103mm Turbo Truck RIPS!


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    This is a truck we haven’t seen in a LONG time! As soon as we laid eyes on it in the pits of Winter Meltdown at Houston Raceway Park, we walked straight over to check it out. The truck still has a massive single turbo setup but with more modern components than when we last saw. Knowing this truck was one a world record holder, it was easy to see that this truck class was no joke! Check out the ol Hay Hauler in action, haul’n ass down the drag strip!
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    1. Carlos Gandara

      Ah racing

    2. Carlos Gandara

      That my cousin crew but he crash in died


      What wheels are those ?

    4. Dailydriver

      Why do people feel the need to hold on to to back of the truck when it’s doing a burnout never figured out why lol

    5. pcmcobra

      love that truck

    6. Wright Marshall

      no masks

    7. Jakob Skaggs

      I work at Alamo City Motorplex, see you then. I'll be handing out time slips

    8. tmos8

      70mm turbo , no bigger , 103mm , sounds good lets do it lol

    9. David Betancourt

      Run other Cummins Diesels they’ll gap the shit outta that Takuache

    10. Jonathan Vanginkel

      Truck needs a roll pan save some weight and clean up the look

    11. John Medina

      Ig it does quema 🤣🤣

    12. RobertTheDon

      I’ve always wanted to do a ride along with y’all 💯

    13. Fransisco H

      Where’s the vortecmax badge and the suelo mob sticker cuh

    14. Clovis Niclounivis

      how come they dont use any intercooler ?

    15. Moe Whitfield

      #1320video what ever happend to parish and his turbo truck? I remember it was one of the first ones I ever came across.

    16. palugi03tt

      Who made the wheels?

    17. Josh Riles

      You too lol

    18. KW 2024

      Can someone please explain to me the little step he takes just before take-off? Is this the turbo step? What’s going on there?

      1. beardedforlife

        He was bumping it off the brakes to help keep the boost up for the launch

    19. Dank Plushes201

      V6 Jeep beats tuned v8 f150 😱irvision.info/home/ooDWkaGEfNSrnrw/fy-lm-h-y.html

    20. Jan Ritter

      the orginal site irvision.info/home/l52zZYl3mp2XrLQ/fy-lm-h-y.html

    21. Jan Ritter

      thats fast on track irvision.info/home/YnOTdoZ-p693pqg/fy-lm-h-y.html

    22. Ty Martin

      I may not be a Chevy truck dudes but that one was one fast some of a bitch!

    23. Z M

      Half way through and all ive seen is the thing lose lmao. Maybe i meed glasses 🤣

      1. Z M

        Oh look he finally won.

    24. DSM Guy

      Can’t tell if country or ghetto but damn clean and nice truck

    25. QuietMouthsLoudMinds

      7:34 Lmao 🤜🤛

    26. Todd Clark

      That's a beautiful truck badass one.

    27. Y-GEN Gaming And Technology

      racing games lovers watch this. fastest car in the world:430kmh and driving it. irvision.info/home/ZZqqgGedodasfLA/fy-lm-h-y.html

    28. Lifted_Above

      1320 GM-ideo.

    29. W. Branch

      Nice truck. My favorite body style of Chevy & yes, I am a Ford guy 🍻

    30. Warranty Killer Motorsports

      Nice to see his turbo has an engine 😀

    31. Nik McArthur

      Tooted up Denali thooo

    32. Turbo John

      Wow, that is beautiful!

    33. Scott Fox

      Does cooler weather make that big turbo more powerful and the truck faster?

    34. Douglas Watson

      Where's the Chevy going after San Antonio?

    35. Gornormity drummer

      The 78 dislikes are from Ford owners. Fast beautiful truck. Best of luck buddy.

    36. Tremor Rick

      Hay hauler, where is the lil sis

    37. Ian Doyle

      How the fuck is this truck named hay hauler lol nothing about it screams hay, hauling, farm, or anything else. It’s a badass truck tho, fucker flies

    38. carson fletcher

      Texas trucks ain’t no joke

    39. NorthernChev

      Man, his 'chute drags on the ground for a really long time before opening...

      1. NorthernChev

        @Jeremy Goldsmith Yeah, the 'chute seems to be "floundering" in a dead pocket of air under the wing. It deploys slowly, drags on the ground even after inflating, and flops lazily as if it's not doing much good.

      2. Jeremy Goldsmith

        That wing on the back creates a whole lot of dead air right where the chute needs to have clean air to open.

      3. Don Pfeiffer

        That won’t help him when he really needs it that’s for sure!!

    40. kevin peng

      Im not even a truck fan but the chevy looks cool

    41. Gmoney Records

      i thought the truck had an artillery piece on it

    42. keith hendershott

      So even on prep he only runs 6lbs of boost w/ a 103mm turbo??

    43. Joel Tranquilino

      Ohh yeah you like turbos you wanna see my eco boost lmao

    44. KinginWithJosh

      Full size? Is that really full size?

    45. Duncan Donovan

      GO CHECK OUT BAD CHAD'S CHANNEL TOO FOLKS!! He builds awesome stuff and deserves more followers.

    46. Jay Stocks

      My uncle rigo trevino owed this truck before

    47. Asylumental

      That truck had way more in it, you could hear he was pedaling it in almost every race. 🔥🔥

    48. Nick Cooper

      Enjoy your meal... thank you, you too 😂

    49. Jason Camilleri

      4m50secs "I like this truck a lot"... I like this truck a lot too Kyle, thanks for the showcase...

    50. alfonso alvizo

      Cant believe that truck is still around

    51. Naught Meenaym

      Flaco truck?

    52. Carlos Cardenas

      Can’t go wrong with a badass Turbo Truck.

