30 Day Buy & Build - 1300hp Audi R8!


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    The addition of the DCT class at GTR World Cup 2021 caught the attention of many racers, resulting in many new builds debuting at the event. This change appears to have been well received as it provided an event for many racers hindered by the clutches of a frigid winter. While Jason Heffner doesn’t fall into that category from the warmth of Florida, he had other obstacles to overcome in order to compete in this new class. One being that he hadn’t purchased the car yet, and when he made the decision to pull the trigger on one, the event was only a month away. When we he told us that we were almost certain the Heffner Twin Turbo decals were simply for show. It only took one pass to see that he wasn’t kidding, and he and his team did in fact pull it off!
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    1. EvoLando35

      What year is that R8? R8s are my dream car. I think I'm gonna want a copy of what he has going on when I get one lol

    2. Juhis Tube

      Funny that RS3 with half engine is faster than this.

    3. UncleManuel

      "YEAH, FIFTEENSIX!!!" His crew is awesome... 🤪😁😁😁

    4. Ddd Kkk

      Heffner looks like he got a buzz on, just happy looking

    5. Five Door Hemi

      Guys out here running 8s with no cage. Around me you get a stern talking to if you run a 10.3 @ 135.5 😂

    6. Random's YTB

      So many people and no masks... Is this a covid free zone? Shamefull

    7. Bo Ledbetter

      Y’all need to review my man Stephen Floyd’s gotta have it green termi!!! It won’t disappoint

    8. Josh maithie

      Didnt sheppy already brought out a 8 sec audi r8?!

    9. D Olusanya Ibukun Training

      Jason started at the bottom building cars for other people. Its nice to see he's still humble after becoming successful. I read about Jason in Car & DRIVER magazine years ago.😃

    10. redtesta

      humble guy.. nice guy

    11. shani angarkadu

      Why he wins?

    12. Hayden Royer

      What happen 316? & they supposedly making packages similar to 🐑

    13. rnldmanuel88

      ironic all those tractors parked there..

    14. tom bob


    15. Truckee Locklear


    16. iphoneadamf

      What a Top bloke at the end of the day, loved this video guys. Keep it up.

    17. Raymond Blankenship

      im sorry AMS builds some of the baddest cars but when he said "her" im sooory but i knew he was going to win

    18. Raymond Blankenship

      wow this is super impressive

    19. Andre Pina

      Tell my your rich without telling me your rich.

    20. Nick Neely

      It wasn’t until 6:09 for the first hell yeah, wow!

    21. Motheo Lebelo

      Epic R8 build Thumbs up to the owner

    22. Lawson Hasley

      When that car runs faster than 5.0 mustang when he not even trying lmao

    23. thcv

      that bmx bike in the background.....

    24. MoreFaster

      He took me for a ride the day after he finished the car up, super well sorted and well put together. First time experiencing rolling antilag was fun

    25. rrooccaa

      Sheepy has gone 8.4. MONTHS AGO.

    26. Tyrin Wright

      Bought and built a super car in 30 days??? I’m currently crying in poor

    27. Rob Roy

      Heffner performance...as in old viper record holder?

    28. chrismechanic B

      DSG= dont shift gears, dont select gears? you decide.

    29. David Whitten

      They sound soooo good.

    30. Rick Flop

      Why and how is the video quality so good

    31. Paul Kersey

      That purple gtr can't drive

    32. BEEZYY

      "Stock engine"

    33. navy Guy

      Amazing on stock internals

      1. James Marcus


    34. Evan Hi

      On Michelins also... great Job Heffner

    35. Govind Sheshadri

      Race starts at 4:01

    36. MK4 Alabri

      4:14 itachi dose exist

    37. 402 SHO

      Interview 316 speed !!!

    38. Era AG

      1265 to the wheels? This car is more like 1400 hp

    39. Just Me

      Needs a good Match under his silly looking Beard. 🤣

    40. Chris Mun

      That’s awesome Jason! Do you miss Roy’s kwik corner and mir yet?

    41. Casey Boutillier

      Pumped to see Heffner out there getting after it. I remember watching the videos of Gary Javo our there at Bradenton.

    42. Adam RS

      Cool to see a down to earth person driving this. What a machine.

    43. kiiiburn

      Anyone from Bradenton? My wife and I were thinking of moving in the next couple of years there. Any opinions?

      1. kiiiburn

        @Chris Penney Nice, very likely moving in the next couple of years. Scratch that - definitely moving

      2. Chris Penney

        it's got the Freedom Factory and BMP, what more could you ask for?

    44. ART EFX

      The guys last name is Heffner, what did you expect

    45. Spencer Evans

      my car only has 1000 less horsepower

      1. James Marcus


    46. Andrew Hopmann

      Is this where the 1320R8 is going?

    47. cutty 4688

      That R8 is a little beast!

    48. Nerew

      This dude heard about a new competing class at the event and said "hmm I want to be apart of that" and went and bought a $200,000 car the same day.......imagine having that type of money.

      1. Nerew

        @Mr weewoo I know, imagine having that type of money.

      2. Mr weewoo

        He is the owner of heffner he can use it as a marketing vehicle and test vehicle, easy tax write off. Plus he is very rich.

    49. Ronald Morrison

      Post more everyday cars 👎🏽 this is bull

    50. Lukaslevanen1435

      What a humble dude. You don’t see that often with these expensive higher horsepower cars.

    51. KABLE 819

      This guy seems to have a significant attitude ?

    52. Barberhex Rivera

      The skyline could of gave him the jump and still gotten dragged.

    53. Barberhex Rivera

      That skyline left him bad.

    54. Alex Hndr

      Man.. he speedruns a drag build LOL And still WIN!! GG!

    55. RwdyAudi

      Absolutely amazing can't wait to see what this car bring to the table in the future.

    56. zocial anxiety

      I love that the subtitles say music when the cars on on launch control and say applause because of how fast they’re shifting

    57. RwdyAudi


    58. Larry Johnson

      I love a humble racer. He knows what it is all about, and he never forgets who helped him get there. Love it.

    59. AtomiicDonkey

      wish UGR had an R8 at this event

    60. Ronin

      cool guy

    61. SeeTheKarma

      Sheepyrace needs to come out.

    62. Mem Ories

      Another Fred production....puke

    63. Nonya Business

      Can’t make it through your videos anymore long and sorry lame

      1. thereissomecoolstuff

        See ya

    64. Grasyn Edwards

      I love how people go buy a super track focused super car then drag race it lol

    65. Ralph Ashley Alcantara

      Imma bout "tuna sub" but backwards

    66. Zain Babar

      Ima have to call this guy since I sold all my GME shares 👀

      1. supra driven


    67. Crispy K

      Rich people smh These are the types of people that will tell you "money doesn't buy happiness" while they enjoy their nice life.

      1. Miralem Nermina

        @Crispy K so he worked his ass to afford something but you didn't do anything and you he is the problem? lmao

      2. Crispy K

        @Miralem Nermina Working or not working is unrelated to my point... so not sure why you bring it up. Unless you just want to "hate" on me because you think i'm some... i don't know what you think. But obviously something negative. Don't worry doesn't affect me ;) 2021 the year where pointing out the obvious is being seen as hate, racism, sexism or other stupid crap.

      3. Miralem Nermina

        I'm pretty sure he worked hard for it. Funny how you don't see him answering the comments here. Maybe he is doing something useful with his time expect hating on other people?

    68. 2muchBoost

      wow....that moves out

    69. Morgan Welk

      If I had an R8 I’d put the quietest exhaust possible on it. Like Towncar quiet... idk just think it’d be cool.

    70. Shuten-Doji

      Ain't no way that motor is STOCK with just bolt ons, 😳!

      1. thereissomecoolstuff

        You are correct. It is full bolt on's

    71. Tony Judd

      They should get Sheepy on here.

    72. BC_CARS

      Okay who else wanted to see the RK Tunes m3 #LZMFGGANG

    73. Jack You

      Insane that a mcnugget 765 on some good tires also does high 8s. What a time to be alive!

    74. Artemis

      Wonder what this "everyday driver" gas mileage is? 1320 have any answers?

      1. thereissomecoolstuff

        13 city 20 hwy. 1320 combined.

    75. Bubba Kushington

      Love this shit


      I bet you an all motor Honda could beat this .. jk 😂 Love the all of this !

    77. EasyGaraje

      I thought it was an audi from the sheeprace

    78. Alboqami

      Very good and humble guy. He deserves to win

    79. trevaun phillips

      Has a Hefner he should be rocking s Playboy Bunny 🐰sticker.... It's only fare

      1. SM 666


    80. wiseoracle

      First time I've heard an R8 being called a "sleeper"

      1. kiiiburn

        @Wes Green lol, i thought it was funny (both comments)

      2. Wes Green

        that's when you know you're too deep in the game

    81. Azzy 1978

      Respect on your win 💪💪💪✌️❤️🇬🇧AZZY ☝️

      1. James Marcus


    82. nunya binis

      I didn't know Bill Burr built Audi's...

    83. Azzy 1978

      Jason’s R8 is sweet as you like 👍 what’s it cost to do that to you R8?😯so NICE 👌

      1. Jeff Ray

        40k for bolt on turbo system makes 850-900 and cost goes up for fuel system, stand alone ecu and clutch upgrades

    84. Ahmad j Alqama

      Dunno why I remembered Murphy from Robocop, anyhow, R8s look better than the lambo

    85. Mark

      Pretty sure I saw that R8 running at a test and tune event. Beast of a car they built

    86. Amit Singh

      The gear box on the r8 is so awkward.

    87. Jared THISDELLE

      Sweet ride

    88. Jarek Nowak

      ...faster than Koenigsegg??

    89. MrDavidelliottjr

      I wouldn't even like an audi if it wasn't for 1320

    90. jetjox2000

      Good Job Jason! JRod

    91. MrBigcarl42

      if I saw heffner on the street I'd think "homeless crackhead" then he loads into a tt r8 and drive away leaving me looking like the homeless crackhead 🤣🤣

      1. thereissomecoolstuff

        Wanna buy some crack?

    92. gtmaster303

      Wow 1300hp on the stock motor?! That's pretty crazy

    93. PEPE PIPI

      Looks that lambos with twin turbos are still junk versus any car

    94. Eüro Nasty

      Not gonna lie, I was hoping this 30 day build was gonna be Kyle’s

      1. Burnt Ham

        Its not 1320hp tho

      2. Jared Grant

        It just got dropped off not long ago but I was hoping it was his r8 as well

      3. Ricky Rodriguez

        But he bought it 5 months ago..

      4. Shibby 101


      5. Kishiisded


    95. Hector N.

      pretty much made everyone/awd on beadlocks look dumb.

    96. snvff xxx

      you know are proper drag races when you pull up in 1300hp, just to loose almost any race

    97. DeevoxL

      Kyle, Heaths R8 is gonna be bad ass ! TT as well 🔥

    98. Josh Grant

      Much respect getting that car drag ready in 30 days...

    99. StevenP 91

      I like how the crew was cheering him on during the bye run "15.6 YESSS!"

      1. Happy Beer Love

        The sad part is that 15.6 would probably be a good time for my car 🤦‍♂️

    100. David Phipps

      When is Kyle racing Whistlin Diesel in the battle of the R8s

      1. Mr weewoo

        @David Phipps he is getting it turboed but even with that he would still lose

      2. David Phipps

        @Mr weewoo havent seen the R8 for awhile surely Kyle has plans for it

      3. Mr weewoo

        That race wouldn’t be close