 horsepower? Is that all you got? Frankly the lust these guys have would better be served buying a jet plane.

    55. Tyler Hopp

      viper is nasty but that owner has every excuse in the book. Good races. I love the "where's your car?!" dude shut up real quick lmao

    56. Just Channel

      Viper is suck 💩

    57. Jay BoostedEJ2

      He wouldn't even line up door to door with the gtr and he complained about the 1st race when the gtr went on 1 lol dudes a cry baby. You got a fast car just be humble about it but there is always something faster out there.

    58. sepehr sixer

      Slow gtrs huh? Or just many dumb excuses?

    59. Robert Jacobson

      Viper owner is annoying. Just fucking race and shut up. If you lose then tune your car better smh

    60. Bank De'ville

      At the end race gtr says Cyah dahahaa

    61. Temuera Lagaluga

      I’d love to see the “ripss” xr6 turbo from here in Australia give these lads a go

    62. xKxxo x

      This Gtr is literally gapping the viper dude so much LOL and that viper dude is excusing alot that just makes the viper bad

    63. Ben Wilson

      If your car is faster and more powerful than a mates car you shouldn’t need the stars to align to win.

    64. Angel Sanchez

      Viper dude has a bag full of excuses 🌝

    65. Jonny Sampier

      Bro the viper owner sayin the car in front of him the problem every time. And thus and that. Stop the excuses stop letting your ego kick in. GTR is just faster. Jdm is the way.

      1. Raziel GTR

        In car footage on my ig michaelsevilla1

    66. Lisa Watson

      Every driver ever. Its the car. Lmao love it

    67. Adrian

      viper driver is a fkn bunny

    68. silver viper

      Interesting runs. I am a Viper owner and the guys with the one GTR outsmarted the Viper guy. The guy with the Viper simply needs to go back to Calvo for some power and traction upgrades. The Viper guy in this crowd of street racers learned something that day he was hustled. Lastly, the Viper guy had a hard time admitting to defeat. Although at a higher speed the Viper was faster and won the races with traction(he should of had new tires spooned on from the start) as you never know. When you street race race your race. If you can't come to an agreement f--k it.

      1. Raziel GTR

        @silver viper is that why he never gave me a 40 and in the video he said he was gonna drag me up to a 50s? Asking for a friend. If it was a 40 it woulda been much worst lol. Vipers only make their powers top top end. Which is why they can and only prefer 60s. All about powerband, not my fault they have no low end or midrange lol 💪🏾

      2. silver viper

        @Raziel GTR Look, I see your proud of your vehicle and you should be. Lets face it you out smarted him. You absolutely insisted on a 40 mph roll. I would have said a 60 mph roll. You would have said no. The video shows the Viper would beat you at that starting speed. Good for you that was smart. I''m not defending the Viper guy or insulting you. It's a game of who throws the most money in there car generally wins. I'm looking to buy another fast car and the GTR is near the top of my list. Cool races. By the way was the Viper only 1900 or was 1980 etc. How many of you guys sandbag? Was your car only 1900 hp hmmm on what dyno etc.

      3. Raziel GTR

        He has 1900hp how much power you need to beat a lesser powered v6? Lol im the owner of the gtr brw

    69. Damyan Sandoval

      Viper still won tho😂, them Viper haters are something else

    70. Kayden Ehrhardt

      Yes many many excuses but top end the gtr would lose 100% but below that, the gtr all day

    71. Ruthless RiderR6

      Talk about jumping before 3 I seen the viper do it 3 times😂😂

    72. Ruthless RiderR6

      This Viper got whipped no doubt about it multiple hits and heavy on excuses😂

      1. Raziel GTR

        In car footage on my ig michaelsevilla1 I am the gtr owner 😂

    73. Andre Woods

      respect to the GTR owner lmaooo. mad cool and funny

      1. Raziel GTR

        Thanks man! I got in car footage on my ig; michaelsevilla1

    74. Ryan Russell

      the time the tuner drove the purple viper was way better

    75. RickyLafluer

      Vipers are in my top 5 favorites but man did that guy ever make excuses lmao, and then the gtr owner was stubborn, what happened to racing and being obsessed with how fast the car that beat you is

