JOHN DOE Almost Gets DESTROYED by a Foxbody!


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    We haven’t made it to a lot of no prep racers this year, but it’s been even longer since we’ve ran into Scott Taylor. Our first experience seeing Track Doe in action, and our first time seeing John Doe with a HEMI power plant was just as exciting as anyone could expect. Tons of solid races, an extremely CLOSE call, and some seriously impressive competition filled out our weekend at Winter Meltdown 2020!
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    1. Pavloook

      I cant remember the last time I saw a grand am or an A body cutlass.

    2. Jeancharles Rabaux

      C est ca les courses c est plein d imprévus de casse moteur d accident de crevaison de panne moteur tout peut arriver quant on ce lance dans la courses et les meilleur ce sont qui sont à la retraite sans aucun cicatrices comme notre jeannot lui il a plus de 60 ans et fait encore dés exebition aux volant d une Renault 5 turbo maxi pour moi l une des meilleures sportive française comme la 205 turbo 16 s et à choisir je prendrait la 205 turbo 16 s elle et plus dur à avoir et très chere ici en france et partout dans le monde c est deux pépites sont des diamant a l etat brute si vous connaissez pas c est auto regarder sur Google r5 maxi turbo et 205 turbo 16s

    3. Jeancharles Rabaux

      One camaro what is the cars

    4. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Y love the cars jhon for what is it thé cars please

    5. MediumUgly

      That was some badass driving there

    6. George Joseph Haigh

      Scott seems like he's a pretty cool guy and treating other drivers with respect and not a loud mouth , the only time I didn't like was last season was what he did to Jeff Lutz's when he double light at the line making Lutz's trans. heat up , but he's got both car's rolling the man is a helluva driver and fast 👍 😈☠👍✌✌ Great job on the video and editing , NICELY DONE 👏

    7. seth nicholson

      anyone know what size hemi?

    8. calebj 06

      I’m sitting here wondering why they keep hitting the chute so early????

    9. Green Pepper

      Ennis. Correct?

    10. Tim Web

      China turbo> overpriced procharger

    11. uncleshittersplitter

      Love living in San Antonio, I’m central within all of this

      1. michael s. clark

        I lived in Seguin and still didn't get to go to Alamo drag way as much as I should

    12. Inked GearHead

      Always loved Scott!

    13. Mathew Bolles

      One of the most down to earth dude's on the racing circuits. Humble and respectful.

    14. Magnus Söderkvist

      Why you say no prep? Theese tracks is prepped as fcked.

    15. SID

      Perhaps if he pulled the parachute at the finish line rather than half track he would have won. Might be betting more money on the other car winning than the actual prize money......?

    16. SUNN RAYY


    17. SUNN RAYY


    18. Jeremy Goldsmith

      Love the open headers on John Doe straight blowing off camera guy's hat at about 9:30. Especially since he'd just adjusted it. 😏

    19. vera emmanuel

      My car Dad car was finally track through the help of *#LAWTOLLS* on Instagram

    20. Potatoe_James_

      Let's go 3mil

    21. Jase Games

      John Doe? I never knew the roblox user John Doe had a drag car...

    22. Jay E

      3million by new years. 1320. Sup from Rotorua new ZEALAND

    23. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Hooôo yes procharger is soo good the turbo is six mil tour is the démarrage procharger nos six tour minutes is ok boummm bye bye

    24. W. Branch

      Thankfully John-Doe didn't get wrecked! Scott is killing it lately & carries NOLA, truth.

    25. bigwater52

      Scott has really got his shit together the last 1.5 years track doe is gonna win a npk

    26. JG Hudson

      Just got my 1320 sticker and V8 bait shirt for Christmas yall r amazing

    27. Rob Prevost

      WoWza....mad respect and appreciation of the amazing talent displayed from the drivers seat of JOHN DOE! Your whole crew is to be congratulated for these successes! What a pleasure to watch true professionals!!

    28. Gold Plated Junk

      Holy UHD! You get new cams or what my god. It’s like I’m there!

    29. YOSR racing

      Wheelspeed was dropping a gap

    30. attitude adjusted

      John doe was about john don't.

    31. Joshua Gibson

      Scott Taylor is a great dude. Can't say enough good on the guy.

    32. alex bellis

      Scott Taylor's is a beast,I love how he throws the shoots on them guys,that's the ultimate shine!!!!!

    33. Superbird Gaming

      It's always the ford mustangs that love to crash

    34. Eüro Nasty

      Some dude was arguing with me saying John Doe was the fastest street car. I told him that this car is actually the exact OPPOSITE of a street car and anyone who tries to pass it off as such is full of beans


      The Fox was winning..nuff said

    36. Gordon Shumway

      Yeah let's take the world's deadliest inbred car and pack it with 2,000hp what could go wrong?

    37. behinderteleberwurst

      Honestly, it should be called Track Hoe.

    38. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Houaaaà is the Camaro the cars no

    39. AMF75

      How the hell did he save that

    40. David Mathay

      Damn!! Someone needs a change of underwear after that near miss!! Probably both drivers do! Wow!!

    41. Kyle Heitzman

      Scott Taylor has his shit together him and Ryan and Martin are the two guys I bet my money on every time

    42. Kyle Heitzman

      Scott Taylor is OG to the core. Nice guy too

    43. EnvyMeKid

      John doe 💯 respects

    44. Jd Davis

      Mustang driver can drive,that was a good save.

    45. Monte Maguire


    46. -G- LocK

      funny looking on small tires

    47. Tom

      Mustang doing mustang things

    48. Brendan Thomas

      Love seeing dozens of irresponsible Americans gathering and wearing masks

    49. crazy jake

      was that 1/8 mile?

