1500hp DRAG Porsche PULLS the Wheels UP!


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    Seeing a Porsche pull the wheels up is not something we see a lot of, which is why Fred was so giddy about the car after every pass. While the wheelies are incredibly badass, we don’t can’t overlook how consistent this car is after so little track time (the guys over at AIM Performance are really onto something it seems). This Porsche marks a turning point for this event as 2021 is the first year where GTR World Cup, is no longer a GTR exclusive event! Enter the DCT class, which opens the lanes to a new demographic of racers to a well established event they’d likely be attending regardless, but this expansion has made room for extra excitement!
    Thumbnail Photo by: KC Photography - kcph0t0graphy
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    1. Getis Realis

      Now that was something that got my interest. Always liked the 911 Twin Turbo S

    2. Silvia Clips

      Awd or rwd?

    3. Sugar Bear

      Wow he wasn't having any of it. Talk about grinchy

    4. salam95 midhat

      4:37 He smiled, he smiled, oh Lord Jesus WTF man, why don't u smile? aZ*hole

    5. Sep G

      Rear engine weight distribution would be pretty prone to wheelies vs. a front engine car.

    6. ReGGie siZzla

      Those guys seemed annoyed as Fuck... Worthless interview

    7. Jadeal Valdes

      Is it still uh 6 cylinder

    8. marvin

      Wtf I thought that was clickbait

    9. Serge Mi

      7:16 Thumbnail lads.

    10. Saad々Fighter 1

      It,s a 911 turbo or not?

    11. Thath Plays

      some people just want to focus on their work and not have a camera stuck in their face after each pass. The guy even said after the first interaction that he was still working on it and trying to make it more reliable, so he probably had more important things on his mind than interviews. He wasn't just there to race they were there to test and fix issues.

    12. Colors The Best

      The NJ plates 🥵

    13. Gabriel

      bro the 922 turbo S is fucking powerful and takes out McLarens Ferraris and Lamborghinis and this 991.1 still manages to beat it ok i'm off for today

    14. ExultantEseioZeke

      The porsche that can do wheelies

    15. Rob Tyson

      What a miserable guy

    16. Bashar Abualmathaeed

      Me to

    17. Jon

      I feel like more tuners and drivers should give 1320 a little more of their time because of the massive reach 1320 has. Instead of sounding irritated and dismissive, maybe talking for a little longer while kinda giving a fuck would make shops look more approachable.

    18. M USMANOV

      can it stand against a Hoonicorn?

    19. maximilianbrlr

      didn't he make a totally late start every time? the light is green and he hits the gas pedal like 2 seconds after :D

    20. Aziz

      Looking for the savior with the time stamp for when it happens

    21. Enes

      İbo abi bunlara gülüyor şu an kirbaclarim yeter ki gelsinler diyor..

    22. Gappled

      Imagine having a 1500hp porsche in forza horizon 4 AND YOU PLAY IT ON KEYBOARD

    23. นาย เฉยเมย


    24. Alan Morales

      Nice horse

    25. Sarman

      Yes officer it's stock

    26. Timophy Cook


    27. ijustgottasaythis

      Keep thinking "What a travesty"... Simply, taking one of the elite breed of superior "handling" autos and blowing it out to race the quarter mile? I have seen it all now. But when reconsidering the logic of a Porsche and its amazing suspension system screaming down a straight line, I think, why not have the most superior "steers like its on rails" ability? If you gotta go fast, might as well do it in a car that's a peach to steer! I love driving the Porsche autos! And the tight sound of that bad ass little hot rod! Does it still have the ability to scamper up a winding mountain road? Wouldn't that be wild? Man, I guess It's just one more way to modify an already fast car to crush the competition in this class of sports mod. Oh, the money this takes to accomplish.

    28. Fernando H

      Hanz turn on ze boost

    29. StreeLgaming

      Surprise, a Car with an engine above the rear axle lifts the front on acceleration.

