Most INTENSE Street Races we’ve EVER filmed!! (Insane Compilation)


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    We have filmed a LOT of street racing over the years..1000's of races from all over the world. From 200hp cars to 2000hp cars - we've seen everything! So why WOULDN'T we make a compilation that features some of the BEST street races we've ever filmed?! Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy 80+ back-to-back 1320video street races from over the years!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 3 ماه


    1. Tasi Malala


    2. Jason Hass

      G35 @ 5:50 NEVER GIVE UP!

    3. viciousgsx1

      My favorite one is that red GTR That thing moves. @10:30

    4. Magic Matt

      That patrol tho...ran down the silverado and was making the vettes sweat💪💪

    5. lydell bell


    6. treeroofgrass

      10:55 I thought I was gonna see GTR vs GTR vs Truck pulling trailer 😂

    7. Matt And Cars

      How you guys going to show all your boy's losses in one video!! Lol. Love the videos!

    8. Malkus65

      Straight to buzness no shit filler Best one I've seen make all of them like this I watched the whole thing without skipping

    9. Zombie 777stream

      That was satisfying. Thank you!!!

    10. Scared Hamster

      11:10 gooo little civic gooooo

    11. Sin City Exotics

      I miss racing in Mexico

    12. Nick Camp

      7:33 wtf , was that a jeep?🥴

    13. Lateralus27 27015

      0:33 did the mustang pull the parachute on the highway?

    14. Collin Marion

      Is that a duck?!

    15. Ricardo Valencia

      14:02 Almost pulled a Paul Walker in his eclipse

    16. Shcobie Youse

      that GTR tho

    17. Jimi Smallblock

      200+ down a highway, yeah,that's smart. Idiots!

    18. Brian Jacobsen

      Imagine couple dudes in 1921 in there 20 hp car.looking for a freeway race. Dude says to his buddy. 100 years from now. Cars will have over 1000 hp. And freeways.

    19. dontattack

      Courts shutting down for covid led to less cops which led to this lol

    20. Firefighting Vet

      Videos like this is exactly why I started watching this channel

    21. Andy Denial

      Where has Beater Bomb gone off to?


      is that a duck reaaaaaaaaartrrr

    23. BLVCK.

      Mustang: "A little over 9" Me: Thats cap

    24. jacob contreras

      i actually had fun watching !!!

    25. Berry Mucuckiner

      Available on DVD? Serious???

    26. The Dangler

      At 24:19 looks like a tornado out the window lol

    27. Andrew Travers

      I know where the hi way races where. ;)

    28. iYeetSauce

      A little over 9 my Oversized in grown pimple that's easily 1200

    29. Maldiキャメロン

      6:00 did yall see that g35 reel in that r35

    30. KingDM

      8:23 when they say make nitrous more realistic, in games. But this is literally what nitrous looks like, irl.

    31. Skeatlez

      God bless America

    32. Blake Baker

      Bikes need to tuck!!! That drag is the difference between losing and winning. They’re losing H2 and GXSR lost at least a car length a piece

    33. Facewest

      Windows up!!!! More speed it makes a difference!

    34. Ryan Roberts

      16:11 dudes steering wheel literally came off at the start of the drag race LOL

    35. Dennis Sørensen

      @16:10 - that mustang driver going full send, without his steering wheel attatched hahahah

    36. Dan Trump 2024

      Love watching 1320! But... I will say I'm not a fan of 60 mph rolls! Makes me wonder if everyone that does this racing (60 rolls) has zero money invested in suspension setups? My BBF N/A leaves hard and in a straight line all the time. Would love to see the vettes and GTRs and caddys all run from a foot brake ! I guess I'm old school ;) keep up the good work!

    37. DPS

      Как же у вас это все круто👍 как в кино, посмотреть бы хоть раз в живую.

    38. Jackson Smith

      I like when they post track stuff but racing in Mexico is better

    39. Captain Awesome

      You’ve got a fast car when you can beat an h2. Now an h2r I don’t know...