    53. D Heaf

      Bouncy bouncy

    54. Turbo World

      Gonna have to put some hay bales in the back for a touch more hook an book, that is on a mission to be a gravity defying rocket.

    55. Gdkh Hhhg

      Get those views

    56. makinwheelies914

      Beautiful truck

    57. Matthew Brown

      No time racing is a waste of time to put on the internet.

    58. Jordan Berube

      "This will be a decent race" as he gets wrecked lol

    59. Race Gas Smells Good

      I remember all the OG vids of it when that dude Flaco owned it. Legendary build! Nice to see it still exists. 🏎🚀🚀

      1. Race Gas Smells Good

        @Theo-greking He built a couple of fast trucks!! One being this one, the Hay Hauler! Internet legend, ha ha, back in the day!

      2. Theo-greking

        I feel like I've heard that name flaco before

    60. ZeFi

      Who's the next cleeter from 1320?

    61. Eüro Nasty

      Proof that drag wheels don’t have to be butt ugly

    62. Preto Gsx

      He was so hype he didn’t even bother to put the chute into the bed on the return back haha

    63. j. Carlos

      No quema Cuhh !!

    64. Chris Corey

      I have a white 94 short wheelbase square body chevy like that I would never sell my truck

    65. Call me Trent

      Did Kyle mention how much he just loves this truck haha.

    66. Sixx6Sixx

      Truck seems not to squatting enough to transfer weight

    67. Thomas Daddio

      I also enjoy white Chevies and Turbo trucks

    68. SmOoThYwOoDy

      Dam Hay Hauler tore up that diesel. That pass looked like he was hauling azz.

    69. SmOoThYwOoDy

      Hay Hauler doesn't look very fast

    70. Curtis Jackson

      Man I like that color!!

      1. James Marcus


    71. Soggy Pop tart

      1320 finally hit 3M!!

    72. FILZ F

      YesSiRr!! WoW!! Wahaat?!?? KkRazy!! Good oN Mate!! WoRk haRd, Play haRd!!

    73. alejandro garcia

      Takuaches think they fast with a 5.3l v8 with a kN air intake and a new exhaust. Take notes from this dude

    74. Kallen Tait

      4:50 “ I like this truck”

    75. Random Rivas5

      That’s cuhh right there

    76. MachinewitdaMatic

      Cool algorithm

    77. pullnonyou

      "I like this truck a lot" lmao

      1. James Marcus


    78. roughwater

      Truck yes. Rzr wheels no.

    79. Carlos Fuentez

      Royal purple raceway track?

    80. Michał Bożek

      Sorry, nice to see your videos, I subscribed, my bad, hope You will have better year as we all hope so. keep up all baddest stuff!

      1. James Marcus


    81. Motionelco

      Is that flaco?

      1. Bad Ass 6.0 Powerstroke


    82. Cody Call

      And a white R8 is even cooler

    83. Jason Ekstrom

      Clip of that diesel would be killer! Thanks #1320video

    84. lauchlan bowen

      I know its a long shot but does anyone have a clue as to what colour this ute is

      1. James Marcus


    85. Bobby Emerson

      Please do something with the front suspension! Or maybe they want it like that. Seems to be a bit bouncy.

      1. Bobby Emerson

        @beardedforlife OK yeah that makes sense. I bet that does help out down track and also to transfer the weight where it needs to be. That's a great idea!

      2. beardedforlife

        Those softer shocks help get the nose up on the launch and keep the weight towards the rear down track

    86. Travis Renaker

      Mine won't ever be like that but will have something for the streets.

    87. Russ Risley

      Is that a 18 or 20 on the front of Hay Hauler???? Bad ass full size!

      1. Russ Risley

        Thank you

      2. Guero909


    88. Rafael Vazquez

      Even the sxs on billets cuhhh

    89. ProTreeVideos

      Hey random person scrolling down the comments, Have a happy New Year :)

      1. Goji2Fresh

        no, you have a happy new years man

      2. Its just my opinion Fred

        Just looking for other positive comments on this good lookin truck.. happy new year

      3. Salvador Patlan

        Happy new year sir!!! 👍🏾

    90. Caleb Huckaba

      Is that the original Hay Hauler?!

    91. Ian Sullivan

      Kyle- I like white truck's Owns white C5 Z06, white C6 ZR1, white Audi R8

    92. F Burwell

      2 dump pipes 1 turbo?

      1. beardedforlife

        @Bad Ass 6.0 Powerstroke not necessarily. It depends on the engine setup, tune, exhaust length, exhaust size, the design of the turbo, and the size of the turbo. It could possibly be just for looks, but more than likely it's not considering the extra piping will add a slight amount of weight

      2. Bad Ass 6.0 Powerstroke

        @Henry perez Not really, it's done just for the looks, single outlet works just fine for a Large Single Set-up. You don't need two to lower backpressure with a Large Turbo.

      3. Bad Ass 6.0 Powerstroke

        Lots of people been doing Single Turbos like this, i guess some like the look of "Dual Exhaust"

      4. F Burwell

        Never seen that before

      5. Henry perez

        thats to reduce exhaust back pressure sense the turbo is to big

    93. Thom W.M.D.

      Love those pipes.... Like bull horns, lol. Hell yeah brother... Agreed, Kyle's next project.. Lol

    94. Chris Rodriguez

      Si Quema Cuhh!!

    95. Brandon Knight

      Yes very nice

    96. Alan Kaminski

      Man, that's so lazy and disrespectful to the equipment. To drag the parachute all the way back to the pits is disgraceful. I'd fire him.

    97. predictablecitylife

      That truck is beautiful. Exactly how i'd build one.

    98. Kotta 376

      When you bolt the engine to your turbo....

    99. Checkyz

      The dude is cool, I like him

    100. John Wick

      Just think this truck would destroy any and all Bugatti made today in the 1/4mi