    30. Dominik K.

      So... Im German. And let me just tell you one thing... Its Called PORSCHE. NOT PORSH, NOT PORCH, NOT PORSCHI ITS FCKN PORSCHE. Wtf Guys ^^

    31. Dune. st

      7:18 you are welcome

    32. 1bluensx

      This thing is a piece of shit. Every time I see videos on it, it’s breaking something, needing “something adjusted”,,,not running right, too much of this or too little of this. Horrible tuners cannot ever seem to get it right. Meanwhile brooks from Drag times is running 9.1’s -9.3’s all day long on a STOCK 765LT. Multiple passes without tuning anything.

    33. Mic bay

      Says: the car's hot right now Proceeds to do a burnout..

    34. Malek Haddad

      Even the Porsche tuners are douches....

    35. Chris Leiter

      POUR SHUH... why. is. it. so. hard. to. say. a. name.

    36. Artem Bykov


      1. Taral Patel

        I was searching this comment only 😂😂

    37. TEM

      765lt stage 1 does a 8.3 so this is nothing special

    38. Pro Habits

      Horses do wheelie 😂

    39. The Beast#GA

      Bro its porschE not porsch, speak ist like a normal e in english

    40. Larry Carpel

      Love Porsche, the driver though was but so miserable, sorry Fred,that you almost had to grovel and beg to get an interview with that sour sh#t.

    41. SAAD ALI

      He talk like elon 😂😂😂

    42. ohZyki

      how crazy it is to think that a 100% stock mclaren 765LT is doing 150+mph traps only around 10-15 mph from this car...

    43. Dr. Doom

      Those AIM guys aren't giving up any info lol

    44. Oliver Hodge

      Fred is the face of 1320, but I've felt that way for years, just saying it now

    45. Ddd Kkk

      Their interview like , scared you would see some baby balls hanging from their lips after eating lunch . Must be a Hillary Clinton crew chief.

    46. Jon K Heslekrants

      Fred.. it's Por-shce not Porshh irvision.info/home/ep6Yl46neMiinbw/fy-lm-h-y.html

    47. Kenny Beaudrie

      This dude needs a lesson in humility.

    48. Tyler Andrews

      Maybe if you talked to those Porsche guys about cocaine they would smile and ramble

    49. Melik Fırat MF3

      ESMotor Emre Levent

    50. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Vinn diesel is 😎 deuxième 7 miles

    51. Joshua Gonzalez

      Okay but rktunes f80 ❤️

    52. Bjorn Egan


    53. Blu Ayek


    54. MrMaxpower76

      Trust fund babies

    55. Dallas to Odessa

      Is it true you can find an eclipse like this for around $10k?

    56. Dallas to Odessa

      Is it true you can find an eclipse like this for around $10k?

    57. adam london

      porsche guys dont want to talk.. get the message lol

    58. Ashley

      Bad driver

    59. J Greenseed

      This guy should wear a shirt that says "Zero F**ks Given"

    60. Misael Ramirez

      Man the owner of the Porsche killed the whole vibe in the beginning his so idk he looks so dead 😂

    61. Brandon Smit

      What a bunch of sour proons

    62. S R

      Telling him he popped a wheelie finally he cracked a smile haha

    63. Auto Young

      No matter how many times I hear it, it still bothers me to hear people pronounce PORSCHE wrong. And I know people are gonna bitch and talk shit but there is a correct way to say it because it's literally someone's name. Your own name is pronounced a certain way correct? Idk, it just bothers me. Lol...

    64. jeison espinal guzman


    65. Jeff Schmitt

      After the burnout when he said "that sounds naughty", all I could think of is Chris Farley.

    66. gerard pellikaan

      The burly santa untypically thank because microwave consistently part times a puzzling digestion. delightful, meek pasta

      1. dolita windo

        Hate it when racers seem annoyed by media folks

    67. bilinas mini

      Cleeter pulls wheels in ruby, James pulls the wheels in his 240, Kyle with his mr2, now these dudes pulling wheels in a Porsche.