    40. Alex peare


    41. Daniel Gamer

      1:04 the guy in the red GTR is the Faster street Racer in Texas is car got 2000 HP Im gonna let the link of the vídeo of the car

    42. Sofia Acevedo

      This is so cool wtf

    43. MudtoyTT

      More GTR's ... How fucking boring is that?

    44. Peter Carey

      is that a tornado out drivers window?? @24:22


      That patrol assassinates 😆

    46. El joker

      One day I’ll go 200 mph

    47. Silent Strength

      There trying to charge every one for street racing who is voting this in. Because it's a trick to say they system is stoping street racing. If the speed limit is 20 and I go 20 over the speed limit it's concidered street racing @40 miles an hour. See how this works. STOP THE LOTTERING OF AMERICA. LOTTERY MEANS LOOTING. NOT the texas lottery. u idiots In congress.. making people think we're are street racer's there is obviously two Philosophys on this issue one is herserys of congress and one is divine knowledge. So to the immature what is Street racing to congress. Driving fast . Or 40 miles an hour. Is now considered street racing. Meanwhile congress has you think there are street racing in mind driving fast. 40 miles an hour fast ? Meanwhile the back ground seen with 100,000 dollar cars does that mean street racing all cars can do a hundred miles an hour and with a 1000$ car any different. I can speed 30 miles over the 20 mile an hour speed limit just fine in my pos. And I'm a street racer to congress. Stop voting this innnnn. Stopppppppppppppppp

    48. Slim Peanut butter

      24:24 At this moment the car blew up

    49. Jesse Harriott

      So we live in a world that anybody can put anything into a car and race the shit out of it. So my point is what the car is is not as important as the details of the engine trans gearing and then what the power adder is. By knowing these things watching the races you feel more excited to see who's going to win after your guess. Just saying nitro Camaro or turboed mustang is kind of bs and lazy. Give us more quick details during there burnout or before someone says go. Just my opinion. Regardless I still love the videos lol

    50. Jesse Harriott

      36 seconds in you can see the fox body mustang manifold glowing through the wheel well lol

    51. BAOQIANG Li

      The clammy pasta spatially nod because rubber unfortunately dam but a vagabond shrine. lonely, grandiose barbara

    52. ghettodriftmonkey1

      5:23 that gtr must have a little bit of boost by gear lol after that shift it just lunges forward

    53. D D

      7:34... The orange suv was fucking BOOKING it. That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. Mike Eldridge

      These guys are fing stupid.

    55. Slyder Gang Tv

    56. Slyder Gang Tv

    57. Slyder Gang Tv

    58. Slyder Gang Tv

    59. BJ Accardo

      Yah I made it 13:26 rowing gears in my paw paw car! that truck is very fast!

    60. not needed

      Man, that Fred says GD way too much, he's so going to hell!!! Also it is so unbelievably ignorant to race down a hwy! Stupid is as stupid does!

    61. Jason Souru

      Man. Those GTR’s are a work of art. I hope I can get one in the future, absolute beauties😍😍

    62. nestiii

      14:10 how every 12 year old thinks how fast a Supra is stock😂

      1. San Jose Sharks

        And you’re probably 13?

    63. mikejamesalt

      That Galant was the best part.

    64. Steven Artuso

      20:25 anyone notice the sparks flying from that guys brakes O_O

      1. WatShmat

        Haha yea. He’s brake boosting so he’s on the throttle and brakes to spool the turbo and build boost while still staying in line with the other guy

    65. RealXclusiveX

      We now know where that F&F reference came from 🤣🤣

    66. Mista 808

      4:33 GTR's like "Nevermind me. I'm just going to fly by both of you like you're doing 60mph." 😳

      1. koslim

        Any details on that beast?