    76. Andrew Gonzalez

      Lame excuses... Typical GTR opponent lol...🤭🤭🤭 #GTR🐐 #NISSANPOWER

    77. Andro Khalil

      The amount of excuses coming out the viper

    78. ElEng Ruhe

      @16:15, in normal life, on planet earth, you're the idiots guys lol. but I get ya and I'm a fan :-)

    79. Merciless Racing

      all I hear is nothing but excuses

    80. me toon

      Dodge lol

    81. Wolves Brigade


    82. orvil smuel

      just admit you can't beat Godzilla , no match for it

    83. Sean Kaine

      You guys need a flash light or something when counting 1,2,3..

    84. Sean Kaine

      The driver of the Viper I haven't heard so many excuses.

    85. E D

      The viper is half a car length on the count of three wtf

    86. Crowd Eater

      I saw the purple viper on a trailer on the highway in FL

    87. Towelie

      Same viper as in sorted series and they list the owners full name I’m pretty sure. I doubt cops would or could go after him but just saying. That viper is a waste of money

    88. giocoby

      Viper cry boy. He wants all the advantage in every race.

    89. Teslaboi18

      It was based on the Viper ACR so it has a lot of downforce and the ACR had a different gearing than the standard Viper in which the 5th is long while the standard one you can shift into 6th and the revs are high. Plus too many excuses from the Viper guy.

    90. Mauro Villegas

      Naw he got his ass whipped

    91. wass de craic

      16:17 imagine the gtr launched into the back of that other car

    92. Razor _

      The Viper is faster.

    93. BrainFuck10

      This Comment Section be like.. GTR FUCKBOYS ASSEMBLE!!! 🤖

    94. Genaro Marquez

      I want someone to count how many times viper guy said something about traction

    95. Jesse Godinez

      I don’t know what it was viper car

    96. Jesse Godinez

      1900 vs 1500. viper is a crying baby and he’s riding with his mom

    97. Jesse Godinez

      This camera guy is a gtr hater Texaskillergtr will smoke him .

      1. Kyle Lim

        He hates gtrs lol watch the other gtr videos vs vipers he is weird toward the owners

    98. Snakebitten

      I watched this again just because of all the hate towards the Viper owner and even towards 1320 for actually stating facts on why the Viper didn't hook on a few of those runs resulting in a few losses. When he had newer tires and ran from 50mph, we all know what happened. Personally if I were the Viper driver I would not have voiced so many excuses, however legitimate as many of them were, because of how people will look at it. The Viper is the faster car in this video when running optimally. I dont' think some of you know what "smoked" means. When the race was as fair as possible, 50 mph roll, (where both cars can hook) the Viper won easily. Both cars were on full boil with the GTR right there through 3rd gear. 4th gear in the Viper, however, just started to run away. If the race went to 180+ it would have been pretty ugly. The only way "those" GTR's would win against "this" Viper is the 40mph roll which guaranteed the Viper spinning, especially on bald tires. People used to want to beat their opponent at their best. Not handicap them, win, then act like you smoked em. Car X spins on the hit and Car Y hooks and disappears in the distance is not getting "smoked" lol. Both hooking up running on full boil and Car Y just runs away, now that's getting smoked. like what Cicio GTR did to Viper at the 1/4 mile lol. Both great at what they do with the GTR being the better all around platform no doubt. But you have to give it to that V10 up top when both are making equal power. I for one did not expect what I saw when 4th gear in the Viper hit...Sheesh.

    99. umar kharal

      When he lets go of the throttle it sounds like a ambulance is coming in the distance 😂😂😂

    100. EL CHICANO 915

      1900hp and about 2000 excuses🤦🏻‍♂️