New Orleans Streets - DaPullUp (500-1000hp cars)


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    After the crazy, action-packed first night we experienced on the New Orleans streets, we couldn't turn down and invite to night 2. With grudge races and a 10 car (street car) shootout, we knew we were in for some more fun.
    New Orleans Night 1:
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    1. Spushed

      Chase is a race, if you want to cry foul...don’t chase.

    2. MIDBC1 MIDBC1

      "He was in my damn lane" Translation - I got spooked and let off the gas even though the other guy didn't even touch the centerline

    3. bkbkbk420

      Bj is cool shit

    4. Matty Mccolgan

      One day someone's going to launch on a angle and take out the start light

    5. MEK MOCHE

      This is a good Lamp guy

    6. Roll_up or Pull_up

      That turbo 4cyl mustang was most impressive... he is a great driver. The 5.0 late model mustang gt is a great sports car but also is the 4 cylinder turbo ecoboost one also. BITCH WAS MOVING!

    7. Hotshothogger

      I'd like to see patches and the obs heads up. Would be a good race.

    8. Paul Schafer

      Reminded me of the parish days

    9. Alan Brattland

      I love these videos of the street racing. 🤙🏻 the folks down in New Orleans seem cool as fuck

    10. Kaif Ahmed

      The long prose semiannually part because bolt successively disarm forenenst a eager cook. faded, certain vinyl

    11. KRL Productions

      Cali has no chance lmfao 4 cylinder? Ya Money buys these cars Not intelligence. Pro mod? Gtfo

    12. Stefan Duscher

      1 porsche turbo with 1000 whp and theyre cars are gone hahahahha

    13. Dr. BOWDOIN

      Louisianimals!!! It goes down in the south

    14. Cutter Fink

      I know it’s not the type of video that y’all usually post but y’all are a big channel and you should talk about EPA so they don’t take our race cars

    15. SliccJay

      Make a video on the RPM ACT we must be heard!!!

    16. Tombstone Jones

      Damn it Kyle why is your mouth so wet

    17. Alexander Alexander

      The incandescent mistake relevantly squash because raven selectively curl aboard a silent town. steady, spiky lizard

    18. Just Juw

      I miss this content

    19. patriotman84

      Audi s5 got gapped

    20. Mike Oxlong

      “ThE MusTaNg DrIvEr ShOuLDnt Of LIeD” WE GET IT!!!

    21. Jaylon Soares

      Ayyeeee that red mustang was swinging all over the road, I'm not surprised he slowed down

    22. Zaddyasf

      lol that's right next to copart

    23. Jalen BigMac Taylor

      8:30 so we not gonna talk about the flames?

    24. Shelbe Shocker

      Shiny lips

    25. KarTeL

      whats your outro beat?

    26. 504 Owner Official

      wow amazing car i love it

    27. LightningBlueMeanie

      Please talk about what is going on with the EPA right now. We need to write our representatives if we want to save racing. Support the RPM act.

    28. Trever Fisher

      i’d hit the breaks too and come up with a lie if i was getting driven away from while getting pedaled on lol

    29. Cold as Frosty

      Whos black obs Ls swapped ss is that?

    30. Marly Adventures

      NOLA races are the best!!


      id be scared of gettin squished if i was the guy with the light. im proud of you kids keepin our thing alive.

    32. Tex M3

      that patches s10 is so fast man sheesh

    33. Street Legit World

    34. Dawayne Ladner

      No more racing here. NASA has put up barricades all down the road.

    35. hasoevo

      What was the outdo music please?

    36. austin verde

      I love seeing my uncle in these videos😂😂

    37. Sam E

      S4 got smoked

    38. Raul Velez

      "it dont coun't for nothing" always counts!

    39. Yung Terell

      "He JuMpEd" Y'all know damn well he could've slept on the light and still ended up gapping that lac.

    40. Kevin07

      The guy in the middle starting the race with the lights will get ran over one day while doing this, and more than likely die. Then everyone will wonder, how did this happen????? Just watch the video and see what danger he puts himself in. If it happens he does not care, then oh well.

    41. Patrick Cooksey

      This is peek 1320, next to TEXAS 2K....

    42. Phil B

      Yellow mustang is lucky the white vette broke, he was going to walk him again.

    43. Joey Diaz

      I sure hope this is good, it gets over done sometimes

    44. familly qanat


    45. AxeMastersINC

      6:22 Good excuse little momma. Stay home, next time princess.

    46. X D

      Is this illegal or is it a setup event?

    47. tripjet999

      Should be at the race track, NOT on a public roadway, idiots!

      1. Phil B

        It's a closed off road.