    50. robert elwing

      Cut that beard

    51. Jadajada

      great content , love it that you guys did a episode with Scott Taylor , merry christmas & A happy and healty 2021 , greets from the netherlands

    52. John Chopp

      Couldn't happen to a better guy. ✌

    53. Josh Fazenbaker

      Straight to 5:50, you're welcome

    54. DespizedICON

      Not the sweetest style but it goes fast.

    55. Kemuel Miranda

      Yellow car is faster in the 8th

    56. Paul Phoenix

      never understood why times arent shown when these dudes spend the time and money on these rides. whatever what do I know.

    57. Moh Riqco

      it can be translated into Indonesian, I saw your channel but I don't know the meaning, please have a translation🙏

    58. Chad Blackshire

      Scott Taylor always seems like a class act dude! Those are some stupid fast cars too

    59. b

      Fun fact, a 'john doe' is the technical term cops call guys picking up prostitutes.

    60. NFG Garage

      3200 horse puppies 😅

    61. asSAuLT Lick

      Is texas rattlesnake larry larsons old truck ? Only other truck I've seen with those specific body mods

    62. Glycerin

      It doesn't matter whether you avoid a crash by an inch or a mile..

      1. sexy_face

        Well missing the crash by a mile would mean you weren't on the drag strip. Simple maths bro

    63. Supercar-Phantom

      Damnit I missed this event🤦🏾‍♂️

    64. Sir_Chonky_Seal Art-For-Animators

      So.... Was that GoPro yours???

    65. L.W. Wise

      Those baby slicks on john doe just looks weird.

    66. Andy Cocchia

      I LIVE IN SA! i must be there

    67. SpaceTimeManipulator STM

      Actually the gopro angle made it look WAY less close... still.

    68. Zack Howard

      That rattlesnake was about to eat trackdoe like a rat 👀 if he can get that tree down he's deadly 👌

    69. Brian T.

      I remember when john doe was a nitrous car and it belonged to what's his name. Seriously whats his name....I can never remember.

    70. Fisherman Dan

      This is Houston Raceway Park isn’t it?

    71. Scott Goodwin

      Old mate in the drivers seat couldnt even speak after that Scott Taylor seems like a real gentleman and looking good to lost a few lbs good for him

      1. sexy_face

        No homo?

    72. Chris Hartley

      5:45 your welcome

    73. Daniel Serrano


    74. anonymous

      wonder if these street cars have air conditioning and power windows..lmao

    75. chrisvaughn1123

      Hes a pro at dancing around questions and making you think you got the right answer. Drag racing is in his blood for sure

    76. Lead Farmer

      That was a pants shitter!

    77. JasonGamesAlot

      I fell asleep watching this👌🏼

    78. Kinslee Elliott

      Hey Kyle, what kind of shades are you wearing in this video??

    79. Aaron Weigand

      Gained a lot of respect for Scott on his reaction to Lutz during the no-prep stuff. Nice to see him going rounds.

    80. CHEAP Sci-Fi

      What a great looking track!

    81. Eric Smith

      I want to go hang out with these fellas Good Times

    82. gypsy xxx

      "what size is the Hemi?" well there both the same...

    83. Jay Mainey

      pretty sure it is but idk jus curious

    84. Jay Mainey

      is this 1/8th mile ?

      1. Michael Wynne


    85. Joshua Shanahan

      You mean “track doe 1 ” and “track doe 2”.

    86. Darlin Rojas

      Good proyects

    87. Mike Vollmar

      He creis a lot


      Great driver! He was well aware of his surroundings. Congrats!


      Lol Scott is terrible at naming cars haha

    90. xPeRk Customs

      If 1320 hearts this I’ll give 1,320 reasons why I love you guys

      1. abel teller

    91. Zzach

      Scott Taylor is the fastest man alive prove me wrong!!!!

    92. Ruben Gonzales

      San Antonio ?? When

      1. Ruben Gonzales

        But that's not San Antonio??

      2. Ruben Gonzales

        I missed it ...😢

      3. abel teller

    93. John Z

      Congrats to Trak Doe! Hell uva race!

      1. abel teller

    94. John Z

      That Texas Rattlesnake S10 is a beauty and DAYMN it has a BIG END CHARGE! Just wasn't enuff real estate to reel in tha Trak Doe.

    95. John Z

      Yep,, John Doe won that race BUT,, all of us know had the Hammerhead been runn'n rite 'ol John Doe woulda had his hands full to stick a bumper out in front of tha Vette. Yes,, that's rac'n,, if ya run good you have a chance, if you're not runn'n rite,, FA GIT ABOUT IT!

    96. Jacob W.

      "If you can't beat 'em, you gotta kill 'em I guess" - Dennis Anderson

      1. Gordon Shumway

        Stop the steal

    97. Chris Baltz

      The drag racing scene is filled with some of the most genuine people on the planet

    98. Ryan Taraskas

      I really question what he said about the horse power cause they look slow as fuck

      1. 54raceman

        Being noprep and having to ramp the power in instead of letting it all hang out off the line like a prep track makes it look slower than it is

    99. John Z

      Thanks guys for sharing the video,, as always, AWESUM! Say,, I have a question,, what are the vapors we see coming out that little pipe in the trunk lid area? It may be a dumb question but I can't figure it out.

      1. Michael Wynne

        Crank case ventilation

    100. A & A Boosted Performance

      Scott Taylor lost a lot of weight ...

      1. abel teller