      2. San Jose Sharks

        Disrespectful af lmao

    67. Superdimensional

      GTR Domination Compilation and others

    68. Dylan Crosby

      Watching this makes me wanna take the wife's cr-v and slap a bigger turbo on it, lower it to the ground, paint racing stripe and flames on it, add a bunch of stickers, cut the exhaust off, and race everything I see! Lmfao

    69. Futo Karin

      Woah a drag race that’s intense 🥱

      1. San Jose Sharks

        Wrong channel

    70. هگر 10

      Real races 😍

      1. San Jose Sharks

        Tf you think these we’re fake?

    71. PSR 19

      Subscribe for some stupid shit

    72. Andy Ferriol

      At 15:03 the sky on the right side looks pretty bad ass during the race


      looks like i need to put a ls3 in my miata

    74. CRASH111

      The demon is 15 miles from me thats not the only thing he has. Has a pink dart called outlaw with a tt ls

    75. Ryda Tv

      That intro..... sheeshhhhhhhhh!

    76. Joshua Fox

      For the love of real racing roll racing isn’t real racing change my mind. Do it from a dig then u know who is real street and can tune for the road.

    77. t kh

      Bring back the original intro too

    78. juan c almengor g

      6:24 sleeper life goals 💪🏽💪🏽 the silence in vette after loosing lol

    79. Mercedes Benz

      Who won at 18:40?, the Viper or the GTR?

      1. San Jose Sharks

        GTR I believe

    80. Mr.TehSpacee

      At 15:00 the background look dope asf

    81. V

      24:00 The gang roll like

    82. Craig

      Audi 90 looks crazy 👌🏽

    83. Preston Bishop

      The juicy reindeer analytically vanish because goat bailly wonder aboard a average structure. ten, trashy crab

    84. Preston Bishop

      The last lilac logically whisper because dock cytologically divide round a nonstop peen. nondescript, wide-eyed panda

    85. Joseph Sorber

      See I love the dig races. The 40 n 60 rolls kinds take out that first rush like isn't going spin that whole first or blow up. Just my opinion no hatin I love the street race scene no matter what

    86. MidnightMedia

      5:47 the Dirtbag G35 vs AdminGTR

    87. Chickn TheWoo

      7:40 forget the corvettes where tf did that Suzuki come from 😂

      1. Funk Worth Rollin

        I saw that also and was like "Ehh no way.". I wasn't tripping. I've heard something about a swap they can do to those.

    88. Theodore von Kármán

      GTR rules

    89. National Consensus

      Thanks 1320 video fast cars are fun for sure thank you a little more juice for the win especially in our times, two racers headed for eternity and one guy alone takes the wheel against a racer with friends,odd man out. We only have real victory because Christ the Lord makes us His friends 1st John 5v4to12 COL2v12 Love Truth God surly loves us

    90. noah galouchko

      dude tht fox body

      1. noah galouchko

        guess he beats 1600 HP high end cars

    91. ThE PrEdAtOr

      Foxbodies are ugly but make damn good race cars!

    92. ThE PrEdAtOr

      Good hell! These cars make mine look like a stock geo metros running off 1 cylinder with 2 flat tires! 🤣 same time im only 13k deep in my cars prices including mods lol. They're great for my scene here 😆 id be fucked even with my busas and zx14 I've owned vs most of these cars crazy

    93. Patrick Davis

      @7:34 that suv starts pulling on the 800 hp Silverado wtf 💀

    94. dinho890i

      Bruuuh that Turbo G35 was fast asf daaaaamn

      1. San Jose Sharks

        Fr, he was still pulling up tpo

    95. these nuts

      Street is closed pizza boy.

    96. JP_Interest

      Bruh at 7:34 wtf with that SUV lmao nigga passed the truck 😂

    97. zeroblackdeath 13

      22:52 they should put his face in a shirt saying no way 😅

    98. Chris Irlanda

      At 24:22 was that a tornado in the background

    99. MightyKnightMike

      13:53 Bro, that power though. That Supra disappeared into the night.

    100. Seb Craswell

      Can you guys line a race up against ken block hoonicorn vs the world