    48. Curtis Endicott

      Is the guy with dreadlocks the don king of the streets I see him at a lot of these events lol

    49. Strickos

      He was in my damn lane. What was he thinking lying to the dudes filming the whole thing rofl

    50. Kostas Iliadis

      Find a real man driver for that poor mustang

    51. Thunder Con

      I don’t see the issue.... Chevy on Flatbed = 🏠

    52. _AMGeezus_

      Looking for advice on good GoPro positions for either dig or roll racing. I have the mounts but don’t really know where I should put them. Are there better spots or mostly just preference?

    53. George Green

      That stang wasn’t gonna keep up with that c7 anyway ... i think he was going to win it all

    54. Phillip Thomas

      This was a very refreshing video. Nice too see a street car actually at a street car race

    55. DCS Racih


    56. Turbo Cars and Fast Bikes

      This isn’t at dapad where the hell is this?

    57. Exo Crown

      *Dude in white Mustang. You’re a loser. You got smoked.* next!!!! 😂

    58. Shane

      Dope vid 💯

      1. Missouri Creek Fishing

    59. Jared Sandoval

      Corvette at 6:12 was cookin 😂

    60. Nathan Moss

      These are fine and all but people who drag their children out to these events really are trash.

      1. iCool247

        Lol how? As long as you’re standing behind the acting you’re safe. Start’em young

    61. Bubba Jackson

      That Chevy as was nasty though

    62. Extro 1

      Where’s the penwell races at from tonight

      1. Missouri Creek Fishing

    63. colbyn lopez

      That sn95 cobra🔥

    64. W. Branch

      I love to watch the "daily" races 💯

    65. Julian GMC

      “He was in my damm lane” Na bro he pushed your sh!t in lol take the L

    66. Burnt Ham


    67. Erico Rosa

      UOU....and the mask?!?!

    68. Swooshu

      Welcome to Da BOOT hahaha

    69. doggystyledave

      Banana 🍌 from Louisiana

    70. Southern Brothers Backyard cars

      "He was in my damn lane!" Guy never even crossed 🤣

    71. MudtoyTT

      Said with love from an old deaf racer... How fucking stupid do you have to be to not protect your hearing? BTW compressed air is the worst enemy...

    72. Miguel Sanchez

      Love the video but that flagger needs to be replaced!!! He was terrible lasts time and he sucks just as bad today.....if its obvious your unclear on how to flashlight staRt a race maybe ask for help!?

    73. American Pride

      Um, do you have lip gloss on in the beginning?

    74. cam

      Sad they shut this spot down. Not da pad tho they seem to not gaf about da pad

    75. adam august

      This is amazing🙏 culture they can’t cancel ours

    76. MattyA315

      Is it just me or is that starter super distracting?

    77. Danny boi

      Much love lads ❤😎

    78. Dylan Powers

      How come we haven't seen you at any freedom factory events?

    79. Chief GreanLeaf

      No one that works at that plant is in the mix, guarantee.

    80. Off Planet

      Banana from Louisiana LOL

    81. Off Planet

      To bad electric cars will never be accepted into this culture but maybe a good thing

    82. Off Planet

      Why is it always just 2 cars racing at once maybe 3- 4 -5 at once We want more More More

      1. iCool247

        Too much Fast and Furious for you

      2. Burnt Ham

        Wtf why?

    83. 97VobraOwner

      Great content!

    84. Medjai

      Wow this was a lot more entertaining than watching 90% fox bodies

    85. StreetKing Productions

      KL and them dam corvettes

    86. Rob Bolden

      Why were you guys not at the darlington “thawed out”?

    87. Ramiro Barajas

      Great video. 👍

    88. Kody Smith

      That's pretty fucking cool seeing a OBS SS (hope it's real) being used on the street for racing. Most people that have them just use them for cruisers it seems.

    89. TM P

      NOLA - just a few hours South East of me up here in Deep East Texas. They seem to love their 'Stangs down there. I got some cool designs for them over on my Redbubble page...

    90. Victor Hernandez

      Audi was sleeping

    91. Mason Correnti

      Again race all night in New Orleans and no cops all done in one spot gotta love my city

      1. Missouri Creek Fishing

    92. Chris Dvorak

      Crazy vid. Just a question, how are there no cops?

    93. SK Reactionz

      Security guard agency - "Are you okay with working nights?" PLEASE

      1. Missouri Creek Fishing

    94. Kelsie Metz

      You need to watch them unknown side bits or shits going to get out of hand

    95. L.W. Wise

      This is the 1320 we love.

    96. Paul Martin

      Thanks guys. Don't nobody do it like 1320. Best street racing videos on IRvision, hands down.

    97. Let's do Things

      I miss the old highway roll racing

    98. Defining Deuce

      I love the sn95 man im a huge fan of that model but im biased

    99. ArbitraryLifestyle

      2:28 Damn that S4 sounds good as hell!

    100. Patrick

      love the energy that flagger had