      1. dolita windo

        of like Volvo people with a little more money and a need for speed

    68. Richard Obryan

      Cool car, too bad the guy driving is so bored. Probably just has a lot of way cooler shit to do lol

    69. Mr S

      DCT Means - Pussy or Vagina

    70. dolita windo

      Swear 1320 video was more excited about the porsche than the whole team runnin the car

      1. bilinas mini

        These boys should race the hoonicorn

    71. ken tran

      Rs3 less hp..would still kill this 1500hp ;)

    72. Xuliang Zhang

      Wow, no one is worried about the corona virus...

    73. Jarmezrocks

      His 4th gear absolutely sux! These Porsche guys come across as bit arrogant or maybe just think they are a little bit "too cool"? I say "guys" (as plural) cause even the pit crew guy had the same attitude? Or perhaps it's a culture thing like Turkish-American; that as an Australian, I perhaps don't understand? 🤔

      1. dolita windo


    74. albany222

      0:30 It's Porsche! not Porsche! Say it with me.

    75. wnnalis cioov

      When someone says "You can't tune a supercar"

    76. Futo Karin

      Hey you know what would be a good idea if we took a car that’s great at something and made it way worse so it could be mediocre at something it wasn’t made to do... oh wait

    77. RTS

      Well, it's a rear engine car...it could wheelie with less than 400 hp.

      1. The Sound of Speed

        Not with all that weight. It actually has close to 600 awhp stock, so definitely not the case.

    78. Benz Ninyok

      7:18 that why u here

    79. miko foin

      The other guy with AIM looks a lot like Val Kilmer in his younger years - imagine Val in Tombstone as Doc Holiday. Doesn't he look alot like Val?

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Now that's how you launch boys. Get that into you

    80. Drunken Hamster

      Put a wheelie bar on it and YEET!

    81. Cercone Family

      In general Porsche people are kind of weird. Engineers and such. Overly technical with spreadsheets and graphs. Numbers people. Not a lot of emotion or personalities. Kind of like Volvo people with a little more money and a need for speed

    82. F5 Garage

      Hate it when racers seem annoyed by media folks

      1. miko foin

        I actually have never seen a Porsche drag build before

    83. Sequester Bartholomew Rosenthal

      So what’s the formula on how y’all decide which words to caps lock in the title lmao

    84. East or West

      What's amazing is even after he pulled that wheelie, he still did a 9.2 at 161.

    85. L.G.M

      These boys should race the hoonicorn

    86. Lefa Seemane

      The Porsche is fast period.... but did u see that trailer....🤒

    87. seiom jvony

      These guys have such lively personalities

    88. Jim Harris


    89. MemphiSS RaineSS

      1320 fred* car just did a wheelie one of 2 ever recorded everrr.in the world! Porche driver * yeah it kinda got through the traps eh?

    90. Jeff Yeager

      This guy seems arrogant and thinks his shit doesnt stink. Got news for you my man when 1320 gives you attention be a little more humble.... Porsches arent on the scence embrace the chance to blow up......

      1. seiom jvony

        Thats crazy af... my gt2rs is at 1200hp atm and i am definitely shooting for more. I dont want it to pop wheelies or not be street legal tho🤣

    91. Asad Marji

      The capable porter speculatively clip because zebra totally produce worth a envious exchange. heartbreaking, sticky hamburger

    92. Jozsi

      AIM guys in best !!!!!

    93. whale oil beef hooked

      Now that's how you launch boys. Get that into you

    94. DustinTheDuster

      she aint wide.... she THICC!!!

    95. Moose004

      Best part is, he dropped the nose back down after that wheelie, got back in it, and still ran a 9.21 and only lost by a half-second. The guy may have the personality of a slice of Kraft Singles, but he's both an engineer and a good wheelman.

    96. DCS Racih


    97. football club

      I actually have never seen a Porsche drag build before

    98. Ben Robbed

      Wow.this is big for me cuz ive always been a fan.v dub too.how bout them wheelies tho.👏

    99. JK TV

      Brasil na area

    100. Ali Khamesi

      My horse